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Chapter 219 - Setting a Trap!

When the Black Vatican did things, they tend to use sly schemes.

Right now, there were no movements from them, which only signified that they had been scheming in order to have it all done at once.

Their most beautiful opportunity to make a move would be the unavoidable Main Campus Examination.

The Main Campus Examination couldn't exactly disappear. If it did not take place, that would only notify the Black Vatican that the different powers were on guard against them. Furthermore, the Pearl Inst.i.tute couldn't exactly cancel such an important matter just because they were suspicious.

Forget it, let's not think about these things. Let's find the Shadow Beast first!

“Monkey, you're currently in the Army, right?” Mo Fan called Zhang Xiaohou's number.

“Yeah, Brother Fan, let me tell you, I'm really amazing right now…” As soon as Zhang Xiaohou heard Mo Fan calling, the serious demeanor he had built up within the Army suddenly turned into a child trying to brag about his grades as he began boasting.

“Did you apply to the central section on your own?” Mo Fan asked, feeling slightly shocked.

Zhang Xiaohou seemed to have mixed in well with the Army. The Army was making efforts to nurture him. Although he had to go through a year of central section training, he would be promoted to an officer once he returned.

“Yeah, you can learn a lot of things from there. Brother Fan, did you need something from me?” Zhang Xiaohou asked.

After their separation in Bo City, Zhang Xiaohou had chosen to enter the Army. He chose a road that majority of the students did not take, while Mo Fan went to Shanghai and competed within his school. The two of them walked different paths, but that did not affect their friendship.

“Yeah, I want to know more about one of the domesticated beasts in the Army, the Shadow Beast,” Mo Fan said.

“I'm not responsible for that area. However, I do have a companion who specializes in taking care of Shadow Beasts. I might not be able to get extremely cla.s.sified information, but the more common things won't be a problem,” Zhang Xiaohou said.

Zhang Xiaohou's work ethic was quite high. Mo Fan called him in the morning, and by the afternoon, he had already sent the materials regarding the Shadow Beast over to Mo Fan.

“Brother Fan, if you are ever around the central section of the Army, come and find me, I really miss you!”

“I will!”

“Brother Fan, you must be really impressive now right?”

“Of course.”

“Brother Fan, you are still so immodest.”

Zhang Xiaohou's companion really helped Mo Fan a lot. The materials stated that the Shadow Beasts that had been domesticated had an extreme craving for beef. They would have to eat at least half a cow every day. If you wanted to find a wandering Shadow Beast within Shanghai, then you'd have to start finding clues from some of the beef processing factories within Shanghai.

Mo Fan wasn't in a hurry to go to the beef processing factories. Shanghai was a colossal city, the larger beef processing factories might not number a thousand, but there would at least be eight hundred. To find a Shadow Beast was easier said than done.

Soon enough, Mo Fan arrived at a police station. A high tier Hunter's ident.i.ty was no less than that of an officer. Mo Fan was able to use the police to help him find information regarding thefts.

“Mr Hunter, the reports that you wanted have been sorted. Since most of these are trivial matters, and a lot of these are about stealing and destroying meat, these kind of cases would at most have us sending some people over to take a look and take a report. For it to be completely investigated is rather impossible,” the female officer said to Mo Fan.

“Alright, thank you. Another thing, if someone makes a report regarding theft or destruction of meat, then please notify me as soon as possible. These are my contact details…” Mo Fan said to the female officer who helped him find the information.

“Alright!” The female officer seemed to be a rather new worker, she was very enthusiastic toward most things.

After leaving the police station, Mo Fan returned home to browse through the materials of these thefts and destroyed meat.

“The frequency of these events are relatively high within the Pudong district. Most of the recent cases are along Wan Street. This place should be close to the harbor, the imported meat would all be stored around here before they use trucks to deliver it across the city…” Mo Fan quickly had a direction to work from.

On the same day, Mo Fan went to Wan Street, which was near the harbor in Pudong District. Having the ident.i.ty of a high tier Hunter made it very convenient getting things done. As long as he was investigating a case, especially one related to Magical Beasts, the workers would definitely cooperate and tell him everything they knew.

Mo Fan had arrived at the beef storehouse and began to cautiously investigate the area.

The materials given to him by Zhang Xiahou stated that the Shadow Beast was a creature whose tail tend to shed hair. The lost hair would have a fluorescent glow. Thus, if he was trying to find the location of the Shadow Beast, it would be very easy to use the fluorescent light from the tail hair to determine whether it had appeared in this area or not.

After searching through more than twenty beef storage areas in succession, Mo Fan finally came to a beef storage area that was not carefully maintained, and found a fluorescent tail hair.

“The lost tail hair will disintegrate into dust within seven days, this hair has almost turned into dust…”

His investigation did not let him find the exact location of the Shadow Beast, all it did was to tell him that it had been around this area. The time it stayed here was relatively short.

Finding the clues here were of no use, Mo Fan could only leave to find the next suspicious area.

Not too long after Mo Fan had left the beef storage, another team of people came over. Furthermore, each one of them began to look over the different beef storages.

“Brothers, could it be a real Magical Beast appeared? There was already someone who came by before to take a look,” a worker said as he trembled in fear.

“Oh? There's someone who would come here before us?” Shen Mingxiao asked, feeling slightly shocked.

Shen Mingxiao was also one of the more reputable people within the school. He had relied on the connections he had within the Hunter Union to come all this way, and thought he was the very first one to obtain these clues. Who would've thought that someone had already been here!

“It seems like we need to be even faster. If it was found by someone else first, that would be bad,” Luo Song said.

“Don't worry, the Shadow Beast can only be ours!” Sheng Mingxiao declared.

After Mo Fan left the beef warehouses, he began to proceed toward the Huangpu River.

“h.e.l.lo? Who is this?” Just when Mo Fan was about to reach the next area, his phone began to ring.

“Mr Hunter, it's me. I have just gotten a tip that there as a huge amount of beef being stolen by an old meat vendor in Xu Jiang'an, do you want to go and take a look?” the female officer inside the police station called to say.

“Alright, I'll go and take a look. Thank you. I'll treat you to a meal next time,” Mo Fan said.


A man with a mask covering half his face was standing in a parking lot by a very common convenience store, a cold expression on what was left of his features.

A completely black creature was standing next to him. Its long claws were wrapped around the cold and sweaty female officer's throat. If the beast's claws closed lightly, then the policewoman's blood would definitely splash everywhere.

“You've done well, I won't kill you. This, however, does not mean I won't kill your family. So, if you want your family to live, then you better not tell this to anyone…” the man with the mask said, an ominous glint in his eyes.

The truth was, he wanted to kill people.

After his face had been ruined, he had imagined every single person he had killed off to be Mo Fan.

However, he didn't kill this policewoman.

If she died, then the people of Magic Court would rapidly be in pursuit of him.

The Black Vatican enjoyed slaughter. Killing people didn't need any logic behind it, but before they killed someone, they would make sure it didn't bring them any trouble.

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