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Chapter 199 - Honor Ceremony

The Pearl Inst.i.tute Azure Campus had a total of 30,000 students.

The fact was, those who were admitted to the Pearl Inst.i.tute by normal procedures were around 30,000 people, but adding in those who were admitted to the school with special circ.u.mstances, there were a total of around 50,000 students.

When Mo Fan first entered the inst.i.tute, he had made a big ruckus. As a result of it, he did not interact with the other students very often. Even his Summoner cla.s.smates respected him while keeping a safe distance.

Mo Fan had indeed brought back the resources of the Summoner students. However, he had also completely ruined the reputation of the Summoning school. The Summoner students had to act like rats on the streets even when they were only going out for some food.

However, during the monthly announcement of the inst.i.tute, Academician Li actually announced shocking news to everyone. This was an one time recognition of the biggest enemy of the student body of the Inst.i.tute; the demon Mo Fan had actually done something something heroic!

The matters of the arena turning into demons was something that generated a huge buzz in a small period of time. The thousands of students who experienced it had spread their own versions after the holidays...

The news media had also published reports regarding this matter.

What had happened within the inst.i.tute was naturally receiving a lot of attention. The case of the Mother Beast, a virus-like ent.i.ty sneaking in was no one's fault, and how they dealt with it did not receive much criticism either. Most of the focal point was on how they handled the situation.

The matter this time did indeed result in many people dying. The number of deaths was well under less than ten!

It wasn't like this kind of epidemic monster hadn't appeared before. The death toll could easily reach hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands. Those who had died received the empathy of the government and donations from many sources.

These sad matters were usually not made public by the media nor the government, not just because the reason why there were less than ten deaths was because someone had killed the Mother Beast in time!

At the school general meeting, Academician Li wanted to specifically wanted to call up the person who had made a major contribution to the matter this time...

Thirty thousand regular students covered the whole field. What they gasped in surprise about was that the person who had resolved the danger this time was actually a Light Magician, but the other person who had partic.i.p.ated in this was actually the Summoner Mo Fan, who had the worst reputation!

Before Mu Nujiao had donated funds to the school, there were some people cursing Mo Fan every single day.

Yet today, they wanted all of the students to praise him. Many people's faces displayed strange expressions.

"Strange. How could it be him who killed the Mother Beast?" Within the ma.s.s of people, among the Healing Element group was a short young woman who looked shocked as she spoke.

"What's wrong?" the female room mate asked.

"It's...it's nothing. So he's Mo Fan." The Healing Elemental girl didn't say more after that. Her gaze was firmly placed on the man standing next to the main character of the day.

The school made supreme efforts to praise the Light Element student. However, in this girl's eyes, the Light Element Zhao Manyan was actually the support! The real person who had killed the Mother Beast was definitely Mo Fan!

"Speaking of which, the circ.u.mstances back then were extremely chaotic. However, I clearly saw Lightning striking the green Scale Skin Phantom monster!I thought that was the Mother Beast?" At this time, another group of people began to whisper.

The people at that time were not many, and many of them were oblivious to one another. However, the battle on the stage was too striking, it was impossible for people to not see it.

"Yeah, I also remember there was an Intermediate Lightning Magician who killed the green demoness."

"It could be that Zhao Manyan is not only just an Intermediate Light Magician, but also a Lightning Intermediate!"

"That's not right, we also saw Intermediate Fire Magic as well… Who was the one that cast the Intermediate Fire Magic?"

The sounds of discussion began. Although the media and school's announcement had stated Zhao Manyan had killed the Mother Beast, the students were spreading a different version. This version said that there was an incredibly handsome guy who possessed Lightning and Fire Element who had killed the Mother Beast on the stage.

Many of those who were present believed that. There was also many who suspected that it was Mo Fan who possessed the Lightning Element. However, Mo Fan was a student with the Lightning and Summoning Element, so this version was invalid.

"Believe me, I was actually near the stage at that time. I personally saw Mo Fan fighting against the Mother Beast. He had summoned his Spirit Wolf and then used Thunderbolt to finally kill the Mother Beast. Heavens, that Mother Beast was definitely a Warrior-cla.s.s creature. Mo Fan single-handedly killed her, I even saw the blood on his face," one of the guys yelled out.

"Are you crazy? He is only an Intermediate Magician, how could he possibly possess that many Elements! Furthermore, you said his face was covered with blood, how are you still able to identify him?"

"d.a.m.n, why won't you guys believe me? When Mo Fan and the Mother Beast were falling from the lift to the stage, only half of his face was wounded. He was bleeding the whole time, but how could I possibly forget the face of my enemy? It's definitely that Summoning Element Mo Fan, he killed the Mother Beast!" the guy said firmly.

"You must've been so scared that you saw wrong. The matter has already been announced, so what are you even saying?"

"It must've been hidden, definitely! Not good! I need to discover the dark secrets, and get the true rescuer justice!"

There were people who had seen the truth. Unfortunately, when Mo Fan was being carried out, his face was indeed completely covered in blood, so much that no one could recognize him. Since the officials had announced it was Zhao Manyan, then everyone thought it was him. As for the hidden secrets…

There was indeed some secrets, but they were plotted by Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan themselves.

It was al going precisely as the two of them had discussed this from the beginning.

One wanted the money, the other wanted the fame, so why not?

When the school general meeting had finished, Mo Fan was originally going to return to his old habit of avoiding the peak hours to go eat.

After carefully thinking about it, he knew he had basically washed himself clean. a.s.sisting someone in rescuing people was a very righteous thing, no need for him to be carrying that infamy anymore.

Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan had colluded, they specifically went to a pretty good restaurant to have a good meal together.

"Mo Fan, you know that Spirit grade Lightning Seeds are not something that can be found just like that. We plan on going to the National Trade Center to partic.i.p.ate in the auction. When the time comes, our Zhao Family will definitely use our money to purchase that Spirit-grade Lightning Seed. Once we've bought it, we'll immediately give it to you, is that alright?" Zhao Manyan said to Mo Fan.

"Auction? Are there a lot of good things there?" Mo Fan asked.

"Of course! If you have anything you want to buy or anything you want to sell, you can go there. How about this, I'll bring you with me on Sunday," Zhao Manyan said.

"Alright, bring me along to take a look," Mo Fan nodded.

In Mo Fan's greedy hands was a Warrior-level Spirit Essence. This was something you couldn't just sell to some small vendor. A million RMB thing like this was compet.i.tive!

Mo Fan planned on selling this Spirit Essence so he could then purchase a better Magic Shield.

The Bone Scythe Shield he'd won from Boss Zhankong could be considered almost useless now. Mo Fan had a bit more money now, so he wanted to quickly acquire a more suitable piece of Magic Equipment. Without one, it would be hard to say whether he'd be able to survive another encounter with a creature at same level as the Mother Beast!

If he couldn't buy a Magic Shield, then he planned on taking a look at what other things could possibly increase his strength.

Not long after, there would be a Main Campus Examination. When that time came, how could he possibly compare himself to those experts who carried a grudge against him without any equipment?

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