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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Xinxia was casting Spirit Wall to stop the spider from penetrating Mo Fan's soul, yet the Demoness had abused her fast casting speed to control Mo Fan's mind as he was trapped by the spider, intending to kill Xinxia, who was posing the greatest threat to her.

Xinxia's Spirit Wall was able to defend her from the Curse and Psychic Element, yet it was useless against Mo Fan's Fire and Lightning Elements. It did not matter if she were stopping or continuing the channeling, she would die either way!

"Xinxia, watch out!" screamed Zhao Manyan and Zhang Xiaohou.

They did not expect the Demoness to control Mo Fan to hurt Xinxia. It was too late for them to react in time to protect Xinxia with defensive Spells. Mo Fan was too quick at casting the Basic Spell Fire Burst. A fireball was simply ignited in his right hand as soon as he flipped it!

Mo Fan's Basic Spell was shockingly powerful. Xinxia would not able to survive it at such a close distance!

The group felt a chill down their spine after learning how vicious the Demoness was. They immediately glanced in Mo Fan's direction, and saw his bloodshot eyes, looking completely like he had lost control of himself.

As a matter of fact, Xinxia had somehow turned into the Demoness in Mo Fan's eyes. She was uttering a screechy laugh...

Mo Fan's hands were trembling, it was possible that his body was subconsciously stopping him from doing it.

In the nick of time, the Fiery Sorceress who was the closest to Mo Fan let out a cry.

Xinxia's Healing Spirit finally worked, allowing the Fiery Sorceress, who was on the verge of dying, to recover some of her energy. Her body turned into a puff of flame, slamming right at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan's hand, which he raised into the air, stiffened eerily. The color of his pupils changed rapidly, as if he were resisting being controlled by the Demoness.

The Demoness was furious when she saw the Fiery Sorceress slamming into Mo Fan.

"Die! Die! Die! You will all die!" screamed the Demoness.

Normally, she was supposed to be able to control the mind of an Intermediate Magician instantly, and even order him to fire Spells at his family members.

However, for some reason, the kid's mind was a lot stronger than that of an ordinary Intermediate Magician. He managed to struggle for a few more seconds...

The Demoness did not know about the Focus Necklace on Mo Fan's neck, which partially protected him from her Mind Control.

The truth was, the Focus Necklace was nowhere enough to protect one from being controlled by an Advanced Psychic Magician. Since Mo Fan had four Elements in total, his willpower was a lot stronger than any ordinary Intermediate Magician.

The Focus Necklace and his four Elements made him the hardest to control among the group. Also, he was not worn out like the eight Magicians...

The Demoness was focused on trying to get rid of Xinxia, yet she had not expected Mo Fan to have four Elements and the Focus Necklace.

When she strengthened the Spell once again to overcome Mo Fan's resistance, the Fiery Sorceress had already entered Mo Fan's body...

Mo Fan was not sent flying by the collision. It felt like a shadow clone that initially belonged to Mo Fan had returned to his true self.

Possession! The exact capability that had allowed the Fiery Sorceress to make it so far into the safe zone.

She was desperately trying to possess Mo Fan, so she could oppose the Demoness' Mind Control with her strong spirit.

The Demoness dared to control the worn out Magicians and Mo Fan, who was still an Intermediate Magician, but she would never dare to control the Fiery Sorceress, as her extraordinary spirit would simply reflect it with a force capable of shattering the Demoness' mind.


The Fiery Sorceress had taken over Mo Fan's body. The man who already had Fire as his primary Element was set aflame. The ocean of flames that was dying slowly suddenly blossomed, painting the surroundings red!

The heat from the flames surged in all directions, like an enraged dragon roaming wildly in the area.

Flames sprouted out from Mo Fan's eyes as he stepped forward under the Fiery Sorceress' control. Pillar of flames burst out from the ground before him.

It felt like the flames in his surroundings were welcoming their emperor. The formidable aura forced the Demoness to back off!

"You bunch of p.r.i.c.ks, I'll kill you all one by one!" cursed the Demoness when she realized that the situation was no longer in her favor.

Since the Fiery Sorceress had possessed Mo Fan, the power of his Fire had grown significantly. The Demoness was extremely cunning. She clearly knew that she no longer stood a chance against either Shi Gua, who was freed from the battle, or Mo Fan, who was currently engulfed in raging flames. She immediately decided to run away.

The Fire Calamity Fruit was still in her hands. She could easily get her revenge once she ate the Fire Calamity Fruit. It was unnecessary for her to rush it.

"She's running away!' yelled Zhang Xiaohou.

The Demoness was quite an expert at running too. Her speed was fairly shocking with the combination of Earth Wave and some other equipment.

"Humph, justice always prevails."

When everyone was momentarily stunned, the charming yet proud voice of a little loli rang out.

A net made of intertwining light rays descended from the sky, which landed right where the Demoness was running into.

The net seemed to have been waiting for her for quite some time. It was already looming over her as she started running. The Demoness was totally unaware of it ran into the net and fell rolling to the ground.

Zhao Manyan was stunned.

Wasn't that thing the golden light net she used to ensnare the vampire Nie Dong? It had a strong burning effect, which would leave scorched marks on the prey's skin like an iron stamp!


As he thought, the Demoness' cries of agony came fairly quickly.

The Demoness had been burned by the Fire Calamity before, hence she was very afraid of anything that burned! The light net scorched her already scarred skin, generating incredible pain.

"You...you... I'm going to kill you!"

When the Demoness saw it was a seemingly harmless little loli standing on the other side of the net, she almost lost her mind!

She had already made a mistake when she underestimated Mo Fan's crew's strength and determination. Who would dare think that a little girl around the age of twelve would set a trap for her!?

The Demoness was always the one setting traps for the others. Countless Commanders and Advanced Magicians had died at her hands, yet she ended up being ensnared by a light net set up by a little girl… how humiliating!

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw the Demoness being trapped.

The young Magicians were fully focused on the fight, afraid of being manipulated by the Demoness' outstanding capabilities. No one knew where Lingling, who had been staying with them all along, was. Besides, Lingling knew how to protect herself better than anyone else.

To their surprise, Lingling had been hiding, waiting for the Demoness to flee, just so she could catch the Demoness with the net!

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