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Chapter 93 - Bo City Dyed in Blood




“How do we leave, this is basically a cell!” Mo Fan looked at the guardswoman, who was dripping with sweat.

“Just follow me.” Lin Yuxin didn’t want to babble with Mo Fan, and quickly walked to the altar.

Following her instructions, she ran her finger under the edge of the altar, and found a b.u.t.ton hidden under the edge. Biting her lip, she pressed it down, and heard a gurgling behind her.

Without knowing what kind of b.u.t.ton she had pressed, the originally circulating Underground Holy Spring was now continuously flowing into a small hole.

Gudu~ Gudu~

A few seconds later, all of the Underground Holy Spring had disappeared. There was not a single drop left within the small stone ditch.

Lin Yuxin strode to the very top of the altar and tore open the still leather mat which was still warm from Mo Fan sitting on it.

The board beneath the leather mat could be opened. After Lin Yuxin opened the board, there was a blue bottle on the inside. Within the bottle appeared to be the incomparably clear Underground Holy Spring’s waters.

Mo Fan was incredibly curious. How could so much Underground Holy Spring be contained within a soda can-sized bottle?

Lin Yuxin carefully put away the bottle that contained the Underground Holy Spring and turned around to look at the straightforward student who was about to do his Magic High Exams. She said, “This is the emergency protection plan for the Underground Holy Spring. There is another pa.s.sage in this cell, it should lead to the back mountain of your Tian Lan Magic High.”

“It leads to the back of the school’s mountain? Miss, can’t you tell me just what exactly has happened first?” Mo Fan asked anxiously.

“You’ll know once you’ve exited. Come with me first, their objective is precisely the Underground Holy Spring, we cannot let Underground Holy Spring land in their hands.” Lin Yuxin didn’t want to say too much.

“Their?” Mo Fan was even more confused, he didn’t know what Lin Yuxin was saying.

Lin Yuxin walked along the wall. Her fingers actually inserted what seemed to be some kind of pa.s.sword into a section of the stone wall that was indistinguishable from the rest.

Mo Fan was stunned as he saw this. He had concentrated hard to cultivate in this cell, so much that he didn’t realize there were so many mechanisms in the Underground Holy Spring chamber.


With a grinding noise, the stone wall to the side suddenly opened up, revealing a pitch black tunnel. He really wondered where the tunnel led to.

(Ed. Note: Yes, he’s quite dense at times. It’s all about him!)

“Leaving this place is our priority.” Lin Yuxin said no more as she grabbed Mo Fan and they walked into that dark tunnel.

Mo Fan had also realized that there were major things happening on the outside, so, he didn’t dare to hesitate.

As they walked a few steps inside, Lin Yuxin suddenly thought of something. Her pair of somewhat sharp eyes looked over at Mo Fan.

“This secret tunnel isn’t necessarily safe. The people from the Black Vatican should have me as their objective. I’ll let you carry the Underground Holy Spring, you must protect it.” Lin Yuxin made a decision that he himself thought was rude and impetuous.

However, Lin Yuxin had no other choices.

The Black Vatican came here prepared, it seemed like they knew the Underground Holy Spring like the back of their hand. If they were to meet people from the Black Vatican during the process of escaping, then their main objective would definitely be her, the Vice Captain, while Mo Fan, a student, would definitely be neglected by the people from Black Vatican.

As long as they were able to protect Underground Holy Spring, then there was still hope! 

“Can I trouble you to just tell me what is going on!” Mo Fan was a bit impatient.

Judging by how Lin Yuxin appeared to have lost her spirits, it meant that a big commotion was happening in Bo City.

“Blood Alert 1.” Lin Yuxin was unable to clearly explain to this student in a short amount of time. After all, the student was secluded in the room, and completely ignorant of what had happened in the outside world.

Blood Alert?

A colossal rock ferociously hit Mo Fan’s heart, causing a huge wave of emotion!

After coming to this world, Mo Fan had learned some very important information. It was a fact that humans were not the dominant race in this Magical world. Outside of the city dwelled Magical Beasts hundreds and thousands of times more numerous than humans!

The Magical Beasts were also spying on the resources that were occupied by humans. Beneath the command of some Magical Beasts that acted like monarchs, the Magical Beasts would be like a legion as they attacked human cities in a large scale a.s.sault. There had been cases where some weak cities disappeared after a single night!

Thus, the five continents of the world with the strongest Magic a.s.sociations called these kinds of attacks against cities Alerts. Furthermore, they would be divided into different levels based on the number of Magical Beasts and their powers.

Just like natural disaster warnings from the technological world had different levels, so too the kind of crises where Magical Beasts would invade the humans also had different levels!

Orange Alert! That was the first level of Alerts, this meant there were sightings of Magical Beasts within the vicinity of the safety boundaries. Their numbers were above three hundred!

An Orange Alert happened two years ago, that time had already alarmed people.

A Blue Alert was even more dreadful. For Bo City, this would be a foul wind of blood rain. Who knows how many Magicians and Civilians would lose their lives when the Magical Beasts wantonly invaded.

But the higher level, Blood Alert...

That was destruction, ma.s.sacre, a catastrophe for the city. The limited amount of Battlemages would be unable to fend off the invasion of the Magical Beasts. The Magical Beasts would invade the city and start wildly ma.s.sacring the people. It was not just a few Magical Beasts running around, there would be hundreds or thousands of them!

There were many Magician who would get slaughtered like chickens, let alone the civilians who were completely unable to do anything.

Blood Alert, the City would turn into a river of blood, the corpses would be everywhere!

Just the descriptions and records from books caused people to tremble in fear. Now that everything was happening in front of everyone’s eyes, just what kind of h.e.l.l on Earth would it be?


After pa.s.sing through the secret tunnel, Mo Fan, who was still dazed with disbelief, and Lin Yuxin emerged on the north side of the mountain in the city.

The heavy rain was still pouring down, the dark and gloomy weather enveloping all of Bo City in a depressing atmosphere. From afar came a roar that caused people to shake as it echoed in their ears. In an instant, their bodies began to tremble in fear.

Mo Fan turned his gaze in the direction of where the roar of the Magical Beast came from.

Heavens, that was a residential area!

The ground level houses, and the streets constructed with an outdated cement… it was like a food market that had scarlet red blood flowing out!

All that blood couldn’t be the blood of chickens. That was the blood of once-living people that converged into a streamlet as it flowed into the sewers from the constant pouring of the heavy rain!

b.l.o.o.d.y red, an eye-catching b.l.o.o.d.y red.

Standing on the back of the mountain in the middle of the city, you could clearly see bloodstains everywhere in the rain-covered, dusky Bo City.

Bo City was an ink-like city with the characteristics of the south. Under the rain, it would normally look even more like a beautiful painting. However, today, Mo Fan saw a painting that was filled with blood stains, like the arrival of a nightmare!


A trembling roar suddenly erupted from Bo City, its sound caused gooseb.u.mps all over.

Mo Fan suddenly turned his head around as he looked in the direction of the sound. However, a mind-blowing and terrifying scene entered his eyesight!

A gray sky was shrouded all of Bo City. Bo City’s symbol building, the Silver Commerce Tower, was like a crane in a flock of chickens. It almost looked as though it was touching the gray heavens. However, lying on the dome of the lofty Silver Commerce Tower was a colossal shadow!

Its tail stretched almost the full length of the dome of the Commerce Tower.

Half of its wings were unfurled. One half looked hazy in the rain, the other half covered several floors of the building!

Its head was raised high. The roar that shook the entirety of Bo City came from a ferocious mouth that was capable of swallowing clouds!

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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