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Chapter 225 - The Dark Beast with a Cursed Aura

“Oi, breakfast! Sister Mu really is a nice person, she even bought you one. Hurry up and show your grat.i.tude!” Early in the morning, Ai Tutu watched Mo Fan, who was in a daze from sleep, walk out of his room, and immediately mentioned the delicious breakfast to him.

Mo Fan wasn't polite at all as he took it and ate it.

“You really do not have manners at all,” Ai Tutu said unhappily.

“How is your investigation on the Shadow Beast going?” Mo Fan asked without thinking.

“I won't tell you. Don't you dare think about stealing our work. Let's put it this way, the Shadow Beast won't be able to escape from our hands!” Ai Tutu slapped her heavy chest as she said this.

“Actually…” Mu Nujiao thought about it for a while as she said sincerely, “Actually, I think the examination this time is not as simple as finding the Shadow Beast.”

“What do you mean?” Mo Fan asked.

Currently, Mo Fan was not in the mood to find the Shadow Beast. The Black Vatican was already trying to lay its hands on him, and furthermore, had even involved Xu Zhaoting!

Xu Zhaoting was taken away, no one knew whether he was alive or not. This was something Mo Fan was far more worried about right now.

“Dean Xiao said that once you took the Shadow Beast back to the Iron Beast Cage, then you will have finished your mission. This also means that even if you were to catch the Shadow Beast, it does not mean you've completed your mission,” Mu Nujiao said.

“Sister Mu, you're saying that the school doesn't care about who finds the Shadow Beast, nor do they care about who catches it, either? What they care about is who finally delivers the Shadow Beast back to the Iron Beast Cage in the school… So, if someone were to catch the Shadow Beast, then it'd be like American football; they'd have to tackle every person they see!” Ai Tutu exclaimed.

“Mhm. That is why before we catch the Shadow Beast, we need to consider that important factor,” Mu Nujiao said.

“At the end of the day, the Dark Beast could just be an incentive. The students will still have to fight one another!” Ai Tutu suddenly yelled out.

Mu Nujiao's a.n.a.lysis gave Mo Fan a sudden insight.

So, all he needed to really do was to steal it? What was the point of wasting so much effort just to find the whereabouts of that Shadow Beast, anyway?

After finishing his breakfast, Mo Fan headed for the hospital where Zhang Lulu was mending.

Zhang Lulu's recovery was pretty good. The Healing Magician's magic was capable of completely healing wounds that weren't extremely deep.

However, Zhang Lulu's mental state was relatively bad. She didn't want to eat anything, her eyes were extremely red. It was clear that she was worried about Xu Zhaoting.

Mo Fan took her from the hospital back to her residence. He began to ask her why she was at that place.

“We were originally looking for students of other Elements to form a squad to find the Shadow Beast. After Xu Zhaoting encountered someone in the bathroom, his face suddenly changed color. After which, we just followed that person, who seemed to be a student. After following him, we found a bunch of black things beside him. At that time, I wanted him to leave with me. However, he didn't listen to me, and began to pursue them further,” Zhang Lulu said.

“A student?” Mo Fan creased his brow.

Could it be that the followers of Black Vatican had already penetrated into the Pearl Inst.i.tute? Or did they already have a chess piece in Pearl Inst.i.tute from the very beginning, so they could float along when they initiated a mission?

Mo Fan believed that the latter was a higher possibility. Pearl Inst.i.tute's administration was very strict. There is no way they would let the people from Black Vatican casually infiltrate.

“Oh, they said they were going to make a move on you. However, they were also afraid of the school and the Magic Court. Thus, they could only use a method that didn't easily expose their ident.i.ty,” Zhang Lulu said.

“A method that didn't easily expose their ident.i.ty…” Mo Fan began to think with his head lowered.

“I don't know the concrete details,” Zhang Lulu said.

“Go rest up. I'll think of some way to find the location where they took Xu Zhaoting,” Mo Fan said.

“We could notify the Magic Courts…” Zhang Lulu said.

Only the Magic Courts could truly hurt the Black Vatican as an organization. A normal person's strength was unable to fight against the Black Vatican, which controlled the Dark Beasts.

“We cannot for now. Once the Magic Court makes a move, and the members of the Black Vatican catch a whiff of it, then they might possibly give up their plan… Once they've chosen to retreat, then we can forget about ever finding Xu Zhaoting,” Mo Fan said.

Zhang Lulu did not say anything else. Right now, she really did not know what to do.

When Mo Fan left, Zhang Lulu fell asleep.

She was half asleep and half awake. When she was clear-headed, her head was filled with the scenes of those ugly, savage Dark Beasts. When she was asleep, those same creatures would appear in her dreams.

From Zhang Lulu's perspective, there was nothing more scary or disgusting than the Dark Beasts. The stench that their bodies gave off felt as though it was still lingering around.

Zhang Lulu opened her eyes, her gaze completely empty.

The room was completely dark, and the curtain was half-opened. The lamp outside of her room was shining on her rug, it was completely quiet…

An odor?

Zhang Lulu woke up so fast it was almost painful. Her body felt as though someone had poured cold water over her.

Heavens, why did her room have this kind of smell?!

In the beginning, it was just Zhang Lulu's own hallucination. However, after she took a sniff, she was able to tell that it really was that smell in this place.


Suddenly, the sound of something being hit came from the corridor.

Zhang Lulu was so scared that her soul almost left her body. She immediately jumped down from her bed as she charged out of her room in her bare feet. She ran toward the roof of the building.

The odor was increasingly heavy, and it came with the sound of footsteps below. Zhang Lulu followed the little crack between the staircases as she headed upstairs, when she saw a group of strange shadows moving.

It's those creatures!

Zhang Lulu didn't dare to hesitate as she raced toward the roof of the building.

She was clear that if she stayed inside her room, she'd definitely die. If she made it to the roof, she could use the roof of the other buildings to escape.

After charging to the roof, there was not a single person to be seen in the dead of the night. There were only these rooftops that had all kinds of things on them.

Just as she made it to the water reservoir on the roof, the wooden door to the rooftop was smashed open.

In a moment, three or four Dark Beasts charged upstairs. They licked their sharp teeth as a greedy green light blossomed in their eyes. They emitted a stench that made people feel extremely disgusted.


Just when Zhang Lulu was about to jump to the roof of another building, she suddenly realized that there was a Dark Beast whose body was engulfed in a cursed aura standing there.

This Dark Beast looked incredibly ugly. It was because its face seemed to have a skin that had yet to rot adhered to it, you could even see the fresh blood there.

Zhang Lulu almost fainted, she was now unable to run anywhere.

“Guguguguggugu!!” The small group of Dark Beasts that pursued her to the roof did not immediately take action. They were vigilantly watching the Dark Beast enveloped in a cursed aura.

The cursed Dark Beast slowly pa.s.sed by Zhang Lulu. Its red eyes carried hostility, anger, and its mouth let out a hoa.r.s.e and dreadful shout.

The cursed Dark Beast's objective was not Zhang Lulu, it was the small group of Dark Beasts!

Zhang Lulu was dumbfounded.

When she saw the cursed Dark Beast began to charge the small group of Dark Beasts, she found it hard to believe.

They aren't together?...

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