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Bai Tingting slowly opened her eyes. She was expecting to see the disgusting stomach wall of the Razortail Drake, but it turned out to be sunlight, the blue sky, and clouds which had been set aflame.

Meanwhile, Zhao Manting and Mu Nujiao were staring at the person whose hair had almost reached his feet... He was definitely Mo Fan, but they could not believe he was the Mo Fan they knew!

His face was showing the signs of the wolf species, while his entire body had hereditary markings, like a curse.

His hands had turned into a pair of sharp claws, which were currently holding the net with ease.

His jumping ability was shocking. It felt like he was flying as he leapt between the buildings, despite them being more than a hundred meters apart. Any ordinary human would have totally broken their bones from the jump, but he was perfectly fine!

Mo Fan continued to jump between the roofs of the buildings as he made his way down to the ground, carrying the net firmly in his hand. If he weren't concerned that the four students would not be able to handle the impact of landing on the ground straightaway, he would be perfectly fine even if he were to land from his current height of three hundred meters.

Even Mo Fan could not describe his current status.

It was similar to the burst of power his legs received after activating the Blood Tabi, but he could feel an even greater burst of power pouring into every body part. The power seemed to be circulating in his body, and would not dissipate as easily as the power of the Blood Tabi.

The degree of his strength was absolutely outstanding. It was on a totally different level than a human's body. If it weren't for the fact that he still retained his human appearance, he would believe that he had turned into a demon beast with a fairly outstanding lineage!

Mo Fan could feel himself acting very impetuous.

He could still think, but he could not help but feel disgusted and treating it as a waste of effort. The savagery, l.u.s.t to kill and anger in his bones were multiplied a significant amount of times by the Demon Element. It felt like there was nothing he could not resolve with his fists. Nothing would trouble him any longer, as long as he killed them all!

Now, Mo Fan felt like a demon who had been kept in captivity for too long, who had finally regained its freedom. The first thought that came to his mind was to bring chaos and utter destruction to the entire world.

Killing and destroying were the only rituals that could be tied to the body!

He could not even understand why he had saved the four humans. He was only aware of an obsessive thought occupying his mind. It felt like an instinct that had been implanted in his mind during the transformation. He would never allow anyone to touch them, not even a single hair!

A deafening roar burst out from the nest, which echoed throughout the entire city.

The Giant Lizards filling the streets were aware of their leader's fury. They shivered and lowered their heads, awaiting their leader's command.

A giant beast poked out from the top of the chopped-off nest. It was the Razortail Drake.

A part of its neck was dented in, which was obviously the reason why it was enraged. On top of that, its favorite nest was also destroyed!

The Razortail Drake glanced down at the demonized Mo Fan and bellowed out more deafening roars. Even the buildings began to shake violently...

Finally, the giant beast glided down from the height of the mound. Its enormous shadow loomed as its giant body slammed right into the tall buildings and toppled them like Lego blocks!

The demonized Mo Fan responded with a furious roar, too. Mu Nujiao, Zhao Manting, and Bai Tingting instantly covered their ears against the screeching pain.

Killing was his nature, too!

The demonized Mo Fan showed no intention of thinking for even for a second. He only wanted to follow his instincts, to tear the d.a.m.ned big fat lizard in front of him into pieces!

With an eerie whoosh, Mo Fan's figure vanished into thin air, and a wolf-shaped silhouette appeared in the shadow under the Razortail Drake!

The Wolf Shadow gradually materialized, before emerging as a Wolf Soul!

Under the Wolf Soul stood a man, none other than the demonized Mo Fan. His face was savage, with an eerie grin.

The power granted to him was rumbling inside his body, urging him to spread his arms wide and let out a roar into the sky!

He extended his arms and stared right into the Razortail Drake's eyes fearlessly.

He howled like a wild wolf. Even the air was vibrating. As he did, the Soul Shadow gradually enlarged, to the extent it felt like the surrounding buildings were being drawn into it...

The Wolf Shadow lunged forward, launching itself at the diving Razortail Drake and tearing ferociously at its throat!

The Razortail Drake was infuriated. It brawled with the Wolf Shadow with its giant claws as the two ferocious beasts collided with one another. One had great might due to its size, while the other was an irascible Soul Shadow displaying its wild nature.

The Razortail Drake turned out to be slightly stronger. It seemed to have discovered the Wolf Shadow's weakness. It blew out a strong gust of wind, which was capable of blowing the buildings apart right at the Wolf Shadow's half-illusionary body...

Part of the Wolf Shadow dispersed as if the wind were about to break it apart. Its claws had left some marks on the Razortail Drake's body, but they had failed to inflict any damage to the beast's thick skin.

"Come back!" the demonized Mo Fan called to the Wolf Shadow.

The Wolf Shadow rapidly returned to his body and attached itself to him like before. It did make him look even more sinister.

Chains of lightning stirred restlessly as the Razortail Drake charged in Mo Fan's direction.

The purple energy had already run out of patience. After all, it was the Element that symbolized destruction!

The demonized Mo Fan howled once again. His body was a human covered with b.l.o.o.d.y cursed lines, but his shadow was that of a dark werewolf!

The arcs of lightning crackled wildly over him. Some of them spread to the streets as they broke free from Mo Fan's control. The Giant Lizards roared loudly as they were electrocuted.

Mo Fan curled his hands into claws!

He leapt into the air and struck forward with a claw, followed by the whip of the arcing lightning.

The shockwave produced by the swipe tore the air apart and slammed right into the Razortail Drake's chest. Despite its scales being as strong as steel, the sharp claws still managed to pierce through its thick defense. Blood jetted out from the Razortail Drake's flesh along the path of the claw marks.

Meanwhile, the lightning arcs following the swipe drilled themselves into the wound and drove right into the Razortail Drake's flesh.

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