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Chapter 708: The Intimidating Black Snake

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“How amusing, do you really think I'm afraid of this kid?” Glorkian laughed.

He felt that the woman was overreacting. She even asked him not to provoke the kid further. So what if he insisted on provoking the kid? What could the kid possibly do? Why would he be afraid of a kid that had only ranked up to the Advanced Level?

The guy had destroyed his plane and messed up his schedule. He was being merciful enough by not skinning him alive!

“Mo Fan, calm down, calm down, I will handle it. I swear to you in the name of the Clearsky Hunter Agency. I won't let them take Xinxia away,” Leng Qing almost had the urge to kneel before Mo Fan, the concealed demon.

The authorities had done everything possible to keep the Demon Element a secret, mainly because the Magic a.s.sociations across the world would never approve of it. On the other hand, someone might conspire against him. With Mo Fan's incredible talents, fast improvements, and the power of the Demon Element, he would soon become a capable and powerful Magician!

The authorities had high hopes for Mo Fan, which was why they had a.s.signed him to compete in the World College Tournament, to help him improve faster. However, if the Demon Element was exposed before the authorities could reach a verdict with the Magic a.s.sociations, it would bring great trouble. Mo Fan would be taken away by the people of Magic a.s.sociations. He would never live a normal life again, let alone cultivate!

Leng Qing was trying to calm Mo Fan down verbally, but she was actually considering calling for backup to kill the teaching staff of Parthenon Temple College!

Mo Fan's pupils were now silver. Deep silver rays were bursting out from them.

Deep inside his eyes, silver pupils reflected Glorkian's proud, arrogant face, and a strange, enormous mist!

Mo Fan looked past the teacher, redirecting his attention from Glorkian to the mist that had appeared out of nowhere.

The mist was right behind the private jet. Mo Fan had no idea when it had appeared. The mist was not covering a huge area, yet it was so tall that it could almost touch the sky. He could vaguely see an outline in the mist, and the l.u.s.ter of some giant scales!

Upon seeing this, the colors in Mo Fan's eyes dissipated. The anger on his face vanished as he slowly grinned.

“Very well, even though you're not a student of Parthenon Temple College, I've taught you a lesson on enduring, so you won't go provoking an enemy that you stand no chance against…” Glorkian nodded in satisfaction when he saw Mo Fan calming down.

Did they seriously think a holy teacher like him enjoyed bullying little kids? Why would he pick on the kid if he hadn't damaged his plane?

If the kid apologized and compensated him for the loss, he would consider forgiving him!

“Is that so?” Mo Fan's eyes were smiling, like a totally different person than before. He gently said, “I'll teach you a lesson about not provoking someone you can't afford to, too!”

“Oh? Is it because of your background?” Glorkian raised his eyebrows as he was guessing if he had offended the son of some higher-ups in China. That would be troublesome, as some of the Magicians in China possessed immeasurable strength!

“I come from a normal background, but the one behind you is a different story,” said Mo Fan.

The truth was, while Mo Fan was conversing with Glorkian, both Leng Qing and Digaeus were completely frozen where they were standing!

It was like they were petrified. They lifted their heads, but they could barely see half of the creature's body…

“I would like to see who in China…” Glorkian turned his head around while uttering the words.

Why was it pitch-black all of a sudden? He couldn't even see anything…

Suddenly, Glorkian started trembling, as if he had just been struck by lightning.

He lifted his gaze in disbelief, seeing an enormous, black body…

As he raised his head further, he could see enormous scales along the body…

Raising his head further, he a.s.sumed he would see the creature's head, yet he was still looking at its body!

Finally, at the top of the mist, Glorkian could barely see the creature's enormous head by fully tilting his head back…

The snake's head was slowly moving down toward him from the sky.

Glorkian's private jet was not even the size of the snake's mouth. The terrifying snake tongue came out from the mouth with a hiss, spitting liquid at the paralyzed Glorkian.

The thick, sticky fluid totally messed up Glorkian's golden hair and robe, yet he did not dare to even move his finger!

“Snake…snake…” Digaeus was stammering.

His superior, Glorkian, had already lost his soul from fright. As a holy teacher and a talented Super Magician, there was hardly anything that he would describe as frightening, but here in China, in the place called Hangzhou, he had found one… the scariest creature that he had ever seen in his life!

“Fri…friend, let's…let's talk it out nicely…” Digaeus realized that the snake was friendly toward Mo Fan and Leng Qing when he saw that the two were fairly calm.

“Why weren't you being so sincere just now? My snake brother here is a lot quicker than your private jet. Why don't you two go inside his stomach, and I'll ask him to send you back to Greece?” asked Mo Fan with a smile.

“Don't worry about it, we can go back ourselves,” Digaeus was on the verge of losing himself.

Was he kidding them? Go inside the snake's stomach? Would they even make it out alive?

“Par..pardon me, let's discuss this properly. It's our first time here, so we're not too familiar with the rules. Young mister, let's talk about it somewhere else. There's nothing we can't settle properly, hehehe, hehehe, don't you think so, too? Vice President of Lingyin Enforcement Union?” Glorkian did not dare to move. His att.i.tude was completely different from his arrogant behavior a moment ago.

Mo Fan had already expected the change of att.i.tude from Glorkian. The man was a Super Magician, yet a Super Magician was still nothing in the eyes of the Black Totem Snake.

The Black Totem Snake was on the same level as the Mountain Zombie. Not only would he not treat Glorkian seriously, even if all the experts of Parthenon Temple were here, the Black Totem Snake would still beat the c.r.a.p out of them!

“Have you learned your lesson?” Mo Fan walked up to Glorkian with a smile and asked in a serious tone.

Glorkian nodded his head repeatedly.

“I did, I did, can you… ask your snake brother to stay…stay further away from me?…” Glorkian asked cautiously.

Mo Fan ignored Glorkian's plea. He jumped onto the plane and fondled the Black Totem Snake's nose.

The Black Totem Snake hissed and licked Mo Fan with the tip of his tongue.

Glorkian and his crew were not in luck. They had to challenge Mo Fan here in Hangzhou…

The Black Totem Snake immediately came when he sensed that Mo Fan was in danger. If Mo Fan had not stopped the Black Totem Snake, it would have eaten the Super Magician Glorkian in a single bite!

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