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Chapter 94 - Commander level Darkwing Wolf!




The colossal creature was laying on Bo City’s highest point. You could see the dome of Silver Commerce Tower from any location in Bo City, that meant that everyone in Bo City was able to witness this ferocious and colossal dark creature!

This scene caused Mo Fan to take a deep breath, he was unable to regain his senses for a long time!

This was too mind-blowing, this entire thing was too much for Mo Fan.

What Spirit Wolf, what One-eyed Magic Wolf, what Blood Mark Colossal Rat? All of these looked like a joke of an army in front of this creature that was sitting on top of the Silver Commerce Tower. Mo Fan’s definition of a Magical Beast had been fiercely overthrown in this moment!

It was in the territory of the humans, yet it looked like it had entered its own territory. Humans were only food which it had confined and raised in this city!

Just what exactly happened?

Is this still the Bo City I am familiar with?

Didn’t the Magical Beasts get banished into the depths of the mountains, or were the textbooks always deceiving others? The ones who ruled over this world had never been humans, they were these Magical Beasts that were ma.s.sacring Bo City!

It’s a nightmare, it’s the underworld! He could really feel every inch of his body shivering from fear!

“Just what exactly is that?” Mo Fan regained his senses after a long, long time.

Not too long ago, he was directly beneath this dreadful creature. If he hadn’t used the secret tunnel to escape from the Silver Commerce Tower, then would he have lost his life there?

“Darkwing Wolf, Commander level Magical Beast. Calling hundreds of Magical Beasts with just a howl… The only person in Bo City who can survive its attack is the Chief of the Army, Zhankong.” Lin Yuxin replied in a stiff voice.

“Com... Commander level?” Mo Fan repeated faintly.

In the Hunter Squad, Mo Fan had come to understand a lot of knowledge which was not mentioned in the textbooks provided by school. One such tidbit was that Magcal Beasts were divided into different levels based on the evolved stage.

Spirit Wolf, Colossal-eyed Ape Rat, One-eyed Magic Wolf; all those Magical Beasts which Mo Fan had encountered once before were all the lowest level, Servant cla.s.s creatures!

These servant cla.s.s creatures were like butchers in the eyes of the non-Magicians, they were completely unable to fend them off!

“The Blood Mark Colossal Rat that you saw in the Underground Hall is a Soldier cla.s.s creature. The Darkwing Wolf is an even higher level Magical Beast Commander, and also one of the reasons behind the Blood Alert. Other than the Blood Mark Colossal Rat, there are hundreds of Three-eyed Magic Wolves outside of the safety border who are commanding numbers of One-eyed Magic Wolves as they’re a.s.saulting the Army. The perimeter which the Army can protect is very limited, there’s roughly a thousand or so Magical Beasts who have invaded Bo City. Deng Kai of Hunter’s Union is already commanding all of the Hunter Magicians to block off their route and kill the Magical Beasts in the city.” Lin Yuxin said, trembling.

“Why are there suddenly so many Magical Beasts attacking Bo City?” Mo Fan was still having difficulty accepting this.

“Black Vatican, it’s the handiwork of the people from the Black Vatican,” Lin Yuxin said.

The Black Vatican?

This wasn’t Mo Fan’s first time hearing of this organization!

“They manufactured the Violent Spring, a kind of medicine that could come off as a counterfeit Underground Holy Spring. Its effects are entirely different from the Underground Holy Spring, however. Tthis kind of Violent Spring can arouse a Magical Beast’s wild nature; causing them to basically lose control and go on a rampage. We currently do not know how Black Vatican was able to attract the Magic Wolf race to Bo City. However, they sprinkled the Violent Spring into the clouds and waited for a heavy rain to come so the Violent Spring could act as a dreadful catalyst; causing the entire Magic Wolf race to begin frenziedly a.s.saulting Bo City,” Lin Yuxin told him.

Back when Lin Yuxin had discovered the Violent Spring waters, she had completely overlooked this point. Only when the calamity had descended did she abruptly come to a realization, causing her to break out in cold sweat.

From how Lin Yuxin saw it, this something they had plotted for a long time. There was someone who wanted to use the population of Magical Beasts to thoroughly ma.s.sacre Bo City!

The only force who would do such a cruel thing was the Black Vatican!

“The... what about now?” Mo Fan asked as calmly as he could.

“The objectives of the Black Vatican is to completely destroy Bo City, and have this place become h.e.l.l on Earth… The Darkwing Wolf is admittedly very strong, but it is not enough to turn all of Bo City into a slaughterhouse in just a day or two. However, if more Magical Beasts of the same cla.s.s as the Darkwing Wolf appear, then even if our Bo City were to wait for reinforcements to arrive, there would practically be nothing left,” Lin Yuxin said with an ice-cold gaze.

Mo Fan turned silent, extremely silent.

Facing this calamity, he himself could only turn into someone who ran from this. There was nothing he could do.

“Mo Fan, you need to do two things now. One, protect the Underground Holy Spring. Do not let it fall into anyone else’s hand in any situation… I have a premonition that the Black Vatican urgently need to obtain the Underground Holy Spring.” Lin Yuxin’s expression was extremely serious as she looked at Mo Fan.

“And the second thing is?” Mo Fan asked.

“Do your best to survive the calamity this time. My ident.i.ty is relatively sensitive, the people from the Black Vatican won’t necessarily believe I have the Underground Holy Spring on me. Thus, I will now deliberately attract their attention. What you need to do is to hide as long as possible with the Underground Holy Spring, and survive for as long as possible. Don’t let the people from the Black Vatican find it, and definitely do not let it fall into their hands,” Lin Yuxin said.

At this moment, Mo Fan had millions of f**k words firing past in his heart.

Why are you putting this kind of hot thing into my hands?!?

Lin Yuxin saw there was some hesitation in Mo Fan, an agonized expression floated onto her face, yet she did not say anything.

Lin Yuxin straightened her bloodstained white uniform, and then relentlessly chopped off her messy hair.

Wearing the hat while possessing an heroic spirit, Lin Yuxin had already began to stride toward the bloodstained city that was being overrun by Magical Beasts. As she was running, she emotionlessly called back to Mo Fan, “I will draw away all the people from the Black Vatican. As long as you are not stupid, do not meet one yourself, and successfully get to the established Safety area, then you will be fine.”

After saying this, Lin Yuxin quickly disappeared into the drifting heavy rain.

In the midst of running, Lin Yuxin didn’t turn her head around to look back at him. 

She knew that not everyone had a heart of justice, but she believed that every person had something they would sacrifice their lives to protect. The sister she had depended on had become the first victim of this plot, and thus, the only thing left she could protect was the Underground Holy Spring.


Mo Fan stood there in amazement. Watching Lin Yuxin’s figure from afar, he had no idea about what to say.

Unfortunately, Mo Fan wasn’t given any time to think about it. From his location at the very back, he saw a group of something in the middle of running down the back mountain of Tian Lan Magic High.

Their bodies were incredibly robust, they easily knocked down several trees.

They looked like a group of feral wolves that were rushing into a corral of sheep without fences. Their greed could be seen from their impatient speed.

s.h.i.t, the school also has Magical Beasts running around, and there’s quite a few of them, too!

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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