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Chapter 159 - I Want It All!

After the sand had thoroughly dispersed, the entire audience saw an incredibly stunning scene.

The Spirit Wolf that suddenly disappeared was standing right in front of Li Junwei. Its four limbs was stepping on the vine wall, and its head was only a meter away from Li Junwei.

It signified that if the Spirit Wolf had any slight desire to kill, then it could easily snap Li Junwei's head off with its fierce teeth.

"Come back," the Summoner spoke up at that moment.

The Spirit Wolf was clearly very obedient, as it jumped down from the vine wall and returned to the side of Mo Fan without even glancing at the group of challengers.

Its slow steps, the haughty rise of its head and eyes that showed it was not fully satisfied seemed like it was saying, "Humans? Weak…"

"Xu Zhaoting, are you sure you haven't seen him in only a year?" The girl sitting next to Xu Zhaoting asked him in disbelief.

Xu Zhaoting himself was even more dumbstruck!

Is that person even Mo Fan?!

Even if that guy was to break into the Intermediate level soon after the destruction of Bo City, it still wouldn't make sense for him to be able to cultivate his newly attained Summoning Element to this level in just a year's worth of time. The Spirit Wolf in front of him had easily defeated Li Junwei's squad of five, showing it was much stronger than your average Magical Beast. If their Primary Vanguard squad had encountered something like this on the road, then they would've been completely annihilated.

"I also don't know, he… he always seem to become stronger somehow," Xu Zhaoting realized he just couldn't understand Mo Fan. This person was far too unfathomable.

"***k, that Spirit Wolf has gotten even stronger!!" Luo Song, who had wanted to cause trouble for Mo Fan, abruptly swore.

Originally, this Spirit Wolf was nothing to be afraid of. His Ice Shackles were enough to defeat it.

Now, the Spirit Wolf have reached the evolving stage. If Luo Song didn't completely direct his attention towards it, then there was a chance he might die in its jaws. Furthermore, there was also its Summoner Mo Fan, who possessed Intermediate Lightning!

"It seems like I'll have to take the resources of my brothers and sisters, or else the difference will be even larger!" Luo Song thought to himself.

The faster Mo Fan's strength increased, the more Luo Song didn't feel at ease. He had already lost once against Mo Fan, he definitely could not allow a second time!

Li Junwei and his comrades walked out of the iron cage with fallen spirits.

This was not the result they wanted. They definitely could've finished off at least one Summoned beast. However, they completely oppressed by an evolving stage Summoned beast.

This feeling was unbearable.

At first, there was an Intermediate Magician who had heavily shocked all of the students in the audience, and now there was a Spirit Wolf at the evolving stage. They were simply too strong!

Li Junwei had completely experienced the saying of "crouching tigers and hidden dragons" at Pearl Inst.i.tute. He wasn't sure what kind of laughingstock he was as he walked out of the Beast Battle Cage, and nor about how Qin Xiaomiao would view someone like him.

"Mo Fan, you're way too cool. You made up for the numbers we were missing!" the short and thin Summoner student called out to Mo Fan up on the stage excitedly.

Zheng Bingxiao also had a joyous smile on his face. This Spirit Wolf's strength was definitely not any weaker than the Bone Corpse Demon. If Mo Fan was able to ward off attacks from the coming students, then they would definitely be able to keep their resources.

Although Hai Dafu and w.a.n.g Liting did not like Mo Fan, they still put their hopes on Mo Fan. Even if their faces did not display it, their hearts let out a sigh of relief.

"You guys are a bit too optimistic. You do know that there's nearly fifty more people before you reach a hundred. If the squads are comprised of five people, then do you think Mo Fan's Spirit Wolf is capable of dealing with ten waves of challengers?"

"It seems like that. Ah, it's all the annoying guy's fault! Wait unil I reach the Intermediate level, I will definitely take revenge!"

Mo Fan turned his head around to glance at the students of same Element as him. To be honest, if the whole resource thing concerned the entire Elemental department, then he'd directly leave after finishing off sixteen more people.

There's nothing he could do, who could he blame for being poor? He couldn't buy anything, so he came to Pearl Inst.i.tute to squeeze resources from the teachers and the school. Since the Spirit Wolf's strength had increased exponentially, then might as well let it fight until it was satisfied!

The Spirit Wolf could be considered as having escaped from a calamity and then obtaining a fortune.

After going through a cruel and brutal battle, the Spirit Wolf had broken through to the evolving stage.

The evolving stage signified the stage of time where the creature evolved from Minion cla.s.s to Warrior cla.s.s. A creature at this stage was far superior to a Minion cla.s.s creature, but also still a long ways from a Warrior cla.s.s creature.

The Beast Refinement Blood was extremely potent for evolving stage creatures. It just happened that they could obtain the Beast Refinement Blood if they displayed their excellence… Obviously, the Beast Refinement Blood wouldn't be enough for the Spirit Wolf to step into the Warrior cla.s.s, that still required a large amount of resources.

In fact, what Dean Xiao had said was extremely grand, and it had stirred many hearts. However, from how Mo Fan saw it, there was an extremely important point in what the old Dean had said. The demonstration of the Beast Battle Compet.i.tion had actually displayed the lifestyle of Pearl Inst.i.tute!

Resources could be plundered!

You could forever stand in the back and use your weak gaze to look at other people displaying their prowess on the stage, or you could clench your teeth and increase your own strength so that you could amaze the whole world one day and receive the attention of millions!

The more you withdraw, the more you will be forgotten in the corner. The more you are willing to fight, the more you will bask in radiance!

"Dean Xiao, I have a question!" When Mo Fan saw the ma.s.s of challengers standing by the exit, he took this little time to loudly ask a question.

"Speak!" Dean Xiao answered promptly.

"If our Summoning school doesn't reach a hundred people, then the resources will be given to another Elemental school. Isn't that a bit too unfair for us? If we lose, then the resources that belonged to us will be given to others. If we win, then all we do is retain the resources that would have already been given to us," Mo Fan asked loudly.

After Dean Xiao heard this, he couldn't help but smile. His gaze swept past the Deans of the other Elements.

"Mo Fan, that is a very good question. We have actually already considered this. Once you've reached a hundred people, there will be another reward. If a Summoning student can withstand the attack of two hundred people, then all of the resources that would be distributed to all of the other Elemental schools will be given to the Summoning school!" Dean Xiao replied in a loud voice.

After this was said, the colossal arena began to erupt.

All these people knew was that if the Summoning school did not reach their objectives, then they would receive a huge penalty. However, what they didn't know was that if they were to defeat two hundred students of other Elements, then the resources that belonged to every other school except for Summoning school would belong to them!

s.h.i.t, just how colossal would the resources be if the ten or so Element school were put together!

The Summoning School had very few people, only seven of them. The students of other elements together totalled at least four thousand people!

The resources of four thousand people would be in the hands of the seven people of Summoning school… Wouldn't the Summoning school essentially be in paradise?

"The reason we didn't announce this rule is because there hasn't been a single new student in all these years who has been able to do something like this. Thus, it didn't really matter…" Dean Xiao said with a gentle smile.

"Dean, even I didn't know about this," the Earth Element Dean, Zhou Zhenghua, spoke up with a bitter expression.

The Dean of the other Elements all looked at each other. The younger Element Dean really did not know that was this kind of shocking rule after the first!

"Alright, I've answered your question. Do you have anything else you'd like to ask?" Dean Xiao continued.

"I don't have a question," Mo Fan replied. He had a subtle calm before, but in the next second, his face slowly displayed a tiny smile. "However, I just want to make a statement toward the students of all Elements."

Make a statement?!

The five thousand or more new students didn't know what this Summoning student wanted to do.

"I burn more resources compared to your average Magicians, thus, I'm sorry…" Mo Fan slowly cupped his fist as he bowed to them.

"Your resources will belong to me!"

When Mo Fan raised his head once more, he took off his innocent mask and put on a incredibly arrogant face!

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