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Chapter 194 - The Strength to Survive

Mother Beast was so close to Mo Fan that he could smell the stench emanating from her body.

The fierce claws came closer and closer. Mo Fan didn't have the time to think, his palm condensed yet another cl.u.s.ter of rose flames.

He stayed calm and waited for her to approach to just three meters away from him before he ferociously tossed out the flames in his hand, directly between the Mother Beast and himself!

Fire Burst, Rupture!

A ball of rose-colored flames exploded between them. When the heatwave engulfed the Mother Beast, the force of it expanding shoved Mo Fan away.

Mo Fan changed direction in midair, falling into the very middle of the stage.

The Mother Beast was indeed a freak. The burst from the Rupture caused its body to slow down a little in the air, yet its sharp claws were still reaching out!


Cold rays of light followed her claws like swords. The fierce claws were like a number of sharp blades hacking down from the air. Even the rose flames that Mo Fan tossed out seemed to be cut apart by those claws!

Some of the shattered bits of the lights touched Mo Fam. On Mo Fan's arm, chest, and the left side of his face, multiple cuts appeared!

The wound on his arm was relatively deep. Perhaps even the bones were touched; it was so painful that Mo Fan took a deep breath.

The cuts on his chest and face weren't too deep, or else he would have lost his life!


Mo Fan slammed onto the stage heavily, the cuts already bleeding.

This Mother Beast's strength was much stronger than before. Her speed was astonishing, her fierce claws were so fast that they created a whirlwind. If he hadn't use the Fire Burst, Rupture's force to get away, then he'd most likely have been diced up directly!

It was now chaos in the middle of the venue. Green demonesses had appeared, sending all of the students running in all directions.

There were still some people who were calm. They began to chant their spells to fight off those green demonesses. The venue was indeed going crazy, adding on that no one really knew if the person next to them might shed their skin. Even the people who had battle experience were obviously in a difficult situation.

When Mo Fan descended from the stage in the air, it seemed like no one cared about him. All that happened was he caused a couple of the girls who was running in his direction to scream.

For these girls, things that were flying could only be described with horror at this moment.

"Get away from this area!" When Mo Fan saw these girls who were screaming their heads off, he began to feel angry.

Studying magic for so many years have been for naught. If you were a Magician, you were supposed to calmly fight against Magical Beasts the second you encountered them. Instead, they ran around w.i.l.l.y-nilly, like a herd of fat sheep. Just how exactly did they even enter the Pearl Inst.i.tute?!

"Mo Fan, Mo Fan, are you alright?" Lingling's worried voice began to sound in his ear.

Mo Fan climbed up from the little hole that he fell into and used his hand to rub the wound on his face…

As he rubbed it, his hand and hand were covered with blood.

"I'm still alive. This thing is already at Warrior level!" Mo Fan replied, his gaze fixed on the Mother Beast not far away, who was currently letting out some evil laugh.

The Mother Beast appeared to be very proud of herself. She even seemed to be enjoying the pitiful people who had been completely devoured by her children, she enjoyed this kind of cruelty and b.l.o.o.d.y hunting.



Right at that moment, the girls who were frantically running around before suddenly fell to the floor.

Their nails began to grow, and they started to rip apart their own tender skin.

They exposed scales, and revealed pairs of extremely vicious and disgusting eyes. After the instructions they received from the Mother Beast, their gazes were all concentrated on Mo Fan standing at the side, his face all covered with blood. Their tongues began to extend into the air, swaying towards him.

Very quickly, behind him and beneath the stage, a couple of green demonesses pursuing their prey also stopped their actions. They suddenly turned toward Mo Fan and slowly crawled in that direction.

The Mother Beast, who was standing not too far away from Mo Fan, did not approach him at all. She seemed to recognize the danger behind Mo Fan's Fiery Fist, Exploding Heavens. Thus, when she saw that there was a Fire Star Atlas emerging beneath his feet, she didn't recklessly walk toward him. Instead, she ordered the surrounding green demonesses to directly encircle him!

The Intermediate Fire Magic, Fiery Fist, was indeed incredible, but it couldn't kill lots of them!

After seeing more than eight green demonesses in his surroundings, Mo Fan also did not dare to continue chanting the Star Atlas.

The Fiery Fist was unable to kill all of these green demonesses. Furthermore, if he used his trump card here, then the Mother Beast would definitely charge over unrestrained and rip him to pieces.

"Tsk tsk! As long as I kill you, this place will become my nest!" the Mother Beast let out a strange sound, her voice carrying ridicule.

The a.n.a.lysis Lingling had done previously was correct. After the Mother Beast had absorbed the blood from many human bodies, she had acquired a certain level of wisdom and could now speak.

"Mo Fan, Mo Fan, we are planning on charging in! We must give up on the infected people now, or else the people who are injured will only increase!" Lingling said in his earpiece.

"It has intelligence. If you come in, then the hundreds of infected people will definitely die," Mo Fan replied.

"That's still better than having the entire gymnasium being turned into their nest! You are not able to kill that Mother Beast!" a roaring voice interrupted, clearly not Lingling.

Mo Fan didn't know who the person speaking was; however, it was clear that he was one of the people tasked to handle the case this time.

So they want to sacrifice hundreds of infected girls?

Hundreds of them?

They were all 18 to 20 year-old girls. If you lined up their corpses, what kind of painful and enraging scene would it be?

At this moment, Mo Fan couldn't help but recall his first time saving one of the girls.

Crawling out of a monster's body filled with scales while being completely naked. This kind of situation did not give Mo Fan have any kind of immoral thoughts, because these people had been tormented beyond belief. Their pale white skin had turned purple, without any hint of red. Their bodies were covered in mucus, they could only rely on their instincts to crawl out of it. Whatever beauty and dignity a girl had would mean nothing in that moment.

All they wanted was to survive.

It was precisely due to that thought that he had charged in here.

Whether it was an impulse, or anything else, was fine. He believed that as long as a normal person were to see this kind of thing, they would definitely do their best to save as many people as possible.

Mo Fan took a deep breath.

He wiped away the blood from his face.

"Give me a bit more time," Mo Fan said very sincerely to the person in charge.

"You can't kill it. This is a Warrior-level creature, how could you possibly kill that? We are already by the entrance," the bald Hunter Captain said with a hint of anger in his voice.

From the very beginning, he did not believe that a student from the Azure Campus could possibly have the ability to kill a Magical Beast. At this point, the City Hunter Squad had already prepared themselves to sacrifice hundreds of infected people to protect the thousands of other students!

So what if it was a ma.s.sacre, it was still better than having thousands of people turning into monsters!

"Scoundrel, didn't I freaking tell you to give me some more time?!" Mo Fan cursed at the person over the earpiece.

Outside of the gymnasium, the hunter standing on top of the large beast's head, the man with the leather jacket, Academician Li, the Elemental Director Zhou Zhenghua, and the bald Captain of the City Hunter Squad all heard the words that were being transmitted from the earpiece, and were all stunned.

Just as the bald Captain was going to curse back at Mo Fan angrily, the Hunter King on top of the Azure Beast's head opened his mouth.

"Give him more time."


"They also have the right to survive."

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