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Chapter 220 - Entering the Trap by Mistake

Along the Huangpu river bank, there was light coming from a high location from afar. These lights were flickering in different colors as they reflected on the surface of the river. Following the movement of the stream, it looked like a floating, colored ribbon in the dark.

A heavy odor similar to excrement drifted by, instantly ruining the beautiful scenery. This was followed by numbers of black figures coming out of the river, one by one. The odor came precisely from these figures.

The five figures were in the front, they looked like they were chasing away animals as they let out a severe, excoriating noise.

They began to swiftly move toward Xu Jiang'an, because they had to gather there before their objectives got there!

“Hui Si, you stay on outside. The second you see our objective, notify me immediately.” The man wore a long grey cloak that covered his body, and a mask covering his face.

The five of them were all wearing long, grey cloaks. All of their bodies emitted a strange odor, and from one glance, you could tell they weren't good people.

“Yes sir.” The person called Hui Si immediately stood guard outside.

They entered a rather shabby factory. This factory seemed like it recycled lower quality meat, as it smelled like meat everywhere. There were a lot of other things mixed together with it, so it smelled more like dog food, and could still be sold for a good price somewhere.

The factory had some machines in operation. However, there was not a single person inside, perhaps no one within a hundred meters.

“Once we've gotten our objective, remember he needs to be alive. Do not fail, or else you know what will happen,” Hui Yi pointed at the Dark Beasts crawling around the floor, who only knew how to listen to orders.

The other three people glanced at the Dark Beasts, and couldn't help but shiver coldly.

The scariest part about the Black Vatican was that once you've made a mistake, then the punishment you got was even worse than dying!

Outside of the factory, a man with a purple outfit slowly approached. His eyes were very solemn in the middle of the night.

“Lulu, you stay here. I'll go in and take a look,” the guy said toward the girl next to him with a high ponytail.

“Don't go in, they look very dangerous...Zhaoting, why are you following these people? Just what are those half-human, half-monster things?” the girl with the high ponytail called Lulu said.

When he unintentionally caught a whiff of an unusual odor from a student, Xu Zhaoting seemed like he had turned into a different person. Zhang Lulu did not understand just what had happened, she could only follow Xu Zhaoting.

“Don't ask, you stay here. If I don't come back within ten minutes, you must leave immediately. Remember, don't stay here!” Xu Zhaoting said in a very serious tone.

Originally, Xu Zhaoting and Zhang Lulu were looking for the clues of the Shadow Beast together. However, when they were looking for clues around a playground, Xu Zhaoting caught a whiff of a very unusual odor.

This odor was something Xu Zhaoting would never forget. That's because this was a smell emitted from a creature with a pitch black body that had appeared during the Calamity of Bo City.

Xu Zhaoting really hoped that his own sense of smell had a problem. However, when he was stealthily following that student, he had discovered that the student was a Dark Beast!

Black Vatican!

It was the people from Black Vatican!

They seem to be scheming something again!

Xu Zhaoting hated the people from the Black Vatican to the bones. They were the people that caused his family's death.

Near Xu Zhaoting's home was a lair tunnel. When he went to the different districts to find his family with a depressed spirit, he only found a white paper with names. His father, mother, little brother, and grandma's name were all on the white paper.

He had survived, but suddenly, he was by himself.

Xu Zhaoting did his best to forget about it, he wanted to live again in a new environment. He met an alright girl, being with her made him very happy. This made him forget about the pain...

However, today, he smelled this odor.

This kind of odor was emitted from a student in the Pearl Inst.i.tute. When he had pursued that student to this place, he had actually discovered this student was a member of the Black Vatican.

This factory seemed to be their nest.

He had to go in there to confirm it. If that really was the case, he will immediately notify the Magic Courts to have them come here.

These G.o.dforsaken Black Vatican. He had to completely eliminate all of them from this world!

Xu Zhaoting had already slowly infiltrated the factory. The factory was immensely large, there were many places for him to hide. Xu Zhaoting was confident in being able to protect himself.

Zhang Lulu was waiting outside. She did not have any movement spells, so the only thing she could do was wait outside and guard.

She was very worried. She didn't know who these people were, however, she could feel that they were extremely savage. If Xu Zhaoting was discovered, then his life might not be guaranteed.

Xu Zhaoting had Awakened his second Element. His second element was the Wind Element.

This was a relatively good thing for him. He needed a spell that allowed him to move quickly. Otherwise, he'd have a strong destructive Lightning, but no abilities to protect himself with.

Xu Zhaoting had infiltrated through a broken window. He was standing on one of those crossed steel bars as he overlooked the large and s.p.a.cious factory.

“They were indeed here. One, two, three, four… strange. Why are they missing one?” Xu Zhaoting was watching this from up top, and had only discovered four grey-cloaked people hiding here. They looked like they were awaiting someone to ambush.

“Are you looking for me?” a dark and cold voice spoke up from behind him.

Xu Zhaoting's face was shocked as he looked behind him. He realized one of them was standing at a place not too far behind him.

Xu Zhaoting was stunned.

How did he find him? Could it be that they actually set up a trap inside this factory?

Impossible! When he was following them before, there was no way they were able to discover him.

“Lightning Strike, Wrath Strike!”

Xu Zhaoting's reaction was fairly quick, he quickly condensed lightning within his hands.

The imprints of Lightning immediately appeared in his surroundings as Xu Zhaoting quickly interlinked his Stars. They turned into couple of purple serpents as they flew toward the person behind him.

The Lightning would conduct through the steel bars. These conducted lightnings were able to win him an opportunity at a key moment.

“It's the Lightning Element, the objective has appeared! Catch him!” The Hui Yi who looked like he was the leader immediately raced over.

The other three had already prepared a trap. Following the order, black figures emerged from all of the exits and windows. A strong smell of excrement began to rise all around.

Xu Zhaoting looked around his surroundings in shock, and realized that he had been completely surrounded.

In the front were around ten of them, on the beam of the steel bar were seven. From the exit and windows, there were around another eight!

There was a total of twenty-five Dark Beasts!

Xu Zhaoting could never have imagined that they had actually set up a trap here to surround him...

Just how were they able to discover he was following them?

“I'm gonna kill you!” Xu Zhaoting yelled out, his face filled with extreme rage.

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