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Yale's father had been trapped for quite a long time, but his life had never been in danger until that moment.
The main reason for that was that he could serve as a bait to the Battle G.o.d, and they planned to give him to the members of the other universe after the invasion.
As the husband of one of the two sixth level immortals of the universe that they knew about, his value as a hostage was incredibly high because he could be used to restrict the movements of his wife. After all, they weren't aware of the existence of the Mysterious Expert until the previous battle started and the Mysterious Expert sealed the area.
However, the hostage needed to be in a good condition or else would just trigger the anger of his wife, and the plan to restrain her would fail.
Moreover, although Yale's father was just an Origin G.o.d and couldn't be considered to be the strongest Origin G.o.d, he was above average among Origin G.o.ds. Some people even considered him to be one of the hundred strongest Origin G.o.ds.
Thus, it wasn't easy restricting him and the faction that did it had paid a great price for it, with all their strongest members being unable to move.
They had already sworn allegiance with the other universe, so they were ready to sacrifice everything for the invasion to succeed because if it failed, they didn't doubt that they would be wiped out.
Yale was also someone with value as a hostage. It wasn't hard to say that Yale and his father were the biggest weak points of Yale's mother, but at the same time, they were also people that couldn't be harmed carelessly or would just provoke that she went berserk.
In fact, the intention of the other universe was forcing Yale's mother to switch sides using Yale and his father.
Yale's father would just be a hostage, but if everything went as the other universe had planned, Yale would have betrayed the universe to join them, which together with his father being caught, would be very effective on affecting Yale's mother.
Especially since her son would have joined them by his own will.
Of course, that would only be on the surface because it would have been a result of the curse that Yale had since before being born.
After losing all his emotions, Yale wouldn't have cared at all about family and friends and would only choose the option that had biggest benefits for himself, and the other universe didn't doubt that the choice would have been changing sides.
In fact, if their plan had succeeded, and Yale's mother also changed sides after Yale did it, the war would have already been decided.
After all, of the remaining dangerous experts that they knew about, it was only the universe creator and the Battle G.o.d, and the later would be unable to act freely if his family was on the other side.
As for the universe creator alone, they believed that wasn't their match because one person alone shouldn't be able to battle a whole universe.
Of course, after succeeding in making the three of them changing sides, they wouldn't waste the chance of enslaving them to ensure their loyalty. In fact, all the people in the other universe could be considered to have been enslaved by their universe creator.

Things like trust didn't exist there. Everything worked through enslaving others to ensure hundred percent of loyalty.
For the universe creator of that universe, people are slaves or dead, there weren't any other kind of people, but that person had a preference for enslaving the strong ones because they were useful later.
In that person's eyes, the plan was perfect, and there was no way to fail, but the plan had a great flaw, the Mysterious Expert.
The fact of not knowing about that person was the biggest problem of the plan, and it had been the Mysterious Expert who by helping Yale to become a Timeless Sovereign had aided him to get rid of the curse, which broke the plan of the other universe to make Yale change sides.
Yale's father alone would just restrict her movements, but it would be impossible for Yale's mother to change side like they believed that would happen if Yale decided to switch sides.
Moreover, if Yale's father were to be rescued before they could use him as a hostage in the war, the plan would crumble even more when Yale's mother discovered about their intentions.
After all, at that moment, she only knew that her son was cursed, but she didn't know that the curse was to make her son change sides and coerce her with that.
As for Yale's father being kidnaped to be used as a hostage, she didn't know about it either.
Yale's mother always had a fiery temper when someone touched those of her family, and it was easy to the other universe imagine how would she turn once she discovered about it.
A sixth level immortal going crazy wasn't something that the other universe wanted to see. More exactly, they didn't want that Yale's mother turned even crazier because she was already the nightmare of any member of the army who saw her battling.
On the other hand, Alter Yale would be more than happy to see the desperation of his enemies once the truth was discovered because in his past, although he was also a Timeless Sovereign and didn't change sides due to the curse, his father was forced to go the other universe and served as a hostage.
Moreover, that had finished with his mother's death because she was unable to focus on the battle properly with her husband's life being threatened.
Thus, Yale was sent to free his father and prevent that scene from happening again. In fact, since the army was unable to spread due to the Mysterious Expert seal, it should be enough to avoid the problem, but Alter Yale knew that it was still possible that the same scene happened even if the chances were minimal.
Although the possibility of his father being sent to the other universe would be difficult without the army's help, the possibility that the ones restrained his father were in desperation and would decide to die together with him was still highly possible.
Alter Yale was an evildoer who delighted with the suffering of his enemies and didn't mind harming innocents to accomplish his objectives, but he always knew how to difference allies and enemies, and he definitely wouldn't betray them or letting them die if he could avoid it.
Of course, he wouldn't harm his allies unless it was for their own benefit.
If it weren't because after seeing the possibilities of the future, Alter Yale understood that Yale should be the one rescuing his father to obtain the best results, he would have rescued his father by himself before the open war started.
Yale hadn't known any of that information until he started to charge towards the planet with haste due to his limited time.
After teleporting, the will that Alter Yale put on the sword before giving it to Yale explained everything to Yale. That included Alter Yale's ident.i.ty as someone from another time and the truth behind the curse.
Of course, the matter about the enemies wanting to use his father as a hostage to restrict his mother which would end with her death was also included, which made Yale attack with all his strength to the planet where his father was being restricted.
The barriers of the planet started to crack, and several thousands of people died. Those were far too weak to endure the aftershock.
Everyone in that planet belonged to the faction that was restraining his father, and they were also related to Yale's own death in his past life, so there wasn't any mercy for anyone who was on their side.
Yale crossed the barrier by the cracks formed due to his previous attack and instantly felt that the Essences couldn't be used there.
However, Yale's control over time hadn't changed as that wasn't something that relied on an Essence.
Moreover, the pure energy also worked there, so Yale's power hadn't been diminished at all.
In fact, Yale could use a bit all the Essences, which should be impossible, but that bit was negligible when battling against World G.o.ds and Origin G.o.ds.
Yale's Path had been modified and wasn't completely affected by the restrictions. Yale believed that if he managed to make a real breakthrough to fourth level immortal, the restriction would turn practically useless.
The World G.o.ds of that faction were all on that planet as they didn't dare to leave with the Origin G.o.ds being busy restraining Yale's father, so in a few seconds about a thousand traitor World G.o.ds appeared in front of Yale.
"I don't know who you are, but by attacking us, you are already dead. Everyone, attack!"
Although Yale's aura was that of an Origin G.o.d, his aura wasn't normal, so they felt that he was just boosting his power through some special skill and that he wouldn't be able to resist against about a thousand World G.o.d experts.
Yale didn't speak, but he made two slashes. One with the Essence Slayer Sword, and the other with the sword created from Lar.
He also learned about that matter and felt extremely guilty for what happened to her. Yale had already sworn that someday he would be powerful again to let her soul return to be human.

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