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Deep chanting sounds could be heard as a gray soul ring appeared on Huo Yuhao's body, and his aura became dark and sinister.

The Princess of the Sea and her daughter would have panicked in fear if he hadn't warned them beforehand. But Huo Yuhao's words and the shadow that Tang Wutong had released before this calmed them down, and they stared earnestly at Huo Yuhao. This was their last hope.

The incantations were lengthy as Huo Yuhao's body radiated dense spiritual power continuously, gradually forming a gray glyph in front of him.

This glyph was very unique. It looked like a human face, and it was still blurry in the beginning, but gradually appeared to be identical to the mermaid princess' appearance, who was still unconscious. But it was completely gray.

“Go!” Huo Yuhao growled as his incantations stopped.

The glyph that was shaped like a human face swiftly floated towards the mermaid princess, and descended and landed on her face.

The mermaid princess' body quivered vigorously once before she began to tremble, and an illusory picture drifted out from her head.

The image wasn't large, only half a meter in diameter. But it was clear enough for everyone to see.

The image presented the mermaid princess, but she was tied onto a wooden frame with more than ten metal chains. Wasn't that the Myriad Soul Douluo standing in front of her?

The Myriad Soul Douluo was chanting something, and he waved the Myriad Soul Banner in his hands continuously. Enormous avenging spirits howled from time to time as they encircled the mermaid princess.

There were many strange tools and items laid out around her. There were skulls, and there were other soul beasts' bones and skeletons.

The mermaid princess cried out agonizingly again and again, and her body trembled vigorously. She was clearly in a lot of pain.

The Princess of the Sea and her daughter couldn't bear to look, and they closed their eyes.

Time Reversal! This was a powerful necromantic spell that Electrolux had left behind for Huo Yuhao. It demanded too much from an individual's soul, which was why Huo Yuhao had never used it. He was taking a risk by attempting it today, and he didn't think that he would succeed on his first try. Huo Yuhao's formidable spiritual power was the important guarantee so that he could complete this spell. Of course, that was also because the mermaid princess was unconscious, and couldn't possibly resist him.

The shadows in the image were illusory, and some were a little blurry. It was evident how much pain the mermaid princess was in back then.

It didn't take long before another illusory shadow appeared from her head. This image was just like her own head, but it looked very sinister, as her eyes were bloodshot.

Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned when he saw this. He immediately recalled that, back during his fight with the Myriad Soul Douluo, wasn't this the most formidable avenging spirit in his Myriad Soul Banner?

So, so the Myriad Soul Douluo's mermaid avenging spirit came from this mermaid princess.

The situation in the image changed once more. The Myriad Soul Douluo seemed to be startled, and he stopped his incantations as he swung his Myriad Soul Banner. The mermaid avenging spirit was sucked into it before he walked away.

The images stopped as the shadows dissipated, and everything returned to its original state. The mermaid princess' circ.u.mstance seemed to become worse on the ice jade bed, and her life energy was almost undetectable.

“So? Can she be saved?” The Princess of the Sea asked eagerly.

Huo Yuhao forced a laugh and said, “I'm afraid that's not possible. The princess' soul has taken a fatal injury, and maybe not even a G.o.d can do anything about this. From what we just saw, that evil soul master must have taken away part of her soul. He used certain methods to frighten her, and he gave her the most intense pain and agony so that she developed all kinds of negative feelings. When these negative feelings started entering her soul, the evil soul master used special methods to extract these negative feelings and fused them with part of her soul. He then stripped away that part of her soul and transformed it into an avenging spirit. If you hadn't appeared in time, the princess might have really completely become an avenging spirit. If that had happened, the evil soul master would have definitely become a lot more powerful.”

“But even then, her spiritual origin has been damaged, and only half of her soul remains. She can't possibly survive something like this, and her spiritual sea is completely dried up, while that is the same for her life energy. She is faced with certain death.”

The Princess of the Sea fell silent when she heard Huo Yuhao's words. Of course, she knew that his words were true. She had tried everything she could over the past few days to try and heal her daughter, but everything was futile. Huo Yuhao's description confirmed her own speculations, and no matter how much she wasn't willing to admit it, she knew that it was the truth.

“Is there really nothing you can do?” The Princess of the Sea's other daughter, the mermaid princess with the silver crown, asked worriedly.

Huo Yuhao fell silent for a moment, then said, “There is a very slim chance that perhaps I can prolong the mermaid princess' life. But I cannot guarantee that it will be successful. Furthermore, even if I do succeed, she won't be the same mermaid princess as before.”

The Princess of the Sea's eyes glowed. “It doesn't matter what she becomes as long as she can survive.” She was just a mother in this moment, and she had already given up any thought of her little daughter taking over her throne. All she wanted was for her daughter to live!

Huo Yuhao hesitated for a few moments, then said, “I can try to fuse with her spirit. If I'm successful, then she will continue living as a Spirit. If I fail, then… her spirit will vanish.”

The Princess and her daughter's expressions changed when they heard those words.

Her spirit would vanish! That meant she would be obliterated from the world, and would disappear forever.

Faint light flickered as Huo Yuhao turned towards the Princess of the Sea. “If we don't try this, her spirit will dissipate. You are aware of her current state, and we can't rely on any other force to keep her fragmented soul together. Her soul is like a crystal that is completely cracked open, and part of it has been taken away. We can only use the contract so that those cracks can be pieced back together and healed. Please, make your decision quickly. The longer you drag this out, the lower our chance of success.”

“Yuhao!” Tang Wutong suddenly called his name.

Huo Yuhao turned around to Tang Wutong. She shook her head at him, and her eyes were full of disapproval.

They had been together for so long, and they understood each other's thoughts very well. He naturally knew why Tang Wutong would object.

This mermaid princess who was in deep slumber had suffered so much pain and agony by human hands, and she would definitely awaken during the process.

The most important requirement for Spirit fusion was that the soul beast had to be cooperative. Everything would be futile if that wasn't the case.

The mermaid princess had suffered so much pain at the hands of that evil soul master. How could she cooperate with Huo Yuhao? He would have to take a very vigorous backlash if he failed.

The mermaid princess was a hundred thousand year soul beast, and she was also a spiritual-type soul beast. If she fought against Huo Yuhao, the backlash would be very strong, and he would likely be severely injured! His chances of success would be a lot smaller than any of his previous fusions.

That was the reason why Tang Wutong objected. She believed that he was wasting his time.

Huo Yuhao shook his head at her gently, and determination surfaced in his eyes.

He was determined to help the mermaid princess, but that wasn't because he wanted a Spirit out of this so that he could give his Spirit Eyes its eighth soul ring. The reason he wanted to do this was because he sought understanding from these aquatic soul beasts.

Their expedition deep into the Ice Sea had allowed him to witness how vast and formidable the aquatic soul beasts were, and he had witnessed how powerful they were.

If aquatic soul beasts continued to view humans as enemies, then rivers would run with blood in the future. Even though the Ice Sea was within the Sun Moon Empire's territory, this was still something that Huo Yuhao didn't want to see. He hoped that Spirits could be spread to every corner of the earth, and that was the reason why this opportunity was so important. The Princess of the Sea would trust him if he succeeded, and that would be extremely beneficial for aquatic soul beasts to joint the Spirit PaG.o.da's endeavors in the future. When that happened, more soul masters wouldn't need to hunt and kill soul beasts for soul rings. That was the best outcome.

So, Huo Yuhao was willing to take this risk. He could feel that his spiritual power was improving. He wasn't sure whether or not this attempt would be successful, but he still had to try, even if it would result in him being severely injured!

A deep voice rang out in this moment. The Princess of the Sea sniffled as she said, “Alright, I agree. Please do it. You will always be our friend, no matter how this turns out.”

Huo Yuhao turned towards the Princess, and then at her daughter next to her. He nodded heavily in their direction before he came beside the ice jade bed.

If Tang Wutong hadn't released her ninth soul ring, they would never trust a human. But their hostility had completely disappeared after that shadow appeared from her ninth soul ring, and it even dispelled all the murderousness and resentment in every other aquatic soul beast's hearts in this area.

There was only hope in the Princess and her daughter's hearts.

Faint light flickered as ice-cold light radiated from Huo Yuhao's face. Deep incantations could be heard once more.

They were at the bottom of the ocean. He was limited by his circ.u.mstances, so there was no way he could carve a magic formation to support him. The mermaid princess' situation also meant that he couldn't delay any further, and he had to begin right away.
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