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Chapter 103 - Battling Spirit Wolf Again!




“He...He Yu!!”

Zhang Xiaohou wanted to scream out from the depths of his throat, however, his throat was blocked by a fierce pain, unable to make a sound.

Numerous water droplets were sprinkling in front of Zhang Xiaohou, they were like He Yu’s life as they fell onto the ground and quickly dispersed.

“Wind Track! Wind Track! Wind Track!!!”

Zhang Xiahou tried to connect his Star Path while his heart was feeling a fierce pain, and at last, a wind coiled around his body.

Using the Wind Track, Zhang Xiaohou frantically stole the completely bloodstained He Yu from the other Dark Beast Monster’s claws.

Relying on Flash Steps, he carried He Yu as he darted to a location far away. However, the blood was also sprinkling all over the ground...

It was completely unable to stop. A Dark Beast Monster was specialized in slaughtering, capable of accurately finding a creature’s arteries. Once it cut, the blood would certainly flow without stopping.

“Why did you use Water Barrier to protect me, you should’ve protected yourself! You’re not even able to protect yourself, you blockhead!!”

“Mr. Xue, please hurry and save He Yu, I beg you, please save her! There must be a way!”

“s.h.i.t, s.h.i.t, s.h.i.t, I will slaughter you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

The sound of the shouts fell into everyone’s ears, just like how everyone never thought that Instructor Bai Yang was someone from the Black Vatican, they never thought that He Yu would protect Zhang Xiaohou like this. Captivating scarlet blood was everywhere. Upon seeing it, everyone’s heart tightened.

Zhang Xiaohou held He Yu, and He Yu looked back at him. Her pale face was turning purple.

Her eyes were wide open, her black pupils contained a mix of feelings in the last moments of her life. Perhaps it was a trace of gratification because she was able to finally cast Water Barrier in a critical situation and protect a person’s life according to what Mr. Xue had said. There was also peace, the skinny boy in front of her risked his own life to save her during Practicals and today, she had also saved him. But most importantly, it was yearning; like other girls, she had far too many wishes which hadn’t been fulfilled yet.

“Hahaha, it seems like you brats have also progressed a bit. I thought that the second Dark Beast Monsters made their move, the two of you would definitely lose your lives, I never thought that one of you would survive. However, your Instructor, I, have taught you one more lesson, and that is to never trust someone that easily. Unfortunately, this could very well be the last cla.s.s of your life, because none of you will live to cross this bridge!” Bai Yang stood in the center as he shouted, looking quite demented.

As he was talking about surviving, the two Dark Beast Monsters once again pounced toward the other students.

The Dark Beast Monster’s physique was not much different from humans. Their speed was twice as fast as Colossal-eyed Ape Rat, and once they scuttled into a shadowy place, it would be too difficult to see their figure.

This kind of excessively nimble creature could be called the executioner of rookie Magicians. They were capable of killing you with a single attack before you could finish casting your Magic, and they could easily avoid the frantic attack of a Magician!

“Retreat!” Xue Musheng shouted.

Everyone had just experienced how formidable Dark Beast Monsters were. Once they approached any of the students, the next moment, they could become like He Yu; unable to stop bleeding.

On the other side, the robust Spirit Wolf was precisely obstructing Mo Fan by standing in front of him. This savage creature most likely had hurt itself immensely after striking his Shield, and was unable to attack Mo Fan again for a short period of time. Nevertheless, it used its pair of vicious eyes to deathly stare at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was breathing fiercely, his chest heaving. After hearing Zhang Xiaohou’s grieving scream, a raging fire began to fiercely burn within his abdomen.

From He Yu’s perspective, seeing Instructor Bai Yang was equivalent to being safe. However, who would’ve thought that Instructor Bai Yang was actually even more ruthless than a Magical Beast. Seeing his face still ridiculing them, it made him to really want to smash his fist into the man’s face!


The Spirit Wolf opened its mouth, and from within the depths of its throat something was surging. Following the roar, a turbid air wave viciously drove toward Mo Fan.

Flying Sand Stones!

This was Spirit Wolf’s special skill. Even if it could not use its claws, it could still attack the enemy from afar.

The scathing yellow Flying Sand Stones were flying over, but Mo Fan was already well prepared. He nimbly rolled to the side and quickly hid himself behind an abandoned van.

The Van’s steel layer began to shriek as the Flying Sand Stones. .h.i.t its surface, the rocks penetrated through the van and left behind numerous holes. The entire van began to shake repeatedly.

Mo Fan leaned against the van with his back, his eyes was already emitting purple radiance. This radiance turned increasingly stronger, and began to form a beautiful streaking purple Star Path around Mo Fan’s body.

The seven stars were dazzling within the Star Path, they were transmitting Lightning to each other and quickly condensed into a raging and twisting Lightning pattern around Mo Fan’s body.


Mo Fan let out a long breath, he turned around before the Flying Sand Stones had completely stopped. He directly faced the Spirit Wolf.

“I slaughtered a thing like you an year ago, and today, I will kill you like a dog!” Mo Fan said in rage, and in his eyes was not a single trace of fear.

He raised one of his hands, and suddenly clenched his fist, a command of Lightning was pa.s.sed. The agitated and unstable Lightning Elements in the air turned into an indignant sharp weapon as they fell on the Spirit Wolf.

The Spirit Wolf attempted to evade, but Mo Fan had already predicted the place it would be when it dodged.

Lightning Strike: Wrath Shock inherited the transitive effects of Lightning Strike: Mad Whip. As long as a single Lightning arc came in contact with the Spirit Wolf, then the rest of the Lightning Strike would be absorbed into the target’s body like a magnet as it was ferociously scourged and the Lightning ruthlessly penetrated into its flesh!

There were many purple Lightning arcs. They covered the entire body of Spirit Wolf, and it incessantly emitted a painful howl.

The Spirit Wolf’s movement capabilities immediately disappeared, it was no longer able to approach Mo Fan with a single step.

Mo Fan coldly smiled. Not seconds after he cast Lightning Strike, a scarlet radiance flashed within his pupils. Not knowing when, his other hand was actually already holding a ball of flames.

First, Lightning!

And then Fire!

The G.o.dforsaken Spirit Wolf was about to have a taste of the two Magics that held the strongest power within the realm of Elements.

His anger was like fire and lightning, the ball of flames in his hands was thrown by him in anger. Everyone could see that the ball of Fire Burst was directly thrown toward the mouth of the Spirit Wolf that was howling in pain.

After a great amount of practice and real experience, Mo Fan was able to cast the Fire Burst even more accurately. As expected, the small ball of fire immediately struck the head of the Spirit Wolf that was slightly raising its muzzle, and then floated into its mouth.

“Rupture!” Mo Fan’s gaze was like a torch as he said this, his control of the third level of Fire Burst’s Rupture had achieved a complete synchronization.

The small fireball did not look very strong at all. However, it ignited after Mo Fan’s cry, and exploded mightily within the mouth of the Spirit Wolf

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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