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Chapter 107 - Magical Beast Entrance




“Instructor Pan, I think I know where the clues are.” Mo Fan hastily interrupted after hearing the two people talking, realizing something important.

“Where?” The two looked at Mo Fan in confusion.

“The City Hunter Squad,” Mo Fan replied.

The discussion between the two could be said to have been an influence for the flash of an idea in Mo Fan’s head.

The invasion of the Magical Beasts this time seemed to be unexpected. The truth is, Mo Fan who was on the City Hunter Squad had vaguely understood some of the situation of Bo City, and the most distinct one was the rampage of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rats!

The Colossal-eyed Ape Rats were experts in digging, from this, it was easy to understand that the magical beast tunnel leading into the Bo City from the outside was the doing of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rats.

Every time the City Hunter Squad hunted a Magical Beast, they would record it. Surely they would be able to find the location of the Magical Beast Entrance from the recent activities of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rats in Bo City!

The two people looked at each other as they realized the same thing.

It was impossible for the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat to have dug a tunnel leading into Bo City without any kind of activity. The ones who understood the problems that existed within Bo City best were naturally the City Hunter Squad!

They’d be able to obtain some accurate clues from the City Hunter Squad!

“Good, I’ll go and contact the people from the City Hunter Squad immediately,” the man with the headband nodded repeatedly.

Pan Lijun turned her head around in astonishment as she looked at Mo Fan. She never imagined that this student’s few words could be so important.

“The truth is, I am a member of the City Hunter Squad. After returning from the Practicals, I realized that my own strength was far too weak, thus, I joined one of the City Hunter Squads. However, I currently do not know where they are,” Mo Fan explained with a forced smile as he saw Instructor Pan staring at him.

“You really are unfathomable,” Pan Lijun forced out a smile.

“Instructor Pan, how’s the situation at Snowy Peak Mountain Station? My father is there,” Mo Fan asked.

“Don’t worry, that place is even more secure than Bo City, your dad will also be all right,” Pan Lijun a.s.sured him.

“That’s good, could you help me with another matter?”

“Tell me, little hero.”

“The Safety Shelters are like a huge camp, there’s simply too many people. I am unable to find my family members who have withdrawn to the Safety Shelters, could you help me ask about their current whereabouts?” Mo Fan asked.

“Alright, that won’t be a problem. It will most likely take Instructor Cheng some time to find the people from City Hunter Squad.”

With the Magical Beasts invading the city, the normal communication devices were basically not functioning.


Not much later, the headband-wearing Instructor Cheng had already returned. Besides him were a few people, and among them were Xiaoke and Xu Dahuang, who Mo Fan was familiar with.

Xiaoke was currently holding onto her mini-notebook as she quickly searched for the Magical Beast Record which she had put into the computer.

“Right now, I have located a few areas where the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat has appeared. The first one is Beiling Area’s park, a Colossal-eyed Ape Rat that injured a human appeared there. The very first discovery of the Magical Beasts invasion should be at Beiling Area,” Xiaoke said to Instructor Cheng.

“Beiling Area has currently been occupied by the Magical Beasts,” Instructor Cheng noted thoughtfully.

“Following that is Guangshang Heavenly Street, and then Lufeng town and…”

“Has there been a place with a distinct burrow?,” Instructor Cheng spoke up.

“Oh, yes there is… Beneath Mingwen Middle School’s cafeteria was a burrow. There was a girl who went missing back then, and there are many Magical Beasts in Mingwen Area. I reckon there is definitely a Magical Beast Entrance there,” Xiaoke said.

“That rings a bell, I remember that was when Fan Mo had just joined our squad. We just happened to find a Colossal-eyed Ape Rat inside Mingwen Girls Middle School. Following that, the police discovered a burrow. We all suspected the girl had been dragged into the burrow and eaten there…” Feishi hurriedly said.

They were talking as they were walking. Xiaoke and Xu Dahuang clearly did not see Mo Fan, who was standing nearby, and listening very attentively to them.

Currently, the Hunter Squad knew that Mo Fan was Fan Mo, and they would have been surprised to find that Mo Fan was not cultivating within the Underground Holy Spring. How had he come here?

“Mingwen Area has a Magical Beast Entrance? Did the people in Mingwen Area escape already?” Instructor Cheng asked the Maga to his side.

“There’s currently not any information on their evacuation.”

Everyone sunk into silence.

After a while, Xu Dahuang creased his brow and said, “It seems like Mingwen Area does indeed have a Magical Beast Entrance, and furthermore, the entrance is within the Mingwen Girls Middle School. No wonder why they felt that the school was vibrating like there was a construction work happening nearby. It turns out that it was actually the Colossal-eyed Ape Rats that were digging.”

“No one has evacuated? Did you read that wrong, are you sure no one has evacuated from there?” Mo Fan’s gaze was fixed on the Maga who was talking just now.

“Mo Fan, calm down.”

“Yeah, if we’re not wrong, then the Magical Beast Entrance should be near Mingwen Girls Middle. Thus, Mingwen Area should also be connected, which is why it’s not an easy matter to evacuate from there.”

Mo Fan’s soul sunk.

He clearly remembered that Ye Xinxia had told him that their school had frequent vibrations occurring. That would definitely mean the Colossal-eyed Ape Rats were digging underground.

If the Magical Beasts directly climbed up from there, then the entire school would be instantly destroyed.

Presently, all of Bo City has entered a crisis, just who would be able to care about whether a middle school had been able to evacuate or not?

“Commander Cheng, as this is a matter of the utmost importance, we will dispatch a squad of people over. We must immediately destroy the Magical Beast Entrance!” Pan Lijun said.

Since they had found the Magical Beast Entrance, then naturally they had to set off immediately. They didn’t have any time to waste.

“This number of people on this squad can’t be too many. Although these Magical Beasts don’t have a high intelligence, once they discover that there are a large group of people advancing toward their entrance, we will definitely attract a large number of Magical Beasts and expose our objective,” the female Maga told all of them.

Commander Cheng swept his gaze past the present people as he said in a serious voice, “Let’s immediately deploy people.”

“Commander, we will go with you. As the Captain of the City Hunter Squad, I am definitely more familiar than you with battling against Magical Beasts within the city,” Xu Dahuang said.

Xiaoke glanced at Xu Dahuang, she didn’t know whether she should make a decision or not.

“Alright, with an Elite Hunter Squad, the chances of success will definitely increase by a lot. The mission this time is fairly dangerous, everyone still needs to be cautious,” Commander Cheng said.

As everyone had just finished discussing this, and as they were just about to prepare to leave, a person happened to stand in front of them.

“Fan Mo?! Oh no wait, it’s Mo Fan!” Xiaoke and Xu Dahuang exclaimed, astonished.

(Ed. Note: yep, they’re a little blind not noticing him talking to the Maga…)

Mo Fan looked at the two people, and then at Commander Cheng, who was responsible for the mission this time.

Pan Lijun was also shocked as she said, “Mo Fan, don’t tell me you also want to join?! You have already successfully helped the people of Tian Lan Magic High to evacuate, and destroyed the plans of the Black Vatican. It’s better if you just stay within the Safety Shelters and rest. We will take care of this!”

“Yeah, you are already the hero of our Bo City, let alone this mission… Even nine deaths and one survivor could’ve been described as doing really well,” Commander Cheng nodded.

Hero of the City?

Mo Fan didn’t think that way.

If she died, then he would be a waste through and through.

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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