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Chapter 99 - Safe Pa.s.sage




Mo Fan glanced at He Yu, who was choking with emotions as she cried, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Xiaoke was also a Water Magician, she had also grasped the second level of Water Barrier. However, when facing a Magical Beast, He Yu was no different from a normal girl, and was unable to cast a spell. If the other people within the squad were like that, then there would be more people dying the next time they met Magical Beasts.

At the moment, Mo Fan didn’t know just how many would lose their lives, he could only force himself to advance along this road.

“Since Mr. Xue wants me to lead this squad, then I hope everyone will keep in mind what I said. We may not smoothly arrive at the Safety Shelters, but at the very least, we will be able to prevent unnecessary deaths.” Mo Fan looked as though he had lost his spirit as he spoke to the Vanguard Squad.

This Vanguard Squad had viewed the Magical Beasts as being too simple, the one in the practicals was just practice. Before the Spirit Wolf had gone berserk, it did not have any intention of killing the students. Genuine Magical Beast were definitely not like this. They would use any and all methods to kill humans, even if they knew that they would die, they would still use their last remaining strength to drag one more down with them. Magical Beast lived in an environment where they killed each other, they understood very well the techniques to kill others.

“The primary Magical Beasts which we will be facing are of two kinds: Colossal-eyed Ape Rats and One-eyed Magic Wolves. Colossal-eyed Ape Rats can be considered easier to deal with, the scary ones are One-eyed Magic Wolves. Their cruelty and slyness is way above that of Colossal-eyed Ape Rats. If we happen to encounter three or more One-eyed Magic Wolves, then don’t hesitate, split up and escape by yourselves. If the luck is on our side, then only three of us will die. If we don’t run, then everyone will die,” Mo Fan said resolutely and decisively.

The truth is, if two One-eyed Magic Wolves appeared at same time, that be enough to bring a life-threatening blow to this Vanguard Squad. Currently, Mo Fan only wished to let his cla.s.smates understand that the dread of Magical Beasts was thousands of times scarier than what was described in the cla.s.ses!

This is no longer a practice, nor is this an practical, this is battle that involves life and death! If you win, you’ll live. If you lose, you’ll die!

Xu Zhaoting, w.a.n.g Sanpang, Zhoumin, Mu Bai, Zhao Kunsan, Zhang Xiaohou, He Yu, Zhang Shuhua and Xue Musheng were all looking at Mo Fan attentively. The reminder Mo Fan had given them was to allow everyone to avoid casualties their first time. While they were attentively listening to him, they were also thinking to themselves, Why is Mo Fan, a third-year High School student just like them, so much sharper than everyone else?

Mo Fan told everyone the easier mistakes that could be made, just like the foolish action by w.a.n.g Sanpang. You should not approach any Magical Beast that looks like it is dead, it will use its last remaining strength to drag you down with it!

“Monkey, you’re responsible for finding the path. Execute this cautiously,” Mo Fan warned Zhang Xiaohou.

Zhang Xiaohou nodded repeatedly, he would listen to everything Mo Fan said!

“Mu Bai, prepare your Ice Spread at all times. Remember that your Ice Spread is currently used to protect everyone, don’t count on freezing the faster Magical Beasts,” Mo Fan said to Mu Bai.

Mu Bai creased his brow, he wanted to say something, but he ended up swallowing those words back down.

He had a huge prejudice against Mo Fan; however, compared to the lives of everyone, including his own, this kind of prejudice was indeed very insignificant. He nodded his head to show he understood how he should be using Ice Spread.

After Mo Fan quickly explained things to everyone, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

In fact, he himself did not know whether they would be able to safely pa.s.s through this three kilometer-long road of death. He just hoped everyone’s luck would be good and they would not encounter three One-eyed Magic Wolves at the same time.


The Squad continued to advance. They encountered no other Magical Beasts along this one kilometer-long main street. However, they did find a few old people who were unable to retreat to the Safety Shelters in time within the residential buildings.

The Vanguard Squad was unable to escort any civilians, Xue Musheng could only tell these old people to follow the main group after they got here, or else they would really be in danger.

Practically every road was blocked. Occasionally, they’d see some people who made a vain attempt to drive their cars to the Safety Shelters. In the end, they had to abandon their car along the blocked roads and switch to walking.

Seeing the people on the road, Xue Musheng and Zhoumin would tell them to first find a place to hide and wait for the main group.


After traversing the main street, they quickly arrived at the Mingyuan District.

The Mingyuan District could be considered relatively higher end in Bo City, having buildings with elevators. The entire district was decorated like a small park in the city. The s.p.a.ce it occupied was quite large. Pa.s.sing through all four of the ABCD Districts of Mingyuan District would be nearly a kilometer of distance.

No one knew how many people there were who hadn’t retreated yet in the large number of buildings, they believed being in the these tall buildings would keep them safe.

The fences around the Mingyuan District were useless. Mo Fan could see a few of them broken down already, this meant there were definitely a few Magical Beasts inside this relatively large area.

After pa.s.sing through the backdoor of this area, a pond entered everyone’s eyes. A security guard’s body was floating there, and the water in the pond had also turned crimson red.

The heavy rain had started to slow, this meant the bloodstains in this city were increasingly harder to clean. Seeing these bloodstains everywhere, the Vanguard Squad all got gooseb.u.mps pa.s.sing through this place.

“Do you hear that? There’s something yelling in this building,” Zhoumin whispered to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan walked toward one of the buildings. Through the gla.s.s, he was able to vaguely see a shadow that did not belong to a human pa.s.s by the window of the building.

“Let’s hurry up and move forwards.” Mo Fan did not investigate further.

Zhoumin nodded her head, no longer daring to say anything else.

As they walked a few steps forward, their pathfinder, Zhang Xiaohou, who was searching for a way forwards, returned in haste.

“There are more than five Colossal-eyed Ape Rats ahead, we must go around,” Zhang Xiaohou told them.

“Alright, let’s use the other road,” Mo Fan agreed as he patted Zhang Xiaohou’s shoulders to show he did a good job.

Zhang Xiaohou could only force a smile. If he did not force himself to grow in this kind of environment, then he would only become a burden for the squad. Zhang Xiaohou himself was also p.r.o.ne to panic. However, seeing Mo Fan still able to give a cool-headed response, he subconsciously felt a bit more brave.

After going around the five Rats, they had pa.s.sed through half of the district. The entire process could be considered threatening, but not dangerous.

“There’s a Colossal-eyed Ape Rat drinking by the swimming pool.”

“We’ll go around it.”

“Why, we can clearly kill it and then directly pa.s.s by this place.” Zhang Shuhua was puzzled.

“Don’t fight insignificant battles. Currently, our mana is more precious than water in a desert.”

The nine of them safely pa.s.sed through Mingyuan District. Considering that there was a large group following behind them, Mo Fan also chose a route that was relatively s.p.a.cious and a more sensible, or they’d be congested and would attract an attack from a group of Magical Beasts, which would be dangerous.

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

The more luxurious residential districts in China tend to be separated by area alphabets. 

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