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Chapter 200 - High Price, Warrior Soul Essence

Although the matter had caused a huge sensation, it eventually calmed down in time. Furthermore, most of the people's focal point was now on the young hero from the Zhao Family.

Zhao Manyan was indeed very carefree. From the beginning of school until the arena incident, Mo Fan had thought of this guy as just a simple pick up artist.

Other than picking girls up, it didn't seem like this guy did anything else. Now, he took advantage of the opportunity and soared in fame, becoming a reputable person within the school. It was indeed a rather miraculous thing!

Fortunately, Zhao Manyan also knew how to return the favor. He would occasionally introduce a couple of pretty girls to Mo Fan. Being an upright person, Mo Fan would normally reject them!

After they agreed on the weekend, Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan went to the National Trade Center together.

There was an auction hall on the top floor of the National Trade Center. The auction was usually held once a month. Mo Fan had never been to a place like this before, so he used Zhao Manyan and obtained a pa.s.s to enter.

“This auction hall is very exclusive. Either you spend a lot of money for a membership here, or you have to obtain a certain level of background. You need to be the rank of a Hunter Master to have the qualifications to come here. Other powers, or families, require a certain position for it,” Zhao Manyan explained to Mo Fan as they walked along.

“In other words, those without a position cannot partic.i.p.ate in the auction for Magic goods even if they have the money?” Mo Fan asked.

“That's right. A Magician is always lacking in things no matter what level they are at. This is also why a lot of the smart ones join some of the higher powers. One reason is because there is a lack of resources. Not everyone is like those Magicians in the Hunter's Union, going out to remote areas to dig for treasures without a care for their own lives.

“Another reason is that most of the resources that are native to the safe areas have already been occupied and controlled by the greater powers. In fact, I actually admire you. You don't have any background whatsoever, yet, you were able to cultivate to this level. You should know that most of the Magicians who are at the very top either cultivated bitterly and risked their own lives, and or were forced to sell themselves to the powers,” Zhao Manyan complimented him.

“If I have something I want to sell, where do I go?” Mo Fan asked casually.

Right now, Mo Fan's family did have some money. The scholarship given to him by the school was around two million, and then the commission from the hunt had added yet another million. Originally, his request was to bring back his wife and child safely. However, he knew that his own wife had almost turned into the source behind a calamity, and even though she was directly beheaded by Mo Fan, he still gave him the other million.

He knew how painful it was to be infected. In his words, at least his wife was finally free of the demon!

Adding on the 1.5 million RMB from before, Mo Fan is now a man with 3.5 million RMB in a.s.sets. Providing for a girl in school was not much of a problem for him!

However, according to Zhao Manyan, the prices of all the things at the auction today would exceed 5 million RMB!

(Ed. Note: at $1/7 RMB, he's worth half a million bucks!)

Mo Fan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He had put in so much effort to earn so much money, yet he was unable to compete for a single thing. There were indeed more rich people in the world.

“What do you want to sell?” Zhao Manyan asked.

“Warrior level Soul Essence.” Mo Fan didn't hide it. After all, he still had to borrow Zhao Manyan's ident.i.ty to sell his things.

Just like how if you wanted to bid here, you'd have to be either a member or you'd have to reach a certain position in the society to sell something.

Speaking of which, that brat Lingling's t.i.tle as a Hunter Master was indeed very important, or else it'd be very hard to mingle in the domains of the Magicians.

“A trivial matter… wait, did you say a Warrior level Soul Essence?” Zhao Manyan was suddenly shocked as he opened his eyes wide to stare at Mo Fan.


“d.a.m.n, you sure have some freaking luck. You even obtained a Warrior level Soul Essence? Is it from that Mother Beast?” Zhao Manyan exclaimed, obviously shocked.

Mo Fan was also puzzled. This guy Zhao Manyan seemed to have the same moral integrity as Mo Fan himself, especially his choice of words.

“Yeah, I didn't think I would gain it, either,” Mo Fan nodded.

“I respect that, I truly respect that! Others have killed who knows how many Warrior-level Magical Beasts, yet none of them have been able to get this stuff. You only killed one… however, if you think about it, it does make sense. This Mother Beast was presumably very different from the other Warrior level Magical Beasts. The more special these creatures are, the more likely their Spirits will turn into Soul Essence upon death. However, speaking of which, how could you have a Soul Container? That kind of stuff is not cheap at all,” Zhao Manyan's expression showed admiration.

For a disciple like him, the resources he could receive were not unlimited. A Spirit grade Elemental Seed or Warrior level Soul Essences was extremely precious, the families wouldn't just casually give them to the youths of the new generation.

Either way, Zhao Manyan have never received something that expensive in all his years in the family.

Looking at Mo Fan, he had first made a transaction with his own family to receive a Lightning Spirit Seed. What caused Zhao Manyan to be really shocked, however, was that this guy had obtained a Warrior level Soul Essence!

Even Zhao Manyan would react to it when the Mother Beast gave out this kind of stuff.

“Soul Container?” Mo Fan asked, as he didn't quite understand.

“How are you able to collect a Soul Essence without a Soul Container? A Soul Container is usually something that are made by those Soul Magicians who meticulously study the soul. This kind of thing is used for collecting Soul Remnants and Soul Essences. If I remember correctly, the worst kind of Soul Container costs at least five million. For yours that can even collect a Warrior level Soul Essence, you can't dream of buying one if you don't have at least one or two hundred million!” Zhao Manyan exclaimed.

“A container for collecting souls is that expensive?” Mo Fan was also surprised.

In fact, Mo Fan had realized this a long time ago. The Soul Essences and the Soul Remnants seemed to be something only he can collect. Even the members from the Hunters Squad in the past were not interested in Soul Remnants or Soul Essences, they didn't even seem to see those souls that appeared like fireflies.

“Big brother, Soul Essences are used to manufacture Stardust Tools and Nebula Tools. Originally, no one was able to collect these things unless they were a Soul Magician. Now that someone has actually created a Soul Container, of course they are incredibly expensive! Imagine that even the worst Stardust Tool used by a Primary Magician goes from five to ten million. If you're lucky enough to receive a couple of Soul Essences, then you could become rich overnight!” Zhao Manyan said.

Mo Fan nodded to himself.

So collecting souls are usually something only Soul Magicians can do...

No wonder why the materials to create Magic Tools and Nebula Tools were so uncommon. Even Spirit Magicians were hard to find!

Little Loach Pendant, so your abilities are this amazing. I am increasingly more curious on where you are from…, Mo Fan looked at the Little Loach Pendant on his chest as he thought to himself.

“Let's go, I'll help you add your Soul Essence onto the auction list. It'll definitely be sold for a good price!” Zhao Manyan said.

At this moment, Mo Fan was also a bit excited. He was very curious as to how much his Soul Essence would be sold for.

Would he be able to buy a house in an area of Shanghai?

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