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Yale and Wyba hid in a forest at some kilometers of the place where they had battled against the invader.
They had fled at tops speed and solved the problem temporally, but Yale knew that he needed to find a way to kill that invader before they were discovered.
Yale had no doubt that the man who battled against him was a fool without brain despite his high power, but he was sure that the man had great hunting instincts and Yale's ways to hide his presence were by relying on himself, so his capability to hide couldn't be compared to the trump card of Eini.
Moreover, since they ran in haste, it would be even easier for the other party to track them down.
Thus, Yale needed to find a way to kill his opponent in that time he obtained.
As for if the same trick of the meat would work or not, Yale didn't want to bet his life on it.
Moreover, they couldn't just run away because there were chances of meeting with some other enemy, and against two their previous battle tactic wouldn't work, and Yale didn't think that there could be two invaders who were so stupid.
In fact, although their personalities weren't identical, they were the most stupid ones in the whole army.
Yale was also worried for the rest of his group, but he didn't have the luxury of worrying for others at that moment.
At that moment, outside the dimension, Alter Yale closed his eyes.
"Are you worried by something?"
The Battle G.o.d asked immediately after sensing that there was something wrong with Alter Yale.
"The Yale of this era is in deep trouble, but I am not worried about him. I was just finishing to adjust something for the synchronization of universes."
Alter Yale was able to know everything about Yale through pure energy, so he had seen the battle and how Yale had needed to flee.
However, Alter Yale had never been worried by Yale because he had the absolute confidence that Yale wouldn't die.
Until that moment, everything that happened was still in the options of development he envisioned. He had prepared measures to deal with uncountable possibilities that could happen, and Yale facing one of those four invaders wasn't even the worst situation possible.
Inside the dimension, Yale had a worried look on his face because the invader was nearing to their position.
Yale had hidden a mark on that meat, so he was barely able to detect the other party's position for a month.
Fleeing wasn't a wise choice because it would only make the other party find them faster and on speed, they wouldn't be able to overcome the other party.
Even using their wings wouldn't be safe enough as Yale didn't believe that the other party couldn't attack at long range. Yale felt that it was just because of lack of brain to choose the best option that the invader hadn't used them previously, but if they fled attacking with long-range attacks would be the only option.
While he was thinking about what to do, he started to feel an intense headache and instantly fell into enlightenment.

At that instant, the universe where his incarnation was had synchronized with the universe Yale was, which provoked that the memories of Yale and his incarnation synchronized.
The flow of time had been different in both universes, and the time experimented by his incarnation had been far more than the time experienced by Yale since the last time the memories were synchronized.
That huge income of information was the reason for Yale's headache, but also the reason for his enlightenment.
That was an enlightenment that his incarnation was having at that same moment when the universe synchronized.
The chances of that great coincidence happening naturally were almost inexistent, but that wasn't a coincidence at all because it was something planned by Alter Yale, who coordinated the flow of time perfectly to create something that anyone who didn't know the truth would consider a miracle.
The life of Yale's incarnation had been very different to that of Yale.
In that universe, Yale's incarnation was revered as a G.o.d, and his view of things had changed due to the experience.
Yale's incarnation could feel the faith of all the universe directly, which was something that over tens of thousands of years let him achieve enlightenment about faith and the pure energy created from there.
Usually, it was hard for even those in higher universes to reach enlightenment about that, and it was an enlightenment that even ninth level immortals in higher universes wanted to obtain at any price.
Any of them wasn't someone that the people in universes of the level of Yale's universe could offend.
That enlightenment had a name in the higher universes. Divine Fate.
Achieving Divine Fate was a condition to surpa.s.s the ninth level immortal and surpa.s.s immortality.
Of course, that alone wasn't enough, but there had been a lot of experts in higher universes struck on the ninth level immortal for ages who had been unable to achieve enlightenment.
After all, obtained the complete faith of a lower universe without having created it and live there while being treated as a G.o.d, was something that they couldn't do.
Not because they didn't have the capability, but because it was forbidden by the rules set in the higher universes.
The method used by Yale's incarnation was the fasted one and the most optimal, but the higher universes suppressed it.
The strongest experts didn't want to have others at their level because it would threaten their position, so among all of them ended up creating a huge set of restrictive rules that limited the growth of the others.
Those rules didn't bind Yale's universe because it wasn't subordinated to a higher universe, so there was nothing wrong with that Yale did.
Usually, people of higher universes created lower universes, and those become linked to the universe of the one who created it, but Yale's universe was created by someone from a lower universe, which was an extremely strange situation.
Moreover, that lower universe was something known as an abandoned Universe. A universe whose owner died and didn't have connections to any other universe.
That kind of universe was seen as the worst type of universe because they were doomed to destruction.
It didn't matter the level of a universe because once the owner died, the restrictions of the universe would start to grow.
The maximum level of the universe would start to decrease, and those born in that universe that hadn't left it would also lose their power.
The rest of universes would be cut-off from that universe making the travel between universes extremely difficult because there wouldn't be any way to travel between them than relying on pure strength to open a way.
At some point, training would become impossible even for Mortal levels leaving a universe with only ordinary mortals, but that wasn't the end.
The intelligent life forms would also start to be banned from the universe until they disappeared, and later on even other complex lifeforms would suffer the same fate.
In the end, no life would remain int eh whole universe, and no life would be allowed there. After that, the universe itself would die and disappear forever.
Of course, ownerless universes didn't have that problem. They never had an owner and weren't linked to anyone. The main danger is that it was possible for someone to obtain the ownership as Yale did.
At that moment, if Yale died, that universe would become an abandoned universe and would be cut off from the universe where Yale was.
The universe creator and the Battle G.o.d were born in an abandoned universe, but the universe creator managed to overcome fate creating another universe, which was the one where Yale was born.
Thus, Yale's universe had a strange status compared to other universes, which opened a loophole for having a chance to sue the easiest method to achieve Divine Fate.
All the knowledge regarding Divine Fate and abandoned universe appeared in Yale's enlightenment.
The enlightenment didn't really have a tangible effect on Yale's level, but his body recovered completely from the exhaustion of having used too much pure energy previously.
"I can now control the pure energy, but this is just a small side effect, I will lose it after about fifteen minutes... However, fifteen minutes would be enough."
Yale thought while his eyes shined as he activated Celestial Knowledge and manipulated the pure energy.
"Wyba, enter the Storage s.p.a.ce. This time he won't lay a hand on me, so he won't be able to expel you from there."
Wyba obeyed, and Yale manipulated the pure energy to form a whole planet on the Storage s.p.a.ce.
At that moment, Yale's aura changes and he reached fourth level immortal. Although he reached it just temporarily by using the pure energy as a subst.i.tute of an Essence, so his strength wasn't the same as if he advanced correctly.
However, that breakthrough was just for fifteen minutes, not a real one, so Yale didn't mind.
The s.p.a.ce around Yale seemed to be crumbling as if the dimension was trying to expel him.
Yale's power had already surpa.s.sed the limit set for that dimension, but Yale refused to leave.
"I didn't expect that the dimension would try to force me out. This is bad. Right now, only Wyba is with me. At least I must kill that fellow before leaving to protect the others!"

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