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Chapter 105 - Drank it Like Water




“Good job, Mu Bai!” Zhao Kunsan jumped out from a corner, his face filled with excitement.

“That was scary, I feel like I will never trust another person again.” Mo Fan let out a long breath and glanced toward the Green Tea… oh, Mu Bai.

This time it was all thanks to the Wealthy Magic Second Generation. Without his extremely extravagant Deathstrike Magic Equipment, who knew how many of them would’ve died before they were able to get rid of this Instructor Bai Yang.

“Are the others all right?” Xue Musheng asked.

The students hiding in the surroundings a.s.sembled one by one. Only Zhang Xiaohou was standing by the fence, completely s.p.a.ced out.

The battle has ended, and He Yu’s blood has also run dry. Seeing the red blood puddle that was like a scarlet carpet, grief once again enveloped everyone.

“Monkey, let’s go.” Mo Fan walked up to Zhang Xiaohou, he didn’t know what to say to comfort him.

As Zhang Xiaohou saw Mo Fan, his state of mind seemed to collapse. Teardrops began to rush forth.

“Brother Fan, I want to become stronger…” Zhang Xiaohou did his best to wipe the tears, he practically vowed as he growled, “I will definitely, definitely become stronger!!”

Zhang Xiaohou’s unforgettable words were echoing in his ears, Mo Fan was feeling somewhat stunned.

Seeing this guy who was like a foolish brother to him...

At the moment he was crying like a little child. However, beneath the flowing blood, his heart was fiercely undergoing change!

That’s right, you are only able to protect the people next to you if you become stronger!


After pa.s.sing through the bridge, the light screen wall that was as tall as the city walls had finally entered everyone’s sight.

The remaining eight people’s tired faces squeezed out traces of a smile. This time, they were clearly able to see Magicians who wore the Magic a.s.sociation uniform guarding the place.

The three kilometers of road was way longer than any of the experiences they’d had to go through in their seventeen years of living. No matter what, they had still arrived.

“The main group is only half a kilometer away from us, I hope they can safely arrive here,” Xue Musheng turned around to look behind them.

Zhou Min, Xu Zhaoting, w.a.n.g Sanpang, Zhang Lihua, and the others also nodded. They had gone through with their responsibility as the Vanguard Squad. After going through that kind of dangerous life and death road, they sincerely hoped that the main group would be able to smoothly arrive. They didn’t want to see more lives wasted.

“Who is Mo Fan?” asked a man with the symbol of the Army as he walked up in front of everyone..

“I am.” Mo Fan raised his head, still dripping with sweat. He was exhausted.

“Come this way, the Chief wants to see you,” the man said.

Mo Fan nodded obediently, and followed the man from the Magic a.s.sociation toward a watch tower that was created by a Earth Magician.

The watch tower was very tall. As they followed the coiling staircase upwards, they kept walking for a long time before they finally arrived at the top of the tower. 

At the very top was a s.p.a.cious area. A fierce wind from the high alt.i.tude was blowing into this place, it was so strong that his cheeks felt painful.

The watchtower didn’t have a protective rail, yet a man with a clear windbreaker was standing there with his hands behind his back, his unruly hair moving along with the gale.

To the left and right sides of the man were a few Battlemages who were also wearing clear windbreakers. Their hoods were raised up, and their bodies were completely still as they stood at the very edges of the watchtower. They were not angry, but possessed a trace of power as they stood there like statues. Chief Zhankong, who was standing in the middle, gave people a sense of admiration. This was very different from the shameless Instructor Zhankong who Mo Fan had met in the past.

The row of ten Battlemages by Chief Zhankong’s sides were all emitting extremely powerful auras, they were all at least Intermediate Mages!

They looked into the distance, their gazes were like swords pointed toward the dome of Silver Commerce Tower, toward the ringleader behind the calamity of Bo City— the Commander level Magical Beast, Darkwing Wolf!

“Chief, Mo Fan is here.” The man saluted, and then slowly retreated.

Zhankong didn’t turn his head around, the entire watchtower entered a moment of silence.

“Seeing you alive makes me very happy.” Zhankong’s tone was no longer the same sloppy tone as he had before, even saying the word happy did not have any sort of feeling to it.

The current Zhankong was not the same Chief Instructor that Mo Fan knew, or this could be the real him, dignified and aloof!

“Do you know what I want to do the most when I see you?” Mo Fan asked.

“Shower me with curses. Bai Yang being part of the Black Vatican did indeed surprise all of us. Fortunately, you were suspicious of him, and you saved your own life,” Zhankong said evenly.

Zhankong already understood what had happened from the reports of his underlings, and Zhankong had not expected any of it. Not even the Army was able to sense the Battlemage Bai Yang’s evil heart. So why was Mo Fan suspicious of him?

“Did you even think about it?! Back when I was at the cavern in Practical protected by Instructor Bai Yang, I saw the pond there had traces of being drunk by animals. It wasn’t just a single one, and after that event, I asked Instructor Bai if he had any other summoned beasts, and he replied he didn’t.”

“Over such an irrelevant thing, you a.s.sumed he was a problem?” Zhankong laughed involuntarily.

“The sudden berserking Spirit Wolf back then was also a problem. In fact, I also wasn’t willing to believe that Instructor Bai was a spy, and I also wasn’t able to confirm it. I only put it at the back of my head. Who would’ve known that he would actually take actions against us,” Mo Fan replied.

Mo Fan was actually only somewhat suspicious. If he really was sure there was a problem, then he would’ve warned the surrounding people the instant he saw Instructor Bai. Furthermore, Mo Fan didn’t calculate on the appearance of the Dark Beast Monsters.

“Where’s the Holy Underground Spring, then?” Zhankong didn’t want to continue discussing that spy as he switched to the most important topic.

“I was thirsty, so I drank it,” Mo Fan replied playfully.

Chief Zhankong was standing by the edge of the watchtower, and almost slipped to his death. The dignified aura he was emitting just now was completely gone.

Zhankong turned around as he looked at Mo Fan with his eyes wide.

s.h.i.t, are you messing with me? Are you regarding the Underground Holy Spring like Nongfu Spring Water, and drank it when you were thirsty? This is genuine article of a thousand years of Bo City! Even if it isn’t as miraculous as it was back in the days due to the pa.s.sage of time, it is still a yearned-for cultivation treasure of the Magicians in this country. Yet, this was… it was drunk by this kid like water?

“This is not the time to joke around.” Chief Zhankong’s expression was solemn as he stared at Mo Fan.

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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