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Chapter 32B: A Lord Turned Up Uninvited

This time, what happened was that her maiden family was getting themselves a daughter-in-law. Because she worked at the General's Mansion, she should've saved no small amount of money, therefore, someone wrote a letter to ask her to make a trip back home.

Originally, she thought that her Zhi'er asked her to attend the wedding feast due to filial piety. As a result, Nanny Song happily made the journey. Only then did she find out that none of the new bride's family members were benevolent. They insisted on her bringing out twenty taels of silver. Otherwise, they wouldn't allow the bride enter the husband's home. Nanny Song's younger brother and his wife pa.s.sed away early, leaving only Zhi'er as her sole relative. How could she watch Zhi'er fail to take a wife.

Clenching her teeth, Nanny Song gave away the money she had prepared in order to purchase medicines for her own use. Finally, everyone moved forward with the wedding.

Nanny Song had originally prepared to properly take good care of her health during her short leave of absence, but because of this incident, the outcome was that she had no more money. She even became more tired, so not only had her illness not improved, it instead became increasingly severe.

If it wasn't for her forcibly enduring, she wouldn't have even been able to get out of her bed. 

"Um, is Wet Nurse ill?"

Luo Qing Luan previously had not noticed, but now that she heard Nanny Song stammering as she spoke, she noticed that her complexion was somewhat poor. 

Once she checked her pulse, Luo Qing Luan indeed determined that Wet Nurse has already suffered from rheumatism for many years. Each bout of rain or wind would cause her joints to ache, but Nanny Song had never mentioned it before, precisely because she didn't want Luo Qing Luan to be worried.

Promptly asking Dai Yue to take out another hundred taels of silver, Luo Qing Laun saw that Nanny Song wanted to refuse again and immediately spoke sternly. "Wet nurse, I'm already no longer the previous me. This bit of money doesn't count as much. If you don't believe it, ask Dai Yue."

Dai Yue nodded her head at once. "It's true, Nanny Song, you should accept it. The mistress is quite formidable now. In but one month, she earned a lot of money."

She stealthily neared Nanny Song's ear and said softly, "Our mistress made several tens of thousands of taels, really."

Shocked all over, Nanny Song almost didn't dare to believe it as she looked at Luo Qing Luan. "My Lady, you really……" 

Unable to accept it, this was just too inconceivable.

Formerly, their mistress had always been bullied by the side madam and eldest young lady. Don't mention money, even her meals sometimes filled her up and sometimes left her hungry. Don't even think about wearing new clothes. Now that she suddenly heard that their mistress made over several tens of thousands taels of silver, she simply felt like she was in a dream.

But Nanny Song knew that their mistress had always been pure and kindhearted and would absolutely not deceive her.

After hesitating for a long while, finally, both of her trembled as she took the money and placed it in her chest pocket. "Thank you, My Lady……thank you, My Lady……"

Her face was filled with that kind of radiant smile br.i.m.m.i.n.g with gratification, as if she finally saw a child who she protected gradually grow up, that kind of indescribable happiness.

"That's right, Wet Nurse, the rheumatism on your body is very serious. I'll help you provide treatment." Luo Qing Luan prepared to cure Nanny Song's illness, not wanting her to suffer anymore during her old age.

Able to clearly feel that their mistress of today had changed too much, Nanny Song simply didn't dare to imagine what in the world had happened to their mistress during the month that she was away.

Watching Luo Qing Luan give her acupuncture treatment, even though each of those needles were so long, Nanny Song was not the least bit afraid, because she knew that her mistress certainly wouldn't harm her.

Rheumatism, this kind of stubborn, chronic disease, unless the patient died, they would suffer quite a bit. As far as Luo Qing Luan was concerned, this disease was by no means not something that she could not manage.

Among the illnesses that could be treated using the Ghost Hand's Nine Needles method, there was a different technique to target each illness. In the past, Luo Qing Luan also cured many patients with similar illnesses, therefore, she was quite confident.

"It's done." Luo Qing Luan removed the silver needles and smiled as she said, "Wet Nurse, how do you feel, is it a bit better?"

Half doubting, Nanny Song stood up. Her originally dully aching knee was surprisingly truly alleviated by no small amount. The torturous pain that bothered her for so many years seemed as if it had taken wings and flew away.

"My Lady, you are truly……you've truly changed. How wonderful, how wonderful."

Nanny Song was endlessly excited. She grasped Luo Qing Luan's hands firmly. She'd taken care of her mistress for so many years and had always known that she'd been bullied and looked down upon. But now, she had barely left for such a short time, yet her mistress seemed to have been reborn and was even able to help her treat her illness.

If the madam still lived to see this, she'd definitely be happy.

It's just too bad……once she thought about how the madam who'd always treated her like family had already pa.s.sed away, and even died in such an unjust way, Nanny Song couldn't help but feel sad. She lifted her head and looked into Luo Qing Luan's eyes with a bit more brilliance.

Wait a little longer, if her mistress truly had the ability to defend herself, then she'd certainly tell her.

Late at night. The appearance of the starry heavens were like pearls inlaid on black velvet, flickering indefinitely.

During the day, Nanny Song mentioned her mother. Momentarily, Luo Qing Luan was surprisingly unable to sleep.

With regards to this woman, she did not have the slightest bit of memory, and she only occasionally heard servants mention her here a there. However, because of Luo Cheng and the side madam, the servants never dared to gossip. Occasionally, the ones who thought about her body's previous owner's mother were merely those few old servants who had already worked at the general's mansion for tens of years.

Her mother……what kind of woman was she really?

Just as she was pondering this, suddenly, Luo Qing Luan became alert as she looked at her window. The originally properly closed window was now not only opened from the outside, but the person who came was even standing inside her bedroom in a grandiose manner, afraid of nothing as he watched her.

"Nalan Ye?" 

Luo Qing Luan turned over and sat up, immediately on guard. "Why is it you again?" It was currently in the middle of the night. This man was not sleeping, surprisingly intruded upon the general's mansion instead, and even broke into her bedroom? If someone were to see this, she wouldn't be able to explain clearly even if she had ten mouths.

Her room was completely dim. Only the moonlight provided a little bit of lighting, barely enough to see with.

Nalan Ye's handsome and relaxed face was even more strangely alluring in the dark, radiating a deadly attractive force. He walked over step by step and said expressionlessly, "Isn't the Second Miss Luo the one who set a date with me?"

What nonsense! 

Luo Qing Luan was going to yell at him, but held back with difficulty when the words reached her lips. "Only ghosts would make a date with you."

"Previously, at Heavenly Dream Tower, didn't you say that as long as I gave you ten thousand taels of silver, you'll return that jade piece to me?" Nalan Ye already reached her bedside as he continued, "What, is Miss Luo going to go back on her words?"

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