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Mo Mushan immediately frowned after hearing Zhou Lizhang's words. 

Taking a portion of the properties from the Mo Family's a.s.sets?

Wasn't it severance from family?

Even though he prioritized his family at the lesser of things, still, he valued his family even one percent.

Mo Mushan also knew that what he had done with Mo Yinan's last wish was akin to a grave sin. Even he had many dreams of Mo Yinan where Mo Yinan had only shown his bitter smile which sent a shiver down his spine, but he consoled himself that whatever he had done was for his son's own good. 

Zhou Ziyao was a great lady.

She was a successful, gentle, and caring lady and more importantly, she had a clean family background where no messy things had been happening.

However, his son had been muddle-headed and couldn't see a great lady like Zhou Ziyao.

Now that Mo Mushan would bring the topic of distribution of the Mo Family's a.s.sets, wouldn't her mother hate him the most now?

Song Zhilian was already disappointed with him and if he would bring this topic up she would detest him.

Mo Mushan ignored Mo Yinan's last wish only because he was no longer in this world, but Song Zhilian was still alive and healthy. If he would bring the topic of the part.i.tion of property, then Song Zhilian couldn't handle that thing or perhaps she would also get a heart attack!

NO! He couldn't do this! 

Mo Mushan still felt guilty that because of him, his father, Mo Yinan got a heart attack and now again he was doing the same thing with his mother.

"No! Lizhang, I won't talk to my mother! Even though I have a broken relationship with Lingtan, but, I still have my daughter and Qiaolian also. Even if she insists on a divorce, I won't agree with her. Even if they are angry at me right now, I can't break the relationship with my family!" Mo Mushan straightforwardly rejected him.

Zhou Lizhang and Mo Qiwn were both displeased as Mo Mushan had always been agreed with them because of his dream to become president of the country. However, now he rejected it!

"Big Brother, you don't understand the real intention of Brother Lizhang. Brother Lizhang wants you to only have a talk with Aunty Song, he doesn't want you to break relation with your family. Once you put this point about the part.i.tion of properties, Aunty Song, of course, will reject you and will order Lingtan to take you back as a chairman and things will go back as it was supposed to. No matter what, you are still her only son. If she wouldn't rely on you then who else would she rely on?" Mo Qiwn immediately came forward to convince Mo Mushan.

"What if your plan will be flipped like before? What would I do then? I have already lost my position as chairman, now I can't afford to lose my family!" Mo Mushan harshly said as his impression of Mo Qiwn had turned down completely.

"If things wouldn't go back then it means your family doesn't value you. I think there is no point in having a family like this. You have a dream and they should help you to fulfill it but instead, not only did they not help you, now they have created hurdles for you also. If I had a family like this, then I would have broken up with them long ago." Zhou Lizhang supported Mo Qiwn and criticized the Mo Family for not supporting Mo Mushan to the point.

Mo Mushan frowned after hearing his words but he thought that Zhou Lizhang made sense.

The Mo Family should support him rather than that bast*rd child.

Nevertheless, it was a wasn't a simple thing that Mo Mushan should agree with Mo Qiwn and Zhou Lizhang in one go like before.

He needed to think about this thoroughly before taking any action.

"Let me think about it first. I will let you know about it soon." Mo Mushan said.

Obviously, Zhou Lizhang was not happy with Mo Mushan's response and he was about to say something more but Mo Qiwn stopped him secretly.

Mo Mushan seemed to be different now, completely unlike his before self where he stupidly agreed with whatever Zhou Lizhang told him. Therefore, now if Zhou Lizhang would say anything more to Mo Mushan then he would irritate the latter and maybe, it would affect his plan to break the Mo's head family.

Mo Lingtan made Mo Qiwn lose his shares of Shaan Industries, now he would collect back the shares...more precisely double the number of shares from Mo Mushan through his portion from the Mo Family's a.s.sets.


Late in the evening, Mo Mushan and Mo Qiwn left but they didn't notice that every word of their discussion was heard by a certain someone.

Who else could it be other than Zhou Ziyao?

She had already gone crazy when she heard that Zhou Lizhang's plan to make Mo Lingtan as their puppy had failed.

However, somehow, Zhou Lizhang and Zhou Xiaoyan controlled her by saying that they had a Plan B.

However, now hearing Mo Mushan's hesitation, Zhou Ziyao was sure that this plan B could be flipped like Plan A.

Moreover, she didn't have much patience left. It seemed that now she needed to do something.

Therefore, she took her phone and dialed a number and soon it got connected.

Zhou Ziyao: "It's me!"

Unknown person: "Long time no hear! Tell me, who is your next target now?"

Zhou Ziyao: "Lee Xuiye."

Unknown person: "What? Don't forget she is now Mo Lingtan's wife, putting a hand on her would not be easy!"

Zhou Ziyao: "I don't care. Just kill her! I will give you more money!"

Unknown person: "No...No...Darling, I don't need money this time. I need something else! You know what I want, right?"

Zhou Ziyao: "Fine, I will be there! But get the work done first!"

Unknown person: "Sure Darling, Just wait for my call!"


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