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Her pretty eyes gradually turned red only after she left through the Soul Dueling Arena's main gate. Tears began to well up in her eyes as the thought of what had just transpired spun around in her head continuously. Even though she didn't know exactly what had happened, she had interacted with w.a.n.g Qiu'er many times, and w.a.n.g Qiu'er's ice-cold personality gave everyone a strong and lasting impression. However, w.a.n.g Qiu'er was nowhere near as cold and indifferent then, and that was especially so when she screamed those last words. w.a.n.g Dong'er felt as if there was a heavy hammer pounding on her chest.

Yuhao, you…

Tears trickled down her cheeks soundlessly, and w.a.n.g Dong'er picked up her pace as she hugged Huo Yuhao's legs tightly. She didn't want her companions to see her fragile side. No matter how much faith she had in Huo Yuhao, she had seen everything with her own eyes, and it would only mean he wasn't in her heart if she still didn't have any ill-feelings about this. It was only because he meant too much to her that her heartache was so intense.

A girl's thoughts would be vastly different from a guy once her thoughts started getting into a blind alley. w.a.n.g Dong'er felt as if it wasn't impossible that Huo Yuhao had feelings for w.a.n.g Qiu'er. In the end, w.a.n.g Qiu'er looked more like the G.o.ddess of Light than she did, and w.a.n.g Qiu'er wasn't inferior to her in terms of looks, figure, or abilities. w.a.n.g Dong'er didn't have any advantage over w.a.n.g Qiu'er except for the time that she had spent together with him.

w.a.n.g Dong'er deeply believed that Huo Yuhao liked her. However, that didn't mean he couldn't like someone else at the same time? Her second uncle had remarked before that men were generally capable of generous affection. But, but I can't accept that! I have to be the only person in my lover's heart...

She began to sob even more uncontrollably as she continued to think in this direction. There was no way she could accept sharing a lover with someone else. Huo Yuhao was still unconscious, or, if he had known what w.a.n.g Dong'er was thinking, he would have told her exasperatedly, "My dear, you're thinking too much."

w.a.n.g Dong'er carried Huo Yuhao all the way back to the Sea G.o.d's Pavilion before she placed him down on the bed. She took his outer clothes off and helped him wipe his face, and took care of him so that he could sleep more comfortably.

w.a.n.g Dong'er took a chair and sat silently beside him. Her tears were no longer flowing, but her expression was still as dark as ever, and the image of Huo Yuhao interacting with w.a.n.g Qiu'er echoed continuously in her mind.

w.a.n.g Dong'er's heart became increasingly confused and disorganized the more she thought about it, because she was sure that w.a.n.g Qiu'er looked at Huo Yuhao drastically differently from how she looked at other people. Even though her eyes couldn't be described as pa.s.sionate, at least they weren't as cold as they usually were.

She thought back to when she had found them inside the Great Star Dou Forest, and when w.a.n.g Qiu'er was lying on Huo Yuhao's thigh. Did they develop true feelings for each other through suffering? She hadn't thought much about it then because she chose to trust him. But what about today? What did w.a.n.g Qiu'er mean when she exclaimed like that? Why did Huo Yuhao choose to conceal them by releasing his domain once more? What happened between them when he did that?

w.a.n.g Dong'er's face became paler as she continued to think. At this moment, Huo Yuhao was completely submerged within his spiritual world.


What a brutal kick! I just wanted to save her! Huo Yuhao's thoughts were full of exasperation and frustration.

He didn't sleep for too long after fainting. However, he was unable to directly control his body when he woke up, and he realized to his surprise that his consciousness had entered his spiritual sea.

His spiritual sea's vastness was far greater than before, his boundless spiritual sea torrential as tidal waves surged around it, while dense spiritual power undulations circulated like currents.

He had also showed mercy when he fought w.a.n.g Qiu'er. Otherwise, the outcome would have been entirely different if he had used his Eye of Destiny with all his controlling abilities at the beginning.

He didn't know when he could truly wake up. Qiu'er, Qiu'er! Why did you have to shout like that? Your scream will bring me great trouble.

Huo Yuhao didn't know that w.a.n.g Dong'er was thinking in all the wrong directions, but he was absolutely certain that everyone would misunderstand because of her exclamation. More importantly, he actually did touch somewhere that he wasn't supposed to touch, and he couldn't blame w.a.n.g Qiu'er for that.

"I've been wronged!" Huo Yuhao shouted at the top of his lungs within his spiritual sea.

He really hadn't meant for that to happen. He had felt immense pressure from her, as w.a.n.g Qiu'er was the strongest person he had ever faced among others of the same age. Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi were also powerful, but their strength was very different from w.a.n.g Qiu'er's style.

w.a.n.g Qiu'er was the kind to achieve victory with a single strike, just like when he battled Ji Juechen. How different could the two of them be? The reason why she was terrifying was because of her explosive power. The frightening offensive force generated from the collision after her explosive attack made Huo Yuhao numb just thinking about it. This wasn't a sensation that Bei Bei or Xu Sanshi could give him!

He didn't know what w.a.n.g Qiu'er's att.i.tude toward him was like during this battle. She had saved him at the last minute inside the Great Star Dou Forest, and Huo Yuhao couldn't develop any negative thoughts about her no matter what happened, as she had saved his life. This was the reason he decided to grind her down with his domain, so that neither of them would be hurt no matter who emerged victorious.

He had never expected w.a.n.g Qiu'er to erupt in that fashion, and that instance of explosive anger made Huo Yuhao feel as if his life was in danger.

It was instinctive for him to give everything he had under such circ.u.mstances, and he never thought that he would accidentally touch w.a.n.g Qiu'er's heart with his Snowless Glacier. This was a bitter misunderstanding.

The Snowless Glacier was extremely powerful once it took effect on Huo Yuhao's target. If Huo Yuhao hadn't saved her, w.a.n.g Qiu'er would have been done for. He had had no choice but to save her, and he couldn't waste a single second. So, he had saved her, but the deed brought great trouble upon himself. But what other choice did he have? w.a.n.g Qiu'er's flying kick made Huo Yuhao feel so aggrieved, and the real reason why he fainted was because of what she had shouted. There was almost no way for him to remedy this misunderstanding.

"How am I going to explain this to Dong'er?" Huo Yuhao stared at the vast spiritual sea before him with a bitter look on his face.

He really didn't know what to say. Do I have to tell w.a.n.g Dong'er the truth, that I touched w.a.n.g Qiu'er somewhere I really shouldn't have? In that case, wouldn't Dong'er be infuriated? However, how else do I explain it if I don't tell her the truth?

"What outrageous acts have you committed now, you rascal? Why do you look so despondent?" a lazy voice suddenly rang out from all directions at that moment.

Huo Yuhao's melancholic frown immediately froze when he heard this voice. In the next moment, an indescribable elation erupted from his eyes. "Brother Skydream, brother Skydream! Where are you?"

He leapt to his feet, and controlled his consciousness to form a body as he flew into the s.p.a.ce above his spiritual sea. He didn't care about anything else as he shouted as loudly as he could.

Yes! That lazy voice belonged to the Skydream Iceworm.

Skydream and Iceworm and the Ice Empress had been hibernating ever since the Snow Empress entered the state of polarity that day, sending Huo Yuhao's spiritual sea into turmoil, and forcing Electrolux to burn his own divine sense to save the others. A long time had pa.s.sed since then, and he hadn't heard anything from either of them.

Huo Yuhao had attempted to awaken them countless times. However, he couldn't feel the Ice Empress and Skydream Iceworm's auras inside his spiritual sea anymore. His initial despondence and sorrow immediately vanished when he heard Skydream's voice at this moment. Skydream was not just a friend and a companion to him, the Iceworm was also his savior, and he wouldn't be here today if he hadn't merged with the Skydream Iceworm back then. His martial soul had become increasingly powerful with Skydream's help, and he had obtained four million-year soul skills and a second martial soul, which allowed him to merge with both the Ice Empress and the Snow Empress afterward. The reason why Electrolux's divine sense entered his mind was also because Huo Yuhao's fusion with the Skydream Iceworm had produced intense spiritual undulations which had attracted his remnant.

Skydream's position in Huo Yuhao's heart was extremely high and respected. He truly treated Skydream like his own brother. Skydream had truly changed his destiny, even though the Iceworm was just a little too lazy.

"Hehe. I'm still alive. Why are you crying?" Skydream's voice was tinged with deep emotions. Specks of golden light gradually rose up from Huo Yuhao's spiritual sea immediately afterwards, and combined to form Skydream's frame once more. However, the golden halo around his body had completely vanished.

Huo Yuhao only realized that the face that he had conjured with his consciousness was flowing with tears when Skydream mentioned it.

Huo Yuhao flew up before the Skydream Iceworm in a flash, and opened his arms wide before hugging the pudgy body while he leaned forcefully against the immense but soft frame.

"Brother Skydream, teacher Electrolux has…"  Huo Yuhao began to bawl when he thought about all the unfortunate things that had happened.

Skydream heaved a faint sigh and said, "I know. Electrolux is truly a human that deserves our respect. Both the Ice Empress and I thought he was going to draw upon our strength to complete that ritual back then, but who could expect that he actually immolated himself in the end? He was the one that saved us all…"

Skydream Iceworm also began to lament and sigh with despair and regret at this point.

Huo Yuhao sobbed for a quite a long while before he recovered. He raised his head and said, "How have you been, brother Skydream? You should be fine by now. The halo around your body…"

A human face appeared on Skydream's head, and he made a human-like expression of exasperation. "I've fused completely with you. Even though my spiritual origin is still sealed away, it's been completely submerged into your spiritual sea. This body is all that I have left, and this is only a projection of my consciousness. More accurately put, I am only a guest taking up residence in your body at this point, and you can chase me out anytime you want if you wish it. Of course, that also means it's over for me if that happens."

Huo Yuhao replied angrily, "Can you not make hypothetical speculations? That will never happen!"

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