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Chapter 208 - Mo Fan's New Bodyguard

Tomb of the Ancient City, the Spectral Land?

This was like opening up a whole new door for Mo Fan.

The truth was, Mo Fan had been mostly focusing on painstakingly cultivating for the past few years. He still did not understand the structure of this world quite yet. All he knew was that things that existed in his world also existed here. The history in his world was fundamentally the same as here, even the same people in the history did not change.

However, when he was ridiculing the local who was trying to sell him the map, Mo Fan realized that some of the myths pa.s.sed down in his original world had mysteriously disappeared in this one.

This surprising fact caused Mo Fan to be quite baffled. These two worlds were just like mirrors, even some of the small details were identical. There was no reason for such an ancient mythto be not pa.s.sed down, unless...

"The tomb of the ancient city has a very long history. The entrance to the tomb was discovered by a few hunters a couple of years ago, and within the tomb was spectral creatures ten times more ferocious than Magical Beasts. There were many Archeologist Magicians who tried to find treasures pa.s.sed down thru history, but they returned with nothing, due to those spectral creatures that were dedicated to protecting the tomb. After they were attacked and other explorers were sent to their own deaths due to unknown factors, the government has officially cla.s.sified it as a forbidden area. Thus, no Magicians are permitted to go there," Xinxia said.

"Is that so. I really am an idiot when it comes to geography," Mo Fan awkwardly moved his head, he showing that he was indeed a bit ignorant.

However, thousands of waves were already crashing inside his skull!

Ancient city, isn't that just Xi'an! Mo Fan naturally knew that there were many tombs in the vicinity of Xi'an. After all, it was the Ancient Capital! The Imperial Mausoleum had many mountainous tombs!

What Mo Fan had never thought was that due to Spectral creatures existing in this world, the tombs and mausoleums in the Ancient City had all turned into the incredibly dreadful territory of Specters!

Spectral creatures were considered a type of Magical Beast. Those gigantic tombs had basically turned into an underground paradise for Magical Beasts!

This kind of thing absolutely horrified people feel just thinking about it.

"The ancient Sovereign King who had our ancestors guard the Underground Holy Spring's tomb is there as well. Thus, if you want to know the sequence of events, you'd have to go to the tomb and find the clues. My History teacher has been trying to apply for a team of Archeologist Magicians from the school and the government to enter the tomb.

The government was unable to find the reason behind the destruction of Bo City. Thus, the project which my teacher applied for may very well be successful. When that time comes, he will select a few students and a squad of powerful Magicians to enter the tomb of the ancient Sovereign King!" Xinxia told him proudly.

"Your teacher sure has some guts. However, it is a matter that happened many thousands of years ago, there's no way the Black Vatican could have pa.s.sed down a thousands-year old grudge, right? That is a bit much! I heard that the Black Vatican's birthplace is overseas," Mo Fan offered.

"That, I don't know. My teacher have been studying this for a long time, and he is even more obsessed with archeology…" Xinxia stuck her tongue out.

Xinxia did not forget that her History teacher actually spent a whole week talking about Bo City, the protectors, and the Underground Holy Spring...

Mo Fan stopped discussing such a heavy topic with her. With the two of them being survivors of the Calamity of Bo City, they were not willing to talk too much about it.

"Brother Mo Fan, who are you calling?"

"It's Ms. Tangyue. She lives around this area. Since we are already here, I was thinking of paying her a visit. However, it seems like she's a little busy, she didn't pick up."


"Forget it, let's return to Shanghai. I'll take you to my new place, you'll definitely like it."


Hidden Spirit Temple Magic Trial...

Ten men with interwoven sacred swords painted around their necks were sitting around a stone table. Their expressions were solemn, and they appeared very stern and grim.

"The Sand Tiger of Dunhuang has been resolved."

"The vicious Tu Zhangjia has already been arrested."

"There's danger in Jiayuguan, we need to dispatch more people there."

"The snake clan in the Qiandao Lake is overflowing. We need to contact the army to deal with it, there are over twenty missing people."

"Loosen up on the Three Pools Mirroring The Moon."

They men were concise and comprehensive. They quickly reported the things that had happened recently, and things that needed to be more mindful of.

Sitting in the head seat was a old Magician wearing a gold and red colored cloak. The old Magician would a.s.sign someone to deal with a matter after it was reported.

"Tangyue!" the old Magician called out with his head lowered.

"Yes, Head Judge!" Tangyue's hair was tied up, displaying her delicate and beautiful complexion.

Her appearance today lacked any sign of gentleness. Her face was hard and solemn. There was nothing casual about her at all, she even exuded a strong spirit.

"The Three Pools Mirroring the Moon will be handled by you. Since it is being loosened, you can stop your other missions and deal with this before you come back to make a report," the old Magician said.

"Head Judge, do you want me to let the Violent Spring person who interacted with Chao He escape?" Tangyue asked in astonishment.

"I will naturally a.s.sign someone else to continue following him. Right now we can confirm that the main schemer behind this is Sa Lang. Sa Lang seems to be quite obsessed with the Underground Holy Spring. Once the area is stable, you can be more mindful of that kid who protected the Underground Holy Spring at that time," the old Magician said.

"Sa Lang is planning to make a move on him? With the strength of Sa Lang and his subordinates, I'm afraid that…" Tangyue immediately felt uncertain.

"Don't worry. Sa Lang and his subordinates have already been strictly blocked off by us and another organization. This point is something Sa Lang himself also understands. At most, he'll dispatch some p.a.w.n to do the job. It shouldn't be a problem for just you to deal with these fugitives. However, if Sa Lang dispatches some expert, then we will also dispatch some people to arrest them!" the old Magician said.

"Yes, once the place is stable, I will immediately go to Shanghai!" Tangyue accepted the order.

"You can go! Lu Junhe!"

"Yes, Head Judge!"

"You go to j.a.pan for a while. Go investigate whether the thing that attacked the fishing village was a wild Magical Beast or a Summoned beast."


"Li Jiang, you can stop the network over there. The Advanced Magician… Kill him on the spot."

"Yes sir!" ……

After leaving the Hidden Spirit Temple, Tangyue restarted her own mobile.

After she opened it, Tangyue realized she had a few missed calls. Among them were two from the little scoundrel, Mo Fan!

Tangyue was a little surprised. She was just about to find him, yet he had just happened to call her?

"Why did you call me?" Tangyue returned to her normal gentle and slow facade after calling him back.

"I missed you."

"Get lost," Tangyue said with a bad temper.

She had never met a student this shameless. He truly thinks he can do whatever he pleases with me just because of that one time, he sure is dreaming!

"I was in Hangzhou not too long ago," Mo Fan didn't want to tease her too much, so he told her this sincerely.

"What about now?"

"On a car back to Shanghai."

"I will go to Shanghai after a while. I need to finish up my job here first," Tangyue said.

Tangyue was hesitating whether she should tell Mo Fan that there would be someone was going to cause trouble for him. However, after thinking about it carefully, telling a student about this kind of thing was a bit unnecessary. It would be better if she just secretly took care of the p.a.w.ns of Black Vatican when the time came.

"When the time comes, I'll take you out to have some ma la crayfish."


After Tangyue hung up, she couldn't help but whisper to herself, "Why am I always involved with this little scoundrel, I was even a.s.signed to be his bodyguard this time!"

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