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Chapter 0195 - Blood Boiling Raging Fist!

Mo Fan hmphed coldly.“You're not the only one with helpers!”

A moon-colored star quickly emerged in front of Mo Fan, looking like a slow meteor crossing the sky. When the trajectory began to shift, another new star casually appeared.

There were a total of seven appearances of stars. Those stars streaked over like falling moons and opened a rift that lead to a crack in the dimensional s.p.a.ce!


A floor-shaking howl thundered over from another world!

In a split second, a powerful windstream came forth from the cracked s.p.a.ce, forming a skin-flaying sandstorm flying toward the closest green demoness to Mo Fan.

The green demoness could never have imagined that there would suddenly be an incredibly strong energy coming from the dimensional gate. She didn't have time to dodge, and was directly smashed by thousands of stones. The scales of a second green demoness were also showing traces of ooze.


The Mother Beast let out an angry command, commanding her children to rip this human to pieces!

Mo Fan remained still. Just as the two green demonesses jumped over, a great blue Wolf the size of an elephant suddenly charged out from the rift!

The Spirit Wolf let out another enraged howl.He charged forth from the rift with incredible force, and directly slammed into one of the green demonesses that was leaping toward Mo Fan.

The Spirit Wolf's burst was fearsome, and with his great strength, the little green demonesses were completely unable to endure the power behind his charge. It was like a three-year-old being hit by a muscular, adult man. The green demoness was sent flying, her mouth filled with blood and bones shattered!

After the Spirit Wolf had knocked out one green demoness, he jumped ferociously after another, his jaws chomping down onto the other green demoness that was attacking Mo Fan!


The Wolf held the green demoness in mid-air in his jaws, before mercilessly biting down!

His teeth bit into tainted flesh, there was a crack of bones giving way. The green demoness was in so much pain that she began to flail her limbs in an attempt to break loose, but she was unable to muster any strength to do so.

The Spirit Wolf bit down a second time. The green demoness was directly bit in two, and then tossed to the side by the Spirit Wolf like trash. No one took a second look at her.

The two green demonesses were eliminated in an instant. The remaining green demonesses were momentarily frozen, not daring to take a step forwards!

The imposing aura of a wild beast!

After Mo Fan gave the Beast Refining Blood to the Spirit Wolf to refine, the Spirit Wolf had gotten much stronger than he was back during the Rookie Compet.i.tion. Killing this kind of common Servant-level monster was simply too easy!

“Help me deal with the little monsters!” Mo Fan called to the Spirit Wolf.

The Spirit Wolf's teeth were still dripping with the blood of the green demoness. He looked fiendishly at the green demonesses in their surroundings. He would even dare to fight against creatures stronger than himself; these small Servant-level creatures were of even less importance. The more of them there were, the more he would chew!

“You evil-doer, if I don't kill you today, then my name is not Mo Fan!” Mo Fan shouted at the raging Mother Beast.

“Sssssss~~~!!!!” The Mother Beast was totally infuriated. If her children were being bothered by a vicious Wolf Beast, then she would personally go take care of this G.o.dforsaken human!

She no longer had any patience left. She crouched, and her body shot off like a spring.

Her claws gave her an incredible climbing ability. After she jumped onto the large crystal screen, she latched on effortlessly.

After adjusting her angle, the Mother Beast jumped out like a missile once more!

With her missile-like speed and sharp claws, she would be able to shred Mo Fan to pieces, even if he had the Bone Scythe Shield up!

“Evading Shadows, Shuttle!”

Mo Fan took a step and jumped to the back of the stage where the shadow from the crisscrossing lights appeared. His entire being was fusing with the shadows. By the time the lights were shining in his new area, Mo Fan had already moved to a different zone!


Her claws streaked past, like a blood red arc slowly descending. The half-fenced stage was chopped into, bands of metal severed in a scar a dreadful three meters long!!

The Mother Beast could feel that her claws cut mostly empty s.p.a.ce. Her vicious eyes swept across the shadows in an attempt to find Mo Fan's location.


A cold glint flashed in the Mother Beast's eyes, and in an instant, she disappeared.

In the next second, the Mother Beast was at the drum area, using her two claws rip apart everything in front of her.

The metal drum set was like paper as it was shredded. At same time, the human silhouette in the back also had a large cut emerge on it as it was cut in two.

Evading Shadow was not an unparalleled spell. If the enemy attacked his location, then a Magician using the Evading Shadow would be even weaker than normal. Normally, the claws might possibly just tear the chest; however, if it was during Evading Shadow, then a person could be cut in two!

Mother Beast had located where Mo Fan was hiding, and used her claws without hesitation.

When she saw that the human shadow was slowly falling in two, a wide demonic smile emerged on her face.

“Blockhead, don't you know about things like mirrors?” From a completely different location, the exact same human shadow slowly emerged from the dark.

At same time, the place the Mother Beast had clawed through had numerous mirror fragments falling from it. It looked like Mo Fan's human shadow had disappeared from the fragments of the mirror.

“Rose Flames!” Mo Fan shouted angrily, and the rose-colored fiery flames flared up beneath his feet.

Mo Fan's body was already covered in his own blood. The blood and the color of the flames seemed to be the same color. When the flames began to flare up, it seemed like the blood also integrated into the Rose Flames.

“Fiery Fist!”

An intertwining Star Path emerged as it constantly supplied energy for the flames.

At last, the Star Atlas appeared. The increasingly fiery Rose Flames began to spread into its surroundings, with Mo Fan in the center.

“Exploding Heavens!”

Everything seemed to be ready. The flames that were spreading around him were suddenly retracted. One could clearly see that the large ring of flames in Mo Fan's surroundings had instantly withdrawn, all of them condensed into Mo Fan's fist.

Eyes like raging flames, he locked onto the Mother Beast that was trying to charge over.

His eyes burning, Mo Fan yelled out, “Go die!” as he threw out the fist with the colossal amount of fiery energies condensed inside!

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