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Chapter 116: The Golden Core Battle

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“You are right, I will s.n.a.t.c.h it…” Gao Zhenyong s.n.a.t.c.hed the colored diamond from Di Jiu’s hands. If it had been an average item, he would not have been so crude, but the colored diamond in Di Jiu’s hands contained a thick cultivation aura. Once he got it, his future status would be almost guaranteed.

He would even gamble his life for this item.

In Gao Zhenyong’s opinion, Di Jiu was just a fourth-level Foundation Establishment termite that he could squish to death with less than half of his strength.

Di Jiu had killed a swamp lion equivalent to a late-stage Golden Core, so the beast had been considered inferior strength-wise compared to other monsters. Now he was fighting against a real mid-stage Golden Core cultivator, so even if he’d arranged a killing array outside, he still would not dare act carelessly.

He had kept the rifle to let Gao Zhenyong think that he would not dare attack him. When Gao Zhenyong attacked first, he took out the rifle quickly and turned it into unrestrained slaughter Saber Qi that surged towards Gao Zhenyong.

When Gao Zhenyong felt the slaughtering saber intent in Di Jiu’s move, he was shocked. If he had been a first-stage Golden Core cultivator, he may actually have gotten hurt. This saber move was stronger than the perfected Foundation Establishment Move, so it was almost like stepping into the foundational Saber Dao.

However, Gao Zhenyong did not take out his dharma treasure. He just moved sideways slightly, increasing the strength of his grip by 20%. His heart felt even warmer now. How could Di Jiu use such a powerful saber move? The only possible explanation was that he had benefited from the stone…

No! If Di Jiu really knew about the benefits of the stone, why would he expose it? Why would a Foundation Establishment Realm Cultivator expose his stone in front of a Golden Core cultivator? This was obviously not normal.

A sense of danger suddenly filled his heart. Gao Zhenyong reached for his dharma weapon without hesitation. However, before he could withdraw it, he saw Di Jiu use his fist.

Di Jiu’s punch formed several huge peaks that collapsed.

The surrounding s.p.a.ce had become sluggish, while Gao Zhenyong’s heart was filled with horror. Only a supernatural ability could cause this kind of s.p.a.ce to stagnate.

Snap! When the Wind-Rustling Move hit Gao Zhenyong’s hand, its killing intent immediately dissipated.

However, this saber move was not Di Jiu’s original attack. His attack was actually the Gathering Peaks Move.

Gao Zhenyong realized that something was wrong. As he had been trying to grab his dharma treasure, Di Jiu’s first fist mountain peak had reached him.

Gao Zhenyong could only try to grasp it again hurriedly. He wanted to seize Di Jiu’s first fist mountain peak.

Boom! Snap! The giant peak was broken, and so was Gao Zhenyong’s hand. Gao Zhenyong withdrew his Yin-Yang Hammer, which had turned into a yin-and-yang, black-and-white color. One dao slammed towards Di Jiu, while the other dao was used to block the second peak in front of his eyes.

Even if Di Jiu took the lead, his speed would still be slower than Gao Zhenyong’s.

When the Yin-Yang Hammer roared, his long saber turned into saber waves as it struck out. Di Jiu’s saber move was meant to block the Yin-Yang Hammer Attack coming his way.

In fact, Di Jiu’s saber move deliberately avoided the Yin-Yang Hammer in wave form and crashed into Gao Zhenyong like sea waves.

If a Foundation Establishment cultivator had attacked him, maybe Di Jiu would not have acted in defense. However, he had to withstand this attack before he kept attacking Gao Zhenyong.

Gao Zhenyong was a Golden Core cultivator, so even though Di Jiu was confident in his own armor, he would not dare take a hit from Gao Zhenyong’s Yin-Yang Hammer. After striking with the fifth split-wave saber move, Di Jiu used the Furious Waves once again.

His punch was like countless waves rushing down.

Bang! Bang! Bang! After swallowing a mouthful of blood and suffering a broken hand, Di Jiu’s Gathering Peaks Move was utterly destroyed by Gao Zhenyong. When the strength of his fist was about to run out, Di Jiu’s Furious Waves took over.

The turbulent waves could block the sharpness of the Yin-Yang Hammer, but they could not disperse Gao Zhenyong’s Yin-Yang Hammer Attack completely. A Yin-Yang Hammer Shadow broke through the Furious Waves and headed towards Di Jiu’s chest un.o.bstructed.

Di Jiu, who was secretly very anxious, wondered why Geng Jihua had not arrived yet. He had not expected that a mid-stage Golden Core cultivator would be so powerful as to handle his sneak attack. This man was nothing like the swamp lion.

Meanwhile, Di Jiu’s split-wave saber struck Gao Zhenyong’s other Yin-Yang Hammer Shadow. The split-wave hammer flare was split open and its power weakened, but it did not collapse. Instead, it kept heading towards Gao Zhenyong’s body.

Gao Zhenyong did not care about Di Jiu’s knife. He believed that the power of Di Jiu’s saber move would not be stronger than the power of his previous move. Plus, his Yin-Yang Hammer had blocked it. In his opinion, this saber move would only cause him a small injury. If he withstood Di Jiu’s fast sneak attack, he could easily kill Di Jiu.

Gao Zhenyong’s priority now was dealing with Di Jiu’s Furious Waves. Although this fist move was also blocked by his Yin-Yang Hammer, it was not beaten. Gao Zhenyong, who had seen the Gathering Peaks Move earlier, knew how terrible this punch was. This was a supernatural power after all. Thus, instead of attacking Di Jiu again, he turned the Yin-Yang Hammer into eight void trigrams that blocked the Furious Waves.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The Furious Waves slammed against the eight void trigrams and splashed them with a wave of essence energy fluctuations. Even though Di Jiu’s punch was very strong, after it was blocked by the Yin-Yang Hammer, he couldn’t cross the eight void trigrams anymore.

Bang! Di Jiu’s split-wave saber move slashed at Gao Zhenyong’s body. As Gao Zhenyong had expected, Di Jiu’s saber move had only left a deep b.l.o.o.d.y wound on him. For a sixth-level Golden Core cultivator like him, this was nothing.

Di Jiu’s offensive powers had obviously weakened. As Gao Zhenyong sneered, the Yin-Yang Hammer Aura soared and the black-and-white Yin-Yang turned into a killing intent that smothered Di Jiu. They had now switched roles. Di Jiu, who had been attacking him before, now had to defend himself and fight back.

If Gao Zhenyong had not seen the colored diamond, he would have been hesitant about fighting such a terrifying Foundation Establishment termite. However, he now felt only pa.s.sion in his heart. If he got that special stone, he might be able to fight the Nascent Spirit after he perfected his Golden Core.

Before Gao Zhenyong could crush Di Jiu, the split-wave saber that had wounded him suddenly burst open like a wave hitting a boulder. The exploding saber rushed over at Gao Zhenyong’s body from every direction.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Gao Zhenyong, who could even hear the sound of his veins and bones breaking, spurted out some blood before he rushed to the door.

Although he could have beaten Di Jiu, he had fallen victim to his sneak attack. He only regretted that he had missed this opportunity because of his carelessness.

Di Jiu had also suffered a heavy blow, so he was unable to force Gao Zhenyong to stay around.

Gao Zhenyong was rushing to the entrance of the lounge, when a huge axe smashed down.

Was there an ambush? Gao Zhenyong’s heart sank as he retreated quickly.

Bang! Even though Gao Zhenyong was very fast, the giant axe almost cut off his waist and a ton of blood spurted a few meters away.

Gao Zhenyong kept regretting this missed opportunity. He should not have run away a second time. He should have fought and killed Di Jiu first instead.

“You can’t kill me, I…” Gao Zhenyong hadn’t finished talking yet, when Di Jiu’s long saber summoned Saber Qi and smashed Gao Zhenyong’s head.

“Brother Jiu, I am late!” Geng Jihua sounded a little embarra.s.sed. Although Di Jiu had given him an array flag and taught him how to open the confinement array he had arranged, it had still taken him a long time to open it.

Di Jiu picked up the ring from the ground and burned Gao Zhenyong with a ball of flames until he turned into gray ash. “Now we have to kill all the people here. We can’t leave anyone alive.”

“Rest a.s.sured, Brother Jiu. I will not let anyone escape from the Qi Family’s Commercial Building alive!” Geng Jihua said, full of killing Qi.

Two years later, he finally had a huge chance. Now that he knew that his hometown had been destroyed by the Qi Family, he couldn’t wait to get rid of all the branches of the Qi Family’s Commercial Building.

The Defense Array of the Marsh Ocean Town could not stop Di Jiu.

After he and Geng Jihua left the Marsh Ocean Town, there was a horrible burst of sound inside the Qi Family’s Commercial Building. Then, everyone clearly saw the building turn into flat land.

Some people who knew a little about array formation could tell that someone had used an Explosive Array to blow up the Qi Family’s Commercial Building.

Two days later, all the town residents saw what the explosion had left behind. Two years earlier, the building had been robbed by Galaxy Sect Disciple Di Jiu. Now, it had been robbed once again.

This time, the culprits had both robbed the building and killed the Golden Core Guard and the Foundation Deacon of the Qi Family’s Commercial Building. When they had left, they had also blown the building, so they had obviously not done this for the sake of stealing some money.

Everyone knew that this had been done by a white-haired old man, as a white-haired old man had entered the Qi Family’s Commercial Building that night and never come out. Then, everyone had heard the sound of an explosion.

The Qi Family was livid. The local branch of the Qi Family’s Commercial Building in the Marsh Ocean Town had now been robbed twice. If they didn’t catch the culprit, how could they claim to be one of the top businesses in the Polar Night Continent anymore?

Before the Qi Family could find out who had destroyed their building in the Marsh Ocean Town, their local branch in the Saddle Red Lane City was also robbed.

This time, a cultivator who had perfected the Foundation Establishment had been killed. Everything in the building had also been taken. After emptying the building, the culprits had destroyed it and left.

The person who had destroyed the Saddle Red Lane City branch of the Qi Family’s Commercial Building was also that white-haired old man. He obviously only targeted the Qi Family, as he had never touched any other commercial buildings.

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