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Chapter 82 - Background is Also a Form of Strength

“Mrs...Mrs Tangyue, did you give Mo Fan a private lesson, how can Mo Fan be so abnormal?” Xu Zhaoting couldn’t help but ask.

This time, the arrogant Lightning user Xu Zhaoting was completely defeated.

He, Xu Zhaoting. had only grasped the second level of the Lightning spell half a year ago; he had thought that he had approached Mo Fan’s strength. Who would’ve known that Mo Fan’s cultivation was like a rocket, freaking learning the third level of Fire Burst already! If it wasn’t for Mrs. Tangyue giving him private lessons, then how could he, Xu Zhaoting, believe it?

“I have not. That was all cultivated by himself,” Tangyue denied as she shook her head.

Tangyue was the only person who knew that Mo Fan possessed a Stardust Magic Tool. She was able to roughly guess that Mo Fan’s cultivation was much higher than everyone’s expectations. However, she never thought that he would have already grasped the third level of Fire Burst!

The face of Mo Fan’s arch-nemesis, Mu Bai, had turned completely dark.

He didn’t know when, but now it seemed like he couldn’t even touch Mo Fan’s foot. If this level three Fire Burst were to fly toward his face, then he would’ve lost his dog life in just seconds!

“Zhuoyun… Brother Zhuoyun…” Mu He was sitting there, his complexion turned extremely rigid.

Mu Zhuoyun’s chest had began to heave up and down a while ago. His face was filled with wrath, but most of it was an endless astonishment!

“I really underestimated him!” At last, Mu Zhuoyun couldn’t help but spit these words out.

Mu He couldn’t help but take a look at Mo Jiaxing, who was sitting diagonally from him.

Was this simple and foolish chauffeur really having his fortunes flipped over? After losing the fortune of his entire family to send his kid to the Magic Academy, he had actually produced a Magic Genius?

Third level of Fire Burst! Look at Yu Ang, he only reached the third level of Ice Spread after eating numerous resources!


The guests who were sitting on the seats all had an appearance which displayed their endless shock.

In the arena, the frantically fluttering snow finally weakened. The people could gradually see the student Mo Fan standing there proudly.

On his opponent’s side, the summoned Ice Dust Shield had already been completely turned into specks of ice stars splattering over the ground, and the Yu Ang which the Ice Dust Shield was protecting had been blasted several meters away. His new Prince-like white clothing had been engulfed by the explosion, turned into ashes. His entire being was like a sorry figure as he lay on the ground, no longer having the boldness of today’s main character!

The snow finally melted. Mo Fan waited for his body to warm up before he began to stride toward Yu Ang on the ground.

s.h.i.t, do you really think you are the only one in this world who has grasped a level three spell?

I’ll let you show off, and then I’ll kill you with an explosion!

“Interesting, haha, it really is interesting! It really is too interesting!” Suddenly, Yu Ang, who had been blasted into a sorry state, stood up from the snowy ground.

Mo Fan was somewhat surprised. This guy is still conscious?

Logically speaking, although the Ice Shield did indeed take the majority of the Rupture’s effect, the exploding fire energy shouldn’t have been blocked. The rupturing force should’ve been enough to cause Yu Ang to lose consciousness.

“No way, a level three Fire Burst still wasn’t able to knock Yu Ang down?”

“Is this guy’s body made of steel?!”

Mu Zhuoyun at this moment began to coldly snort, as he cursed in his heart, Fortunately I prepared Yu Ang Magic Armor, or else he really would’ve lost to this kid who was deeply hiding his skills.

Mo Fan had nearly emerged victorious in this duel. The power of Fire Burst: Rupture was basically unstoppable by anyone at this level. Unfortunately, no one had thought that Mu Zhuoyun would be this cunning!

“Magic Boots, Magic Shield, and an extremely expensive Magic Armor. Is there a need to be this luxurious?!” that man with the last name Zhou couldn’t help but call out.

Both Princ.i.p.al Zhu and Deng Kai was completely stunned when they saw this.

Magical Armor was a defensive Magic Equipment, and its price far surpa.s.sed that of a Magic Shield. The block range of a Magic Shield was very narrow, and furthermore there were some spells that you couldn’t block with just a Magic Shield. Magic Armor was able to block absolutely every attack other than spirit attacks! Additionally, it was worn directly on the body, and was able to protect them from the attacks from all angles, truly a divine tool!

“I forgot to tell everyone. For my son’s coming of age gift, I specifically gave him an Ice Silkworm Armor, in order to protect him from sneak attacks.” Mu Zhuoyun said slowly to his guests, rubbing his mustache.

“What the heck, what’s the point of dueling now? His entire body is covered with Magic Equipments! If you really have some ability, then why don’t you fight without the Magic Tools! How shameless!” the worried Zhoumin couldn’t help but yell out.

Xu Zhaoting and w.a.n.g Sanpang were also feeling indignant.

Without Magic Equipments, then that guy Yu Ang would’ve been beaten by Mo Fan so hard that he wouldn’t even look like a person anymore. The third level of Fire Burst would’ve taught him a lesson on how to be a person!

“Background is also a form of strength,” Mu Zhuoyun remained unmoved as he retorted calmly.

Mu Zhuoyun had no time to talk about this kind of thing with a group of students. So what if our Mu Family has the resources, aren’t you a bunch of poor students trying to fight our Mu Family in vain?

“Unfortunate, how unfortunate. This student called Mo Fan is already incredible remarkable, and in the end, he still lost to Magic Equipment,” Yang Zuohe sighed.

Many of the present people were pitying Mo Fan.

With the level three of Fire Burst he had displayed today, he could proudly laugh at all of his peers in Bo City, and it was definitely enough to cause many of the disciples of the Ancestral Families to feel ashamed. However, a duel was still a duel, a loss was a loss. Just like what Mu Zhuoyun had said, background was also a form of strength, this was a logic that many people would understand after they entered society.

“You sure recognized a good father!” Mo Fan looked at the Ice Silkworm Armor beneath the damaged clothings. His heart also began to feel a trace of rage.

Magic Boots, Magic Shield, and yet another Magic Armor piece of Equipment, that was just giving him no way to survive!

Yu Ang was still smiling, the look making everyone disdainful of him.

“To be honest, you’re already doing very well. I thought you were a clown who was purposely pleasing the crowd. But it turns out you’re actually purposely hiding your ability, and wanted to use the opportunity this time to amaze the world. How unfortunate, you were just this close, hahhaha!” Yu Ang laughed, he didn’t care about Mo Fan using the Fire Burst: Rupture again.

Standing on the side of the field, his face filled with dismay, Deng Kai didn’t know what to do. In the end, he couldn’t help but to remind Mo Fan, “Mo Fan, give up. The Ice Silkworm Armor is made to specifically restrain Fire elemental spells. I’m afraid your Fire Burst: Rupture is not capable of injuring Yu Ang.”

“Deng Kai isn’t wrong. On my next Ice Spread, you will be turned into an ice cube. It’ll be complicated after you’ve been frozen. You can go in front of my adoptive father and kowtow to him. This can be considered me being a little lenient toward you, who could be considered not a bad opponent.” Yu Ang stood there, wearing his Ice Silkworm Armor, he looked like someone from the top peering down at Mo Fan.

Yu Ang’s proud gaze was very high on his horse.

The laugh of Mu Zhuoyun, that cunning fox, it also made Mo Fan extremely angry.

Background is also a form of strength?

Mo Fan also wanted to laugh, but he was unable to do so right now.

He looked around the fully seated guests, he looked at the people who held a high position within Bo City. It appeared that everyone had accepted what Mu Zhuoyun had said, they all carried a bit of sympathy as they looked back at him.

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Editor: RED

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