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Cracks appeared on the s.p.a.ce surrounding Yale as he used all his power to advance towards the invader before the dimension forced him to leave.
"At this pace, I will be out before managing to kill him. I can't allow that to happen. I need just a bit more time!"
Yale was shouting in his mind as he felt the pressure trying to expel him from the dimension increased.
Originally, the pressure should have protected Yale in case the enemies had a surge of strength, but the Battle G.o.d didn't predict that the one who would surpa.s.s the limits would be Yale himself.
"This dimension had been created by my grandfather. It shouldn't be working against me."
Yale was releasing all his aura hoping that the dimension would recognize him as the Battle G.o.d's grandson, but it didn't seem to be working.
The cracks on the s.p.a.ce increased and the area near Yale was starting to collapse.
In fact, although Yale felt that the dimension was ignoring him, it was already helping him or else he wouldn't have endured even one second once his strength surpa.s.sed the limit.
The pressure on Yale was still increasing, but Yale's determination allowed him to continue running towards his enemy.
At that moment, Yale didn't have restrictions of flight or divine sense due to the crumbling of the dimension.
He managed to see the position of the others, but he had no way to put them in his Storage s.p.a.ce. After all, he was already giving his all just to reach the big man who was quite near to him, reaching the others was just impossible.
At the same time, he also noticed the other three invaders, which only increased Yale's urge to kill at least one to lower the danger faced by the others.
When Yale noticed about the invaders, they sensed Yale's aura and were frightened for an instant.
They were quite stupid, but they had a very good instinct regarding danger, or they wouldn't have turned in the only four survivors among the weakest members of the army.
The big man who tried to eat Wyba was also frightened, but he felt that his body couldn't move at all.
Of course, Lina and the others also noticed Yale's aura and were shocked by its strength.
All of them thought very high of Yale's power, but the one he was using surpa.s.sed completely all their expectations.
"I will be expelled from this dimension soon. Wyba is with me. I can kill one of the four invaders before leaving. As for the other three, be careful of them!"
A message from Yale reached everyone except the invaders.
Yale would have wanted to kill all the invaders or leave with everyone in his group, but he knew that it was impossible.
As for returning alter to help them to leave, Yale didn't believe that the battle G.o.d could afford to be distracted with them until the army outside had been finished.
In fact, it was far safer inside than outside because there were only four enemies and one of them was already dead on Yale's mind.
Yale was more worried about what to do after leaving than anything else because he didn't believe that the army outside had been eradicated.

However, he also knew that there was no way to stop the dimension's expelling force, which would force him to leave.
There were different reactions after hearing Yale's words.
Aiwai felt relieved that Wyba was with Yale, and Shiba's eyes shined with determination to increase his strength enough to kill any invader that appeared before him.
Those two were among the most affected by Yale's words because most of the others like Ange or Lina didn't change what they were planning to do.
However, Aiwai's plan to meet Yale was destroyed, and Shiba didn't want to be left behind by his master because for him that would be the same that becoming a burden.
However, the strongest reaction was from Terug who smiled as he heard the message.
"Great! Yale leaving with Wyba after killing an enemy was among the best options of those that Alter Yale told me. Don't worry Yale. I will protect the rest. You can leave without worries."
Those words only appeared in Terug's mind, so no one heard them.
Terug's speed increased as he swore that he wouldn't fail his mission even if he needed to die in the process.
Although time seemed to have slowed down for everyone, it had been less than half a minute since Yale finished his enlightenment.
Even slower was the time for the big man who had wanted to eat Wyba.
He saw Yale nearing to him slowly, but in fact, Yale's speed was incredibly high. It was just that the disturbances on the dimension had altered the big man's perception of time, which prevented him from controlling his body properly.
The same was happening to Yale, but since his control over time surpa.s.sed that of the Battle G.o.d, it didn't affect his strength.
The big man had never felt so much fear in his whole life. When he was just a little beast, he was almost eaten by a big beast, which had turned into his biggest fear each time he remembered it, but that was nothing compared to the fear he was feeling in front of Yale.
"You will pay the price for trying to eat my sister. Die!"
Yale finally reached the big man's body and cut it for the first time.
The s.p.a.ce around them was crumbling, and in a few seconds, Yale would be expelled, but Yale didn't stop and continued slashing the big man.
Each slash injured the body and the soul, but Yale needed several of them if he wanted to kill his opponent.
Yale at that moment was stronger than his opponent, but not strong enough to kill him in one hit.
However, since his opponent was unable to move, Yale just slashed him to death.
When the s.p.a.ce around Yale shattered completely forcing Yale to leave the dimension, there wasn't anything of that big man remaining. He was utterly destroyed in body and soul.
Yale hadn't deactivated Celestial Knowledge so all the army would see it, but due to how dangerous the situation on the outside was from Yale's point of view, Yale didn't dare to restrain himself for fear of dying in an instant.
He believed that the enemies would target him for his Celestial Knowledge, but he saw an army invading, so he didn't believe that the army would ignore him even if they didn't discover about it.
Yale's body appeared in the outside, and almost everyone was shocked.
The army was shocked because they couldn't believe that the person that they believed to be a clone reappeared fully healed and with far more strength than before.
As for the Battle G.o.d, he couldn't believe that Yale managed to increase his power so much in a short time.
The only one who wasn't shocked at all was Alter Yale as it was within his plans.
Instead, it was Yale who was shocked to see Alter Yale.
Until that moment, Yale hadn't known at all about his existence, but once seeing him, he was sure that they were related. Moreover, he could feel that Alter Yale wasn't weaker than the Battle G.o.d.
Yale wanted to ask, but he felt that the situation as quite bad since the army seemed to have fixed their eyes on him at that moment.
"Mysterious Expert! Do it now!"
At that moment Alter Yale's voice appeared in the minds of everyone, and suddenly Yale felt unable to move.
"Yale, I don't have time to explain to you right now, but I will explain this to you later. Just believe that I am on your side. For now, take this sword. You are the only one who should have it."
Alter Yale threw the sword created from Lar's body and soul to Yale just when Yale's body started to shine with a strange light.
The sword entered Yale's Storage s.p.a.ce automatically, and Yale's body started to fade away.
"Yale, your place isn't this battlefield. You have a different mission to accomplish. Don't fail."
Alter Yale's words appeared again in Yale's mind before his body disappeared.
An instant later, Yale found himself in another place of the universe. He had never been there, but he knew where he was because that was just outside the world where his father was trapped.
Although Yale still didn't understand the whole situation, he understood Alter Yale's meaning.
Yale's mission was to rescue his own father, so the Mysterious Expert forced his teleportation to that place. The distance between the two points was enormous, so Yale believed that it shouldn't have been easy even for the Mysterious Expert.
There were still about fourteen minutes before his fake breakthrough disappeared so he could use that time to attack.
The power of Yale at that moment was more than enough to battle in equal standing with an Origin G.o.d, and as far as he knew the Origin G.o.ds couldn't move because they were restraining his father.
Yale didn't think that he could destroy everything in fourteen minutes, but as long as he forced those Origin G.o.ds to move, his father should be able to break free from his restraints, which would already be a victory for Yale.

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