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Chapter 92 - Blood Mark Colossal Rat

Within the Underground Holy Spring, a youth wearing a street-bought shirt was earnestly sitting there with his face occasionally looking excited, and sometimes his brow was furrowed.

Whether it was studying or cultivating, they were both slow and dry. Mo Fan had already deeply experienced this point. However, for his incredible life as a Magician, he was willing to endure this lifestyle.

“I don’t know how many days it has been, but I can feel myself touching the doors of an even higher realm!” Mo Fan stopped meditating and began to ponder.

The biggest difference between Primary and Intermediate level was the Stardust within a Mage’s Spiritual World turning into a Nebula.

During the time his N experience card was activated, Mo Fan cultivated frenziedly.

His cultivation time had always been more than twice as long as others, and additionally, he had the nourishment from the Underground Holy Spring. With this, he was able to achieve nearly 24 hours of continuous meditation.

After all, Meditation gave Stardust a large boost. Mo Fan was already able to clearly feel the transformation of his Magic Stardust during the past few days.

Originally, the higher level Magic Nebula was a strange and odd thing to him. However, after his Stardust had burst out with a weak, pulse-like radiance, Mo Fan vaguely felt that this could be the sign of a breakthrough.

Normally, Stardust was very stable. His current Stardust was covered in a mist of a bizarre light sh.e.l.l that looked like an aurora. After going through Meditation in this short period of time, there was a clear thirst and agitation coming from the Stardust. It seemed like a little life within an egg, urgently trying to break open the mist light sh.e.l.l on the outside.

With every intense radiance coming from the Stardust, it was an attempt to break through the binding of the sh.e.l.l. Every time the radiance turned dark, it probably meant the Stardust was charging its power.

His Lightning element was the first element he had awakened. During this period of time, Mo Fan felt like the Lightning Stardust was going to break through the sh.e.l.ls and evolve, even the stars seemed to have some clear changes…

“Still not enough, let’s continue meditating so I can get the Stardust to increasingly expand. Only then will they have a hope of breaking through and becoming a Nebula!” After Mo Fan let himself rest for a while, he already began to have the ideas of attacking the next realm.


Suddenly, a fierce trembling came from his surroundings.

Mo Fan who had been about to break through in a spurt of energy, immediately opened his eyes as he surveyed the shaking walls of his surroundings.

What kind of circ.u.mstance is this, an earthquake?

Mo Fan stood up and walked toward the location of the large gate as he put his ears to it. He wanted to hear whether something had happened on the outside.

Just as he was going to listen, the restricted gate slowly began to open up.

“A week has already gone by? That was fast!” Mo Fan was stunned.

The sealed door opened up, a woman wearing a milky white uniform entered Mo Fan’s eyesight as she darted in. At same time, Mo Fan saw the entire underground hall was covered in scarlet red marks of blood.

The guards were laying everywhere, their bodies all ripped into several pieces. The blood clots and organs were all mixed in the pools of blood. Seeing this stunned Mo Fan’s entire being.

Corpses, there are so many corpses!

What happened to these guards of Underground Holy Spring, what happened to make them so miserable?

“Captain Liang!” the uniformed young woman yelled out.

As she finished yelling, Mo Fan saw movement on the other side. The Intermediate Magician, Liang Weichan, were fiercely thrown toward a pillar of the underground hall like a sandbag. The pillar was directly broken into two.

Fortunately, Liang Weichan’s body had a layer of Water Barrier protecting him, or else that kind of collision would definitely have injured him badly.

Just what is happening here?

Seeing that made Mo Fan tremble in fear. There was actually something that was capable of throwing a grand Intermediate Magician around like a sandbag!

Mo Fan moved to the side so that he could see see the other half of the underground hall obstructed by the stone door. What numbed Mo Fan’s entire body was that there was actually a creature standing there with a body that was bigger than a small truck!

This creatures neck and head were indistinguishable, but the big rat’s body was extremely distinct. It was different from a Colossal-eyed Ape Rat, this creature’s body was covered in incomparably sinister, twisted, and numerous blood marks!. It made this pickup-sized Big Rat appear even more dreadful!

Mo Fan had been in the Hunter Squad for a year, yet, he had never seen this kind of body. He had never seen a Colossal-eyed Ape Rat with a body full of blood marks, the aura it emitted from its body made him feel as if he had fallen into an ice cavern as he trembled in fear.

“This… This is a Blood Mark Colossal Rat!” Mo Fan plundered the knowledge he had learned from his Magical Beast cla.s.ses. At last, he finally remembered the name of this creature.

Heavens, the Blood Mark Colossal Rat on the textbooks looked somewhat comical, but the genuine Blood Mark Colossal Rat’s fierce appearance felt like an attack in itself!

Why did this thing appear inside the underground hall, were all of the guards get killed by this Blood Mark Colossal Rat?


The Blood Mark Colossal Rat seemed to have smelled the odor emitted from the Underground Holy Spring, its ma.s.sive lantern eye immediately locked onto the location of Mo Fan and the guardswoman.

Its sharp claws easily dug into the underground hall’s stone bricks. One could feel that this Blood Mark Colossla Rat was currently charging up its power, just like a pickup truck gunning its engine.

“Close the door!” Surrounded by stone fragments, Liang Weichan shouted toward the guardswoman.

Lin Yuxin bit her lips, but she had no choice but to fiercely slap the gate.

The two restriction gates closed. Just when the opening was reduced to a small crack, Mo Fan was terrified to see the Blood Mark Colossal Rat’s claw coming in. It caused Mo Fan to reflexively stumble back.

Too fast!

The closing speed of the gates was extremely quick. The Blood Mark Colossal Rat was clearly over thirty meters away, yet, it charged over in a wink.


The stone gates trembled, the Blood Mark Colossal Rat had clearly slammed into them.

Lin Yuxin’s complexion turned pale as she glanced at the student who was still cultivating here.

“What happened?” Mo Fan asked, a lingering fear in his heart.

The scene from before was too scary. If they were one step later closing the door, then they would’ve instantly lost their lives. The Blood Mark Colossal Rat was several times scarier than the nearly evolved One-eyed Magic Wolf. It was definitely not something a Primary level Magician was capable of fighting against!

“If you don’t want to die here, then come with me!” Lin Yuxin didn’t have the time or patience to explain to him.

All of Bo City had sunk into a crisis, the sewers were filled with Magical Beasts. They appeared to have been planning for it, they all began to frantically attack the Underground Holy Spring.

On the surface, all of the Magicians were currently fighting off an invasion of Magical Beasts. The Underground Holy Spring had suffered a surprise attack, and so they wouldn’t be receiving any reinforcements. Presently, they could only rely on themselves to protect the Underground Holy Spring!

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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