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Chapter 227 - The Cursed Xu Zhaoting

Golden Origin Apartments...

Mo Fan was standing by the balcony with a phone in his hand.

"Ms Tangyue, you finally contacted me." Mo Fan's face displayed a smile.

"I'm currently in Hangzhou, I can't leave. Are you alright? I received some information that the Black Vatican are moving in Shanghai. They are all charging toward you," Tangyue said impatiently.

"I'm alright. I only encountered a group of small Dark Beasts, and I killed them all," Mo Fan said.

"That's a bit too reckless of you, if something were to happen… the methods of the Black Vaticans are extremely cruel. If you ever land in their hands, then you will most likely be turned into a monster by them! Thus, you must be extremely careful!" Tangyue said solemnly.

"What monster?" Mo Fan asked, feeling slightly confused.

"The Dark Beasts."

"Dark Beasts? Aren't they Magical Beasts?" Mo Fan didn't understand.

Actually, Mo Fan had always been a bit suspicious about this. It seemed like the people from the Black Vatican were able to command the Dark Beasts. The only people who should be able to command Magical Beasts should be Summoners; there's no way that all of the people in the Black Vatican were Summoners, right?

"They aren't Magical Beasts, they are people, living people!" Tangyue told him.

"What?" Mo Fan was shocked.

Living people?

Those Dark Beasts were living people?

"They are all living people whose souls have been cursed. That is the most dreadful secret technique of the Black Vatican," Tangyue said.

"Xu Zhaoting was caught," Mo Fan said grimly.

Tangyue went silent.

Xu Zhaoting was also Tangyue's student, how could she not know about him?

However, Tangyue was currently powerless. The Magic Court was currently unable to make a big move. Once they made a move, this Black Vatican group would run away from the inescapable net they had set.

Furthermore, Xu Zhaoting had already been caught by them. The possibility of him being alive was slim.

"Ms Tangyue, I need to go check out Zhang Lulu. If Xu Zhaoting was turned into a Dark Beast, then that would signify they already know Zhang Lulu's residence…" Mo Fan said.

"Zhang Lulu? Who's that?"

"It's Xu Zhaoting's girlfriend. Xu Zhaoting lost all of his family during the disaster at Bo City, leaving only him behind… His girlfriend has been with him this entire time. I believe that Zhang Lulu should be the most important person to Xu Zhaoting, I cannot let anything happen to her." Mo Fan suddenly realized something as he hurriedly hung up the phone.

After rushing downstairs, Mo Fan couldn't care about the regulations where they forbade Summoning beasts, and he directly summoned his Spirit Wolf. He had the Spirit Wolf charge toward Zhang Lulu's residence.

The road in the evening was s.p.a.cious and free. His Spirit Wolf was directly running on the road, all kind of traffic rules meant nothing to this wild beast.

The light of the moon was cold. The cold wind was turning increasingly chill as it blew onto their faces like sharp knives.

Zhang Lulu was in disbelief as she looked at the rotting face in front of her. She was in even more disbelief as she looked into those eyes filled with evil and hatred.

This is Xu Zhaoting?

THIS is Xu Zhaoting???

Her eyes began to bulge so much that they nearly popped out.

Her tears began to fall again. The pain in her heart had already caused Zhang Lulu to forget about the long claws that had pierced into her.

At this moment, she finally understood why this Cursed Dark Beast killed off all those Dark Beasts that were pursuing her. She also understood why it tried to resist making a move on her, and that it was actually protecting her before...

However, the blood was flowing quickly, and with it her life. In the process of the claws penetrating through her heart, she was no longer scared.

It was at least better than being killed by those dirty things...

"Haha, HAHAHA, I've told you that you can't control yourself! As your master, I am benevolent enough to give you guys some time to say your last words. However, you must be quick or else her blood will run dry. No matter what you say by that time, she won't be able to hear you… Oh, you can only gugugugu, I guess you won't be able to express anything with that!" The man with the mask seemed to be really enjoying this.

He swept his long windbreaker around with an abnormally savage smile before he disappeared from the rooftop.


A large pool of blood began to splash on to the rooftop. The Cursed Beast stood there stiffly, his face displaying an expression that could no longer be described with pain.


His throat looked like it was going to explode as he roared frantically. Since he had already opened his mouth, he took a bite at his wrist!


He bit off his wrist, like he wanted to bite his most hated person to death!

He bellowed in rage.

His expression was twitching fiercely as his hoa.r.s.e shout continuously reverberated on the rooftop.

The black liquid from his eyes didn't stop as they hung around his twitching face.

He frantically bit his body as he ripped at his skin. He used his killing claws to tear himself apart.

At this moment, the hatred at what he had become had already exceeded everything!

Within the black shadows, a man came out as though stepping out of a different world.

He stepped onto the rooftop that was filled with black blood and remains of limbs. His black eyes were currently looking at the person that leaving behind red blood.

Half of her body was in the water reservoir, and on her chest was a severed hand. The claws on that hand had penetrated deeply into her body…

Her pale face looked as though she wasn't in much pain. It could only mean that she had not died while experiencing fear and despair.

Next to the girl was a squatting creature covered in bruises. Its eyes were continuously watching over this girl that had already pa.s.sed away.

It was crying bitterly. A creature that was not a ghost nor human crying was very different from how a normal human would cry. However, Mo Fan knew that it was crying.

Mo Fan took a deep breath as he slowly walked toward him.

"I'm sorry, I came too late." Mo Fan looked down at the Cursed Dark Beast.

He was Xu Zhaoting. Mo Fan was very clear that he was Xu Zhaoting, there was no other Dark Beast that would stay on guard over the corpse of girl as it was displaying such extreme pain.

When Mo Fan saw Xu Zhaoting's right hand was bitten off, his grievance became like a spring as it bubbled forth.

Xu Zhaoting slowly raised his despairing face. At this moment, the him that still retained some of his human traits recognized Mo Fan...

He suddenly used his claws to split open his belly, and slowly took something out of his stomach.

Mo Fan was a bit suspicious as he took the thing that Xu Zhaoting had drawn out from inside himself.

After wiping away the filth on it, Mo Fan was immediately dumbfounded.

This was a strip of leather. There were clear scratches on the leather, and he was able to see that this was a name in the moonlight!

"It's the name of the Blue Deacon! Xu Zhaoting found the name of that Blue Deacon!" Tangyue exclaimed earnestly over the phone.

"What's the point of a name?" Mo Fan asked.

"Most of the people from the Black Vatican have a honorable ident.i.ty in society. This name is the name that the Blue Deacon uses to deceive others. Actually, according to our guess, the mastermind behind the actions against you is most likely a student of Pearl Inst.i.tute. It's just we don't know his name. The objective of our mission this time was precisely this Blue Deacon, and his name is an important clue. The Blue Deacons are those who have direct contact with the Red Cardinal Salan. We now have hopes to find Salan with this Blue Deacon!" Tangyue stated grimly.

"In that case, you must hurry and tell your superiors! Also, is there any way to turn Xu Zhaoting back?" Mo Fan held his phone as his gaze swept toward Xu Zhaoting, who was still squatting over the dead Zhang Lulu.

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