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He's indeed very strong! Bei Bei was very impressed. Long Aotian had defeated both Huo Yuhao and Xu Sanshi consecutively, and acted as if nothing had happened. He even asked for the next compet.i.tor to take the stage. His abilities were indeed extraordinary.

In the Snowdemon Sect's waiting area, Princess Wei Na suddenly stood up and said to the Unbreakable Douluo, "Referee, can we request that the stage be repaired, now that it's in such bad shape. Otherwise, the spectators won't be able to watch the upcoming fights." 

Indeed, most of the stage had been destroyed. The center of the stage had turned into a huge hole and looked extremely battered. There was no way to fight on such a stage.

However, time was needed to repair the stage. This would undoubtedly be very beneficial for the Snowdemon Sect. Long Aotian had been greatly depleted. He could use that time to recover slightly, and continue the individual elimination rounds. He might be able to defeat the whole of the Tang Sect on his own!

Princess Wei Na was very clever. Bei Bei also stood up and said to the referee, "The stage is indeed badly damaged. However, there shouldn't be any rest time in the individual elimination rounds, according to the rules.

"The Snowdemon Sect just won the previous fight. If repairs are carried out now, it'll be very unfair to us. Please deal with this issue fairly."

Xu Sanshi's previous antics left Zheng Zhan extremely unimpressed with the Tang Sect. However, Xu Tianran had personally paid him a visit before this semifinal round. Although the Tang Sect knew many things, the Sun Moon Empire was also aware of these things, since they were the one who had organized this tournament. Many things also became more and more obvious as the tournament reached the quarterfinals.

To the Sun Moon Empire, the rise of the Tang Sect was indeed a threat. However, the Tang Sect's threat to them had to be calculated alongside that of Shrek Academy. However, the Body Sect was an even greater threat, considering how they had attacked the Ill.u.s.trious Virtue Hall before. 

There was deep hatred towards the Body Sect in the Sun Moon Empire. Given a choice, the empire would be more inclined towards the Tang Sect, though it would be best if both teams suffered greatly to pave the way for the Holy Ghost Sect. He would rather let the Holy Ghost Sect win and invite condemnation than to let Shrek or the Body Sect become the champions of this tournament. 

Xu Tianran had the intention of starting a war after this tournament was over. He wasn't afraid of criticism from the three empires of the continent!

As a result, Zheng Zhan wouldn't stand on the Snowdemon Sect's side, even though he was irked by Xu Sanshi.

"The stage is indeed greatly damaged. To continue the tournament and to ensure fairness, I'll personally ensure that the stage is level. The tournament shall continue. Tang Sect, please send up your third competing member."

As he spoke, Zheng Zhan swiped his right hand, and a ball of white light as large as a human head flew out. Under his control, this ball of light let out a white glow. It spread out over the stage, quickly engulfing the entire surface.

As the white light glowed, the damaged stage seemed to be covered by an extra layer of light. The toughness and durability of this layer were shocking. Long Aotian's expression also changed, as he couldn't recognize what cla.s.s of soul tool Zheng Zhan was using.

Crown Prince Xu Tianran nodded slightly and revealed a smile on his face. The Unbreakable Douluo is indeed very adaptable. Yes, I want them to continue fighting!

Princess Wei Na furrowed her brow. She turned to the Tang Sect and said, "My friends, can we negotiate a little?"

Bei Bei stood up and smiled at Princess Wei Na. He said, "Your Highness, please tell us what you want."

Wei Na smiled and said, "Although it's regrettable that we're fighting each other in this tournament, I'd like to say that our sect respects the Tang Sect very much. Both our sects have obtained two victories as of now. No matter who wins today, the winner still has to continue to compete against the enemy in the final. My suggestion is... let's enter the team round right now. What do you think?"

When she referred to the final, she specifically used the word 'enemy'. Although she wasn't loud, the Holy Ghost Sect in the resting area could definitely hear her. Immediately, a few men in black stood up. However, their leader, the mysterious lady in black, gestured to them, and they sat back down.

Bei Bei pondered for a moment before saying, "Alright, we are willing to go with your idea. Let's enter the team round then, to decide the victor."

Bei Bei had thought about it for a moment, and realized that the Snowdemon Sect wouldn't gain any advantage over them even if they entered the team round right now. While Long Aotian was strong, he was also greatly depleted after fighting two consecutive times. In addition, Chen Lu couldn't fight right now. This meant that the Snowdemon Sect was fighting them with only six people. On the Tang Sect's side, Huo Yuhao had quickly restored his soul power. The time he was afforded when Xu Sanshi fought Long Aotian had enabled him to mostly recover.

After both parties finished their negotiation, they quickly proposed their idea to the Unbreakable Douluo. Wei Na also jumped up on the stage immediately and came up beside Long Aotian. A snow lotus in full bloom appeared in front of her chest. A gentle glow shone down on Long Aotian as she helped restore him.

While Long Aotian was the strongest in the Snowdemon Sect, Wei Na was the real brains behind the entire team. She could judge things for herself. Long Aotian was depleted after fighting two consecutive times. However, she knew him well enough to know that he wasn't in bad shape. This senior of hers was a fanatic. At this point, his fighting will had increased to its peak. The only thing troubling him was his earlier injuries. At this point, treating his injuries would greatly help restore his fighting strength. Even though his soul power had been depleted, his opponents were also depleted, just like him.

The members of both teams ascended to the stage. w.a.n.g Dong'er pushed Huo Yuhao, while Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi walked shoulder-to-shoulder in front of the entire team.

Long Aotian's gaze turned sharp again as he saw Xu Sanshi ascending the stage. He snorted furiously. He had nothing but contempt for Xu Sanshi now.

Xu Sanshi wasn't bothered. He placed one hand on Bei Bei's shoulder, and even seemed a little delighted. "See? This is how impressive a defense-type soul master is. We are naturally talented in developing hatred!"

Bei Bei smiled and replied, "You are right! You are very right. You have a mocking face."

Xu Sanshi was infuriated. "Bei Bei, how dare you say that I deserve to be beaten up?"

Bei Bei acted innocent. "I didn't say that. You said it yourself!"

As they squabbled like this, the tense atmosphere around Shrek's Seven Monsters suddenly relaxed. Bei Bei gestured towards Huo Yuhao as he placed his right hand behind his back.

Huo Yuhao knew what was going on.


Both teams formed a row in the center of the stage.

Indeed, Chen Lu wasn't competing. The Snowdemon Sect, or rather the Body Sect, only had six members, led by Long Aotian.

Long Aotian was in front of everyone else. Princess Wei Na was behind him, followed by w.a.n.g Yanfeng and the rest of the team.

The spectators had beheld a great show watching the first few individual elimination rounds, especially when they witnessed Long Aotian's unrivaled abilities and Xu Sanshi's domain. Both were unprecedented so far in the tournament. Right now, the most intense team round was about to start. The spectators were cheering excitedly, and their fervor was rising.

"Competing members from both parties, please report your names."

"Tang Sect, Bei Bei."

"Tang Sect, He Caitou."

"Tang Sect, Xu Sanshi."

"Tang Sect, Jiang Nannan."

"Tang Sect, Xiao Xiao."

"Tang Sect, Huo Yuhao."

"Tang Sect, w.a.n.g Dong'er."

After Bei Bei returned as the team leader, Shrek's Seven Monsters naturally reported their names according to their seniority.

On the other side,

"Snowdemon Sect, Long Aotian."

"Snowdemon Sect, Wei Na."

"Snowdemon Sect, w.a.n.g Yanfeng."

"Snowdemon Sect, Gu Tong."

"Snowdemon Sect, Jiang Yixi."

"Snowdemon Sect, Chen Yu."

Apart from the first three familiar faces, there were three other members from the Snowdemon Sect. Gu Tong was a slender young man with a very delicate appearance. He even seemed a little shy. However, his eyes were especially bright.

Jiang Yixi was a woman. Her appearance was more ordinary, but her figure was very good. Huo Yuhao first noticed her hands when he observed her. They were bound to capture attention. Her hands were smooth and long, even longer than most men taller than her. Her palms were white and smooth, while her skin was radiating a golden glow. It was obvious that her martial soul was her hands.

The young man named Chen Yu had a well-developed figure. However, he was strangely hunchbacked. His body curled up slightly, but the look in his eyes was very sharp.

Both teams lined up in two rows as they observed each other.

Zheng Zhan said, "From the individual elimination round to the team round, all of you would normally have had some rest. However, this rest time will be voided since the individual elimination rounds weren't fully completed and no team attained three victories. The team round is about to start. Both teams, please take up your positions and prepare to fight."

The members of both teams quickly retreated. They were all very experienced, and had fought alongside their teammates countless times. They didn't need to arrange any additional fighting strategies,and neatly retreated to their own positions.

It was a little weird, as they were standing on the layer of light the Unbreakable Douluo had created. It didn't feel very tough below them, but it wasn't soft, either. There was only a springy sensation.

As he retreated, Xu Sanshi said, "Leave Long Aotian to me. Doesn't he want to fight all-out against me? I'll do exactly that against him."

Bei Bei nodded and said, "End it quickly. Yuhao, command us."

"Alright." Huo Yuhao didn't stand on ceremony either. As a control-type soul master with Spiritual Detection, no one was more suitable than him to control the entire situation.

Very soon, both teams were lined up at their respective sides of the stage.

Zheng Zhan took a deep breath, a slightly complex look on his face. These kids were able to make it so intense in the individual elimination rounds. I wonder what it'll be like in this team round. Anyway, His Highness also told me to let them suffer as much as possible. I shall be less strict in this team round, and let them fight more freely!

On the other side, Wei Na also instructed her teammates with a few words. After hearing her words, even Long Aotian seemed to calm down.

"Both parties, please be prepared! Team round: begin!"

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