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Chapter 204 - Co-renting

Once the semester ended, Mo Fan began looking for a new place to live.

He was able to afford it, spending some money to find a good apartment to live in was not a problem. In fact, Mo Fan was already interested in the Golden Origin apartments to the west of Azure Campus.

These apartments were relatively close to the school. Behind them was an artificial lake park. Although the lake wasn't big, its grounds were beautiful.

Mo Fan walked up to the 12th floor of the building and knocked on the door of the apartment he wanted to rent.

"You're here, are you the guy who called me just now?" The landlord auntie appeared to be very enthusiastic and friendly as she said this.

"Yes, I saw that you were renting out this place on the internet," Mo Fan said.

The landlord auntie sized Mo Fan up and said, "Oh, come in first."

Mo Fan nodded. Just as he was about to enter the room, two girls came out of the elevator. One of the girls was wearing a long, snow white summer dress. On the front of it was an image of a landscape.

She was like a cloud as she floated over, it seemed like she was looking at the numbers of the rooms.

The girl next to her appeared to be very pet.i.te. What really shocked him was that her pet.i.te body possessed a gigantic moon that could be seen very clearly with the glance of an eye. The girl was already wearing very loose clothes, but it was not enough to conceal this radiance of spring!

"Excuse me...Oh, it's you?" Just when the girl was about to ask the auntie a question, she happened to see Mo Fan by the entrance. Her face revealed an astonished expression.

"Hehe, how coincidental," Mo Fan was also shocked he would actually meet an "acquaintance" here.

This girl who was wearing a white dress with a painting in the front was not some random person. She just so happened to be the Mu Nujiao who had displayed an ferocious strength during the Rookie Compet.i.tion at the very beginning of the year.

In this campus filled with youthful hormones, Mo Fan believed that the greatest topic of all of the boys at night was definitely this girl. When they mentioned girls, then they would inevitably mention the beautiful and moral girl of their dreams, Mu Nujiao.

The societies that Mu Nujiao joined would always be completely packed. The community events that Mu Nujiao partic.i.p.ated in would definitely have people watching in the surroundings.

There was nothing they could do. Mu Nujiao's public image was indeed extremely good. If it wasn't for Zhao Manyan, who saw through it at first glance, then Mo Fan would've almost believed it.

"Are you also here to take a look at the room?" Mo Fan said.

"Mmm," Mu Nujiao nodded without saying anything.

"You guys know each other... Eh, you are really familiar… Oh, you are that great monster!!!" the pet.i.te girl with large b.r.e.a.s.t.s yelled out, fl.u.s.tered.

"...." Mo Fan was speechless. Rumors of him being a great monster had really been spread around. Being able to scare a girl like that… Ah, this girl didn't look like she's scared. How come she appears to be in high spirits…?

Encountering Mu Nujiao here was not something Mo Fan thought strange.

The school had a regulation where the new students had to live on campus for a year. This regulation was actually strictly enforced for the first half of the semester. During the next semester, the students who had some ability would definitely choose to live somewhere close to school. Those who cultivated required a place of their own.

This Golden Origin apartment block was relatively expensive. Most of the students were using their money to cultivate, so how could there be a surplus of people wanting to live in this kind of luxurious apartment block… unless you were a wealthy person like Mu Nujiao!

The apartment block was very big. The decorations were exquisite, the entire place appeared to have a compound architecture. The first floor had a living area with a rug covering it. The entrance hall led straight to a balcony that was as big as a placement house. The balcony had a parasol, recliners, a pond, and bookshelves.

The living area was completely decorated. It appeared to be moon shaped, an extremely large television was on the wall with a half bed-style couches. On the opposite side was a western style kitchen and a small bar...

For Mo Fan, a poor man's child's perspective, a living room should have a couch and a television. Anything else wasn't necessary. For a place like this that had a little bar and a western style kitchen, this indeed broke his experience with houses.

Although Mo Fan had not seen the room yet, the luxury of this building made him sigh deeply in sorrow. It made sense as to why it was so expensive. Fortunately, the current him could be considered wealthy!

"The rooms are all upstairs, do you want to take a look?" the auntie asked.

"I don't need to see it anymore, I'll take it," Mo Fan didn't feel like looking.

Even the living room had been decorated like this, what's the point of taking a look at second floor? The rooms were definitely not much different.

"What about the two ladies then?" the landlord auntie glanced at Mu Nujiao and asked.

"I really like it, Sister Mu, let's pick this!" The pet.i.te, energetic girl seemed to really like this place.

The truth was, she and Mu Nujiao had already seen quite a lot of different places. Most of them did not satisfy their demands. The most important thing was both of them were born to rich and wealthy families. What may have been delicately renovated could only be seen as crude and simple in their eyes, no different than living in the dorms. However, this place, they could tell that someone had spend a lot of money to renovate it properly with just a glance. There was a bit of an art to it. It wasn't much different from those places they would stay in when they went out to have fun.

"Since you are all very content with this place, then why don't you co-rent. To be honest, the rent for my place here is indeed very expensive, there are not many people who would rent it on their own. A couple thousand RMB per month is not a laughing matter," the landlord auntie said.

Mu Nujiao creased her brow.

She didn't like the idea of co-renting. No matter how expensive it was, she wouldn't mind at all.

"Alright alright, I haven't co-rented before. I've never co-rented before, I've read a lot of novels where people co-rent in university. It seems interesting!" The pet.i.te girl had a very one track mind as she replied delightedly.

The landlord auntie smiled as she hurriedly continued the introduction. "This place has a total of four rooms. Two rooms are in the south, and two are in the north side. It just happens to be separated. Since you already know one another, then co-renting would be very suitable," the landlord auntie said.

"Little Rabbit, don't spout nonsense! Landlord Auntie, we aren't actually that familiar with him," Mu Nujiao said firmly.

"Aiya, Sister Mu, don't worry. The rooms are all on their own, and it's even separated by a whole section. Other than the first floor being a common area, the other ones cannot be common areas. My grandfather is really mean, he said he'd restrict my spending once I enter university. If we don't share the cost, it would be very expensive. With one more person sharing the cost, that'd be great! If not, we could even have him pay half," the white rabbit girl said.

"Hey hey hey, I never said I'd be paying half!" Mo Fan immediately jumped up.

Co-renting sounded pretty good, Mo Fan would definitely not reject that. However, the questions about the money, they had to clear that up first!

You two are wealthy people, don't cheat the poor one!

"Other people would even offer to pay the rent for the whole place if they could co-rent with Sister Mu, we are only letting you pay for half so you can enjoy co-renting with two beauties! This kind of treatment would make you smile even in your dreams. Alright, let's just do that. I want to stay in the room by the lake. I'll have my people bring my things over," the white rabbit girl said excitedly.

"Your people…" Once Mo Fan heard this, he started to feel not so good...

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