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Chapter 218 - The Great Hunt!

"Those who stayed, congratulations on being admitted to the Main Campus area," Dean Xiao's att.i.tude changed.

"No way, we got admitted just like that? Didn't they say we have an exam?"

"Yeah, why are there no exams!?"

"Are we really not taking any tests? If there were some people at the Primary level staying, then wouldn't they have profited from it, would that still count?"

The people remaining seemed to be about a thousand. This number had indeed exceeded the imaginations of many.

However, when they thought about it, it made sense. Entering the Intermediate level and being able to unleash an Intermediate Magic were two different concepts. It could be a.s.sumed that among the crowd of people, there would be quite a few that had entered the Intermediate level, but were relatively far from being able to draw the Star Atlas.

"If there's no examination, then how do we determine the top 10? I heard the one who gets first place will be allowed to enter the Three Step PaG.o.da! The second place and third places could  obtain a Magic Tool! The fourth to tenth places would be able to obtain some other rewards!" someone immediately objected.

Dean Xiao seemed to have antic.i.p.ated this kind of discussion. He waited until everyone had finished talking, before he slowly fished out a scroll from his breast pocket that contained instructions.

"A few days ago, we received some information. A Shadow Beast the government used for taming has escaped due to problems with its supervision. The Shadow Beast possess some of the Shadow Elemental abilities, and it is able to hide really well in the night. At same time, it's very hard to find them as they sneak through the city in the day. This Shadow Beast has gone through special training, so it won't take the initiative to attack human beings, nor would it try to ma.s.sacre them. Right now, it is like a wandering cat as it was in some place inside Shanghai.

"Our school is supposed to be a.s.sisting the government. The second we find any kind of trail of the Shadow Beast, we are to notify them immediately. Right now, I want you guys to catch this Shadow Beast alive and return it to the government.

"This will be the placement examination for the Main Campus."

After Dean Xiao announced this mission, the thousand people began to talk in a loud buzz.

They'd heard that this Main Campus Examination could possibly be a large scale Battle Royale. They originally thought it was going to be a compet.i.tion between students; however, it turned out it was actually a military mission!

"What is worth mentioning is that the Shadow Beast won't attack humans on its own, nor does it have the intention to slaughter others. However, when it get attacked or pursued, its temperament will change greatly. Its danger level would be no less than that of a regular Magical Beast. That is why when you find the Shadow Beast and are going to catch it, you will need to outline a plan first.

"The students or the group that catches it and delivers it to the school's Beast Cage will obtain the reward! If a single person finishes it, then that person will receive the reward. If it's a group, with a limit of 5, then they will divide the reward amongt themselves. The reward is obtaining an opportunity to enter the Three Step PaG.o.da!" Dean Xiao said.

"Three Step PaG.o.da!"

"Heavens, it's the Three Step PaG.o.da!"

As the words left Dean Xiao's mouth, a thousand students nearly went crazy.

Even the students within the Main Campus would fight among themselves for the Three Step PaG.o.da. This time, Dean Xiao had actually given out five spots!

Mo Fan had personally entered the Three Step PaG.o.da to cultivate. He was very clear on just what kind of frightening cultivation speed it could bring Magicians!

If he had directly charged into the third layer, then that 200x cultivation would've been incredibly useful!

If he was given a couple more days, then Mo Fan firmly believed that he would be able to increase his other Elements to a whole new level.

The first day after coming out of the Three Step PaG.o.da, Mo Fan made a promise to himself that he would definitely return to the Three Step PaG.o.da once more. Who would've known that happiness would come this quickly. The reward for the Main Campus Examination this time would actually be an opportunity to enter the Three Step PaG.o.da!

Good, that's too good...

The current him was able to enter the third layer. If he was able to cultivate within the third layer for seven days, Mo Fan's Shadow Element and Summoning Element would both increase to the second level!

A student who was standing relatively close to the platform excitedly asked, "Dean, are there any hints or trails?"

Dean Xiao shook his head and said, "You'll have to go find it on your own."

Happiness was happiness, and being excited was excited. However, this mission had no hints or clues, and thus had already become a ma.s.sive obstacle for the thousand or so students that were taking the test.

If you were to add in the outskirts of the city to the entirety of Shanghai, it was an incredibly big area. There were numerous alleys and streets. At this moment, they weren't able to determine which area of the city the Shadow Beast was in. Trying to find a Shadow Beast with the ability to conceal itself within this incredibly busy large city, that was like trying to fish a needle from the sea!

Mo Fan really needed to enter the Three Step PaG.o.da once more.

When he entered the third layer, he had focused on cultivating the Fire Element. He had already touched upon the door of the third level of Fire Magic. If he was given two more days, then his Fire Nebula would definitely reach the third level!

Beneath the Advanced level, Mo Fan had no need to be afraid of anyone!

Apart from this, Mo Fan's Shadow Element could be cla.s.sified as having only just entered the Nebula stage. Control of his Giant Shadow Spike's Star Atlas had been cultivated by Mo Fan within the Three Step PaG.o.da. Otherwise, he would have needed more than half a year before he would be able to cast it. What was originally nearly impossible to do was now something that he was very familiar with.

As for the Summoning Element, there was no need to mention it. Mo Fan was still unable to draw the Summoning Element's Intermediate Star Atlas.

The time within the Three Step PaG.o.da was far too limited, Mo Fan had only focused on his Fire and Lightning cultivation.

The next time he entered the Three Step PaG.o.da, Mo Fan would have two options. Either he would charge into the third level of the  Fire Element, or he could raise the level of his Shadow and Summoning Elements. In short, for someone like Mo Fan that had so many Elements, being able to enter the Three Step PaG.o.da once would result in his strength increasing by at least one level!

"The Shadow Beast... if only Lingling was here, it would be great. She is an expert in pursuing beasts. She was even able to find those creatures that hid beneath human skin. This kind of Shadow Beast would be simply nothing for her!" Mo Fan said to himself.

Mo Fan could already be considered a high level Hunter. He was also at his wit's end, so he had no idea where to start…

After returning to his room, Mo Fan opened his computer with the intentions of looking up materials regarding the Shadow Beast. He wanted to see if the Shadow Beast had some kind of special habit.

"Mo Fan, Mo Fan. Since the examination this time allows you to form groups…Why don't you join our Beautiful girls group. Look, with me who is so filled with knowledge, the knowledgeable and powerful Big Sister Mu, you who is fierce and is super capable of fighting, and two others who possess very good controlling abilities, we would definitely be invincible!" Ai Tutu immediately charged into the living room as she said this to Mo Fan, her face filled with excitement. Her two jade hares were bouncing back and forth in front of Mo Fan.

Mo Fan raised his head as he looked at the Ai Tutu whose face was filled with expectations, and then he glanced at Mu Nujiao, who was changing her shoes.

"Find someone else," Mo Fan shook his head, as he didn't plan on going with them.

"Don't tell me you're planning on doing it by yourself! Aiya, how could you be like that?! We, the Beautiful Girl Group, invited you with such sincerity! Don't you know how bad your reputation in school is, there is no one who would want to be in the same group as you! Other than Sister Mu and I who don't avoid you… who would've thought that you'd be this selfish, and even reject us! I will bite you to death!" Ai Tutu spewed out as she became fl.u.s.tered.

"Tutu, stop causing trouble." Mu Nujiao immediately stopped her.

Mo Fan didn't feel like explaining it to Ai Tutu.

The truth was, it was not that Mo Fan didn't want to form a group with others. After all, there was no difference between the rewards one person got, and a group of five.

However, Mo Fan was very clear on his current situation.

Perhaps the Black Vatican didn't dare to make too much noise within the perimeter of the school, but once they exited the school, they would dare to do anything. Mo Fan didn't want to involve these two girls into his own matters. The Black Vatican would definitely not be lenient just because they were beautiful!

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