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Chapter 210 - Meeting an Ambush

"Grandpa, what do you think?" Lingling asked from the side.

"Since someone has such good faith and has already given us the money, thus we naturally have to take responsibility for it until the end. I'll have Dasheng come here for a bit, he should be back from Demon City," Old Bao said.

"Wait, I am a hunter myself. Can't I protect myself? As long as nothing happens, then this money will be mine," Mo Fan thought of nothing but the profit.

Recently, the Clearsky Hunter Agency hadn't had anything for him to do. Now that a mission finally came, he couldn't just not do it because it was strange. If Mo Fan directly accepted this mission and protected himself, then how would that be strange?

"We can't do that, if you were to die, we…our Clearsky Hunter Agency would lose our reputation," Old Bao said seriously.

Mo Fan was swearing to himself. After hearing what the Old Man said, could those still be words from a human!

"You have to be extra careful. Since there are people who would offer this much money to invite our Clearsky Hunter Agency to protect you, it signifies that you are in a life-threatening danger," Lingling said sincerely.

"I won't wander aimlessly. I'm cultivating at school most of the time, how could I possibly be in danger," Mo Fan said.

After saying this, Mo Fan suddenly thought back to what Xinxia's History teacher had said.

If the Black Vatican's true objective was the Underground Holy Spring, and if the Underground Holy Spring concealed an even more ancient secret, then wouldn't the Black Vatican come and find him once more?

If it was the Black Vatican, then it would be really hard for him to deal with them himself.

Could it be Boss Zhankong became aware of the trend of the Black Vatican, and employed someone to protect me? He was unable to do it?, Mo Fan thought to himself.

There were not many people who were capable of spending a large sum to protect him. Mo Fan basic guess at this moment was the people from Bo City.

"You don't have to feel uncomfortable. Dasheng specializes in protecting people, people who are being protected by him have no idea that danger has come before it is completely resolved… Lingling, you can go ahead with Dasheng and look after Mo Fan," Old Bao said.

"Yes," Lingling nodded.

After leaving the Clearsky Hunter Agency, Mo Fan had some heavy worries.

If it really was the Black Vatican, then it would really be quite a bit of trouble this time. He had encountered the cruelty of the Black Vatican, they would do anything to accomplish their objectives.

Moreover, they had a way to get in anywhere. Whether it was Instructor Bai Yang from before, or Yu Ang, who had hid himself in the Mu Family for over ten years, these types of people were very hard to guard against before they exposed themselves.

Forget it, thinking too much about it was of no use. He'd have to take one step at a time. The current him was no longer the same as the little Primary Magician in the past. If they dispatched people over, then he'd have to see how many dog lives they had!

After returning to the school, it was already evening. Mo Fan did not want to take a detour, he planned on directly walking past the artisa.n.a.l park.

As he had arrived at the artificial lake, a few silhouettes flashed by on the small hill to the side.

After reaching the Intermediate level of Shadow Element, he was extremely sharp toward changes in shadows. Even if it happened on the hill, he could still immediately sense what was behind it.

Mo Fan's heart tightened as he cursed to himself, "No way, they're making a move this fast?"

It appears that Senior Brother Dasheng has yet to come and protect me. The Black Vatican's actions were actually this fast... Furthermore, they even dare to conceal themselves in the area surrounding Pearl Inst.i.tute as they waited to ambush me?

"Go, finish it as soon as you can!" someone shouted; it probably came from the leader of them.

Mo Fan's brow creased. He subconsciously took a large step back so he could take a look at these people who were ambushing him.

A few silhouettes immediately jumped out from behind the hill. There was a magic aura on all their bodies. Furthermore, there were Star Paths lingering around them, which could only mean that they had already prepared their magic.

A ball of bright fire streaked across the night, immediately tossed from a high place on the hill. From the restless level of the fireball, you could clearly determine that this was the third level of Fire Burst, ready to rupture out and kill.

Mo Fan quickly dodged to the side. The Fire Burst struck the area he had been standing at, and the powerful flames turned into a tongue of fire as it splashed towards him.

Mo Fan's eyebrows creased, his foot stomped ferociously on the ground. At same time, beneath his feet a rose-colored flame quickly scuttled forth.

The flames quickly crawled up Mo Fan's body, as if he had donned an outfit of flames; it looked extremely elegant.

After the scarlet flames coming over saw Mo Fan's rose flames, they looked like children who had seen their homeroom teacher after doing something bad. They were so scared that they began scuttling toward other places, with no intentions whatsoever of offending it!

What a joke, a little common fire dared to contend against Rose Flames?

Mo Fan coldly swept a glance toward the Magician who had used his magic on him. Before he was able to clearly see the person, the water on the lake's surface suddenly dropped, the surrounding air was frantically being absorbed…

They formed a tornado around two meters wide!

The tornado was formed by the water, and the water of the lake had been completely drawn into it.

For a moment, the black water turned into a coiling water dragon, twisting its thick physique as it writhed toward Mo Fan.

The watery mist was everywhere as it pushed toward Mo Fan's face. His hair was blown back as he was promptly soaked, before it even touched him.

As he watched the Wind Disc: Tornado coming closer and closer, Mo Fan didn't dare hesitate. He immediately activated his Blood Beast Boots!

The blood-colored light turned into armor as it covered Mo Fan's legs, giving him an immense amount of energy.

With just one step, Mo Fan's was able to jump nearly ten meters.

He knew that even though the Tornado's power was great, its movement was very slow. After calculating the Tornado's devastating trajectory, Mo Fan hastily jumped onto the park's gloomy street lamp.

Then he hopped onto a tree trunk that was relatively close. The Tornado was unable to change its direction and carried the lake water as went tearing through the woods. For a moment, the woods looked as though it had been hit by a storm, it was a mess everywhere.

"This kid sure is nimble," a black shadow cursed.

Mo Fan didn't pay attention to the person who said that. He was well aware that the one that poses the biggest threat was the Intermediate Wind Magician, and he had to deal with him first!

Mo Fan flipped his hand, Lightning force casually scuttled forth. These lightning arcs turned into strips of purple-colored snakes as they flew toward the Wind Magician who had cast his spell.

His Lightning Strike was continuously arcing loudly to the nearby hill. Furthermore, it had accurately struck the correct person!

After Mo Fan saw that person was currently being paralyzed and unable to move, he firmly charged toward the hill.

Two b.a.l.l.s of flames exploded in front of him loudly. However, he possessed the Rose Flames, and he was not scared of strength of that level. He avoided the center of the rupturing Fire Burst, where the strength of the explosion was the strongest, with a slight shift, and used his boosted speed to rush toward the hill.

"Blood Beast Hoof!"

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