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Chapter 136 - I Will Take Responsibility




The sound of the mirror breaking cleared up Ms. Tangyue’s scrambled mind a little.

She pushed Mo Fan away before pulling away to the very corner of the car. She looked like a scared cat as she curled up there.

As Mo Fan saw her forcefully get her mind together, he couldn’t help but sigh. One half of his heart was frustrated… and the other half was extremely frustrated!


On a curvy road along the lonely mountain a taxi was speeding along. Inside was a driver whose heart had completely crumbled, and a young man and grown woman whose hearts were currently being tested.

Out of respect and consideration, Mo Fan also began to shift away from Ms. Tangyue. His eyes gazed at the outside of the window, acting as though what had just happened had not occured at all.

Not too long after, a fragrance suddenly invaded his nose. Mo Fan could feel the seat next to him slowly sink. He turned his head around, only to realize the Ms. Tangyue who was just like a scared kitten had turned into a fierce cat baring fangs and claws as she once again pounced at him. Her captivating small red lip kissed him, her four limbs were like the tentacles of an octopus as she tightly hugged him, a hug that seemed like it would never leave him.

Mo Fan didn’t know how to respond to this. Suddenly, she pushed him away once again as she retreated to the other side.

Watching her as her mood swung so wildly, Mo Fan felt terrible for her.

Heavens, just kill me. Stop tormenting a pure and innocent boy like me...

It’s not like I won’t take responsibility. You dare to give me this kind of delight, and then just let it walk away. Originally, I could’ve been a proper gentleman, now I am completely confused...

This road was even more tormenting than when they were charging into the monster-infested city area. Either way, Mo Fan felt like he was being constantly encouraged by a witch. He was just a young, handsome boy whose heart was left with numerous wounds.

Anyhow, they finally reached the city and finally purchased the medicine for suppressing the symptoms. The lover of his dreams was filled with shame as she ran away, leaving behind a Mo Fan whose chaotic heart was still billowing as he stood in an unfamiliar part of the city completely perplexed.

After he had finally regained his senses, Mo Fan wanted to take a stroll around the city of Hangzhou. However, he quickly received a threatening text message.

“If you dare to tell anyone about this, I will castrate you!”

“I actually will take responsibility,” he texted back.

“A judge of the Magic Courts is allowed two chances to kill, do you want me to use one of them on you?” The clear threat had been made through the texts. He could feel the killing intent of Ms. Tangyue when she sent the message.

“I am a man of virtue… Since we’re at it, could I inquire why you’re in Hangzhou right now? Coincidentally, I live in Hangzhou as well. I haven’t seen you since the fall of Bo City, do you want to grab a coffee together?”


In the apartment in west Hangzhou, the flush-cheeked Ms. Tangyue held onto her mobile. As she saw the most recent message, she wanted to give herself some respect by acting like he was a stranger. Yet she couldn’t help but giggle a little.

Hmph, how could a someone who couldn’t use Intermediate Magic without the use of Star Atlas possibly take responsibility? There are even Advanced Magicians who would stand in line for me!


After strolling around Hangzhou, Mo Fan took a bus directly to Shanghai… To be fair, it couldn’t even be called the outskirts of Hangzhou. Either way, it took a little more than an hour to get back to Shanghai using the metro, and roughly another hour using a train to get home.

Mo Fan’s original plan was to meditate at home for two months, and then see if he could rely on his outstanding ability as an Intermediate Mage to make the Jewel Inst.i.tute recruit him.

Let’s go back home and think carefully through this.

The priority was to learn how to control the Star Atlas. If he relied on a Star Atlas Book to cast Intermediate Magic, he’d be far too slow. Furthermore, if he was to continue using the Star Atlas Books, then the stars most likely wouldn’t see him as their father anymore.

Either way, going to University was essentially using most of the time to control the Atlas. He might as well stay home and meditate, and learn the skill before stepping into the inst.i.tution. In one aspect, he had to show off. For someone like him who enjoyed showing off, he would have no way to do that if he did not have any hidden power. On the other hand, he’d have even more time to interact with new things.

I just don’t know anything about things like the Curse Element. Who knows, maybe there’ll be a day where I’d die like the four people from Dongfang Family; completely clueless...

Furthermore, it’s not like I don’t have to cultivate after I get to University. I’ll Awaken a third Element, and then I’ll have to spend even more time on top of that...

Right, I’ve made my decision! I’ll cultivate for a year and then charge my way into Jewel Inst.i.tute!


Ms. Tangyue was indeed very sincere. Originally, Mo Fan thought because of the moment of pa.s.sion in the car, she would never again look at him. Unexpectedly, she still sent him a message to go to the Magic a.s.sociation of Shanghai to Awaken, with someone there to guide him.

The Magic a.s.sociation of Shanghai was also known as the Dongfang Magic a.s.sociation. This Dongfang Magic a.s.sociation had nothing to do with the Dongfang Family, other than the Magic a.s.sociation was located on the Oriental Pearl Tower.

When Mo Fan pa.s.sed through the skysc.r.a.pers that pierced the heavens like a treasured sword, the Lujiazui, he arrived at the Oriental Pearl Tower. His emotions were rather complex.

In the world he was born in, the Oriental Pearl Tower was the symbol of Shanghai, and also a place for tourism. In this place, it was actually the freaking headquarters of the Magic a.s.sociation!

The Magic a.s.sociation had always been the most authoritative Magic organization in this world, recruiting most of the young and powerful Magicians. As long as you were a Magician, you would have to follow the rules drawn up by them!

The Magician’s Conventions had a few clear regulations. One of them said that no Magician was allowed to use a Destructive Magic above the Advanced level within the city, and magic beneath the Advanced level cannot be used without proper reasons.

The second regulation was to never use Magic against commoners, it would result in a punishment of the same level as killing someone.

The third regulation was that Magicians were allowed to have duels, and injuring someone in them was fine. If death occured, punishment would be determined by the Magic Court.

The Magic a.s.sociation was equivalent to a Magician’s police force and legal system. The Magician’s Conventions were something that all Magicians in the world had to comply with.

Naturally, the ones who drew up these laws were also the lawmakers and the enforcers. In the exchanges between Magicians, and their transactions, interactions, and cultivations, the Magic a.s.sociation held the highest level of authority. Normally, only the most outstanding young Magicians would be recruited into the Magic a.s.sociation!

Within the Magic a.s.sociation, there was also a Magic Court.

The Magic Court was extremely secretive and mysterious. It is reported that the Magic Courts consisted of people whose combat powers were all off the charts!

Mo Fan only found out about this afterwards on the internet. If Chao He hadn’t used all kinds of dirty tricks back then, then he most likely would not have been a true foe for Ms. Tangyue. Recalling the destructive power of the Fierce Fist: Nine Palace, he could still feel some lingering fear in his heart.

Ms. Tangyue looked like she was only twenty-something, and she was already in possession of such a great power in combat. It seemed that this was the very standard of the Magic Court, and clearly demonstrated that freaks existed within the Magic Court!

Note: Lujiazui is a location in Shanghai where the Oriental Pearl Tower is located. Google it, it's real. 

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