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Chapter 2071: Issuing Challenge Letter

“Waiting for someone? Humph! I think that you’re here to cause a disturbance! This place doesn’t welcome you! Please leave!”

Zhang Tu hated and feared Ye Yuan at this time and only wanted to make him leave this place sooner.

But he did not dare to provoke Ye Yuan too much either. This malefic star’s strength was too strong.

So contradictions were laid bare in his words.

Ye Yuan poured another cup of wine and drank it, and he said coolly, “You rest a.s.sured. After I settle my business, I won’t come even if you invite me too.”

Ye Yuan drank his wine, the aroma of the wine overflowed, teasing everyone until they drooled heavily.

Smelling this alcohol aroma, drinking the Raging Fire Brew again completely did not have any taste anymore.

This guy definitely did it on purpose.

Within the small tavern, grievance points rose sharply.

How could Zhang Tu not tell what the others were thinking? He wished to kick Ye Yuan out with a foot, but Ye Yuan just refused to leave.

Before long, a gray-robed old man walked into the Raging Fire Tavern.

The moment the old man came in, he shouted, “Zhang Tu, give this old man three jars of Raging Fire Brew and a few side dishes!”

The moment Zhang Tu saw the arrival of this person, he could not help being overjoyed, hurriedly moving closer and saying respectfully, “Goodness! Master Song Cao, you haven’t come for a few days!”

Not just Zhang Tu, when the rest saw Song Cao, they all stood up one after another, paying their respects to the old man.

Clearly, Song Cao’s status in Jiu Luo Ji was very high. Virtually no one did not know.

Song Cao laughed and said, “I’ve been busy refining pills these few days. The gluttonous bug in my stomach flared up the moment the medicinal pills are refined completely, so I immediately came over. Eh, smells so good! Old Tu, your place produced a new product? Why is it so fragrant?”

Song Cao said a few sentences when suddenly, the tip of his nose twitched slightly. A whiff of alcohol aroma tunneled into his nose, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.

But the moment he said it, Zhang Tu’s expression immediately became ugly, faltering, not knowing how to answer.

Some meddlesome person pointed at Ye Yuan and said, “Master Song Cao, the wine was brought by that kid himself.”

Song Cao looked toward Ye Yuan with a slight surprise. Raising his foot, he walked over and said smilingly, “Kid, this wine is pretty good. Let this old man have a taste.”

His words carried a trace of tone that did not allow any dispute.

That meaning was that you had to give whether or not you were willing to!

When Zhang Tu saw the situation, he could not help being delighted in his heart.

Weren’t you showing off, punk?

Now that Master Song Cao came to ask for wine, see if you still dare to not give!

Ye Yuan did not lift his head. Drinking a cup of Sunshine Glow on his own again, he opened his mouth and said indifferently, “You’re Song Cao?”

Song Cao’s brows furrowed, somewhat happy with Ye Yuan’s att.i.tude in his heart as he said in a solemn voice, “That’s right. This old man is precisely Song Cao. Kid, this wine …”

His words were said halfway when Ye Yuan suddenly took out a challenge letter and placed it on the table in front of him.

“Challenge letter?”

Song Cao was taken aback and could not help laughing as he said, “Brat, you want to challenge this old man? Do you know who this old man is?”

The others were taken aback with fill, this boy was crazy, right?

“Where did this brat pop out from? Could it be that he lost his mind? Master Song Cao is our Jiu Luo Ji’s top three ranking Six-star Alchemy G.o.d. He, this snotty brat, actually wants to challenge Master Song Cao?”

“Master Song Cao’s status is venerated, how can he be what a mere n.o.body can challenge?”

“This boy went crazy wanting to become famous, right? To actually use this kind of method to draw attention.”

“Ah! I understand, turns out that the person he’s waiting for is Master Song Cao!”

… …

At this time, someone finally reacted and cried out in surprise.

If say one-shotting Lightning Blade w.a.n.g Hang in one move earlier, everyone could still accept it.

Now, wanting to challenge Song Cao, they were unable to accept it.

After all, this place was the Northernmost Steppe, easily lifting the blade and killing people was normal.

But in the Northernmost Steppe, the status of alchemists was venerated.

The Northernmost Steppe’s environment was harsh, spiritual energy thin, it was not suited for the growth of an alchemist.

Hence, as long as an alchemist emerged here, their status would be very high.

Because the martial artists here actually had even higher requirements towards medicinal pills.

They must experience endless slaughter in order to survive. They naturally needed more medicinal pills too.

And Song Cao was one of the strongest three great Six-star Alchemy G.o.ds in Jiu Luo Ji.

He was practically standing at the summit of Jiu Luo Ji already. Now, a brat that popped out of G.o.d knows where actually wanted to challenge Song Cao the moment he opened his mouth, overestimating his ability too much.

Hearing everyone’s cries of exclamations, Song Cao had a smug look as he said, “Hear that, kid? This old man’s strength is sufficient to rank in the top three in Jiu Luo Ji. Even the top two are also not much stronger than this old man. You, a brat who just made his mark in the world, want to challenge this old man? Huhu!”

“The challenge letter isn’t for you. It’s for your master, Empyrean Loneswan. You don’t have the qualifications to make me challenge you,” Ye Yuan sipped a mouthful of wine and said coolly.

Words h.e.l.l-bent on shocking people to death!

Everyone opened their mouths wide, looking at Ye Yuan in disbelief.

Even Song Cao was also abruptly stupefied there.

His master, Empyrean Loneswan, was Jiu Luo Ji’s strongest alchemist, not one of the strongest.

Because he was the one and only Seven-star Alchemy G.o.d!

Even the Jiu Luo Ji’s other few Empyreans also addressed him as a brother when they saw Empyrean Loneswan.

“H-Huhu, kid, are you crazy? Challenging Master Loneswan? Who gave you the guts?” Song Cao felt like he heard the most hilarious joke today.

In his eyes, Master Loneswan was a G.o.d; a G.o.d that brooked no blaspheming!

Now, there was actually a brat who wanted to challenge this G.o.d. This was something that could not be tolerated.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “I knew that it wouldn’t go so smoothly. How about this? I’ll fire out a flame, and if you can extinguish it, consider it my loss. I won’t say a single word about this matter of challenging him and will even gift you a jar of Sunshine Glow.”

“Hahaha …” The surroundings hooted with loud laughter.

They were laughing at Ye Yuan’s ignorance, laughing at Ye Yuan for overrating his own abilities.

A hint of amus.e.m.e.nt was revealed in Song Cao’s eyes and he said with a smile, “Kid, our land of extreme north’s alchemists might not be able to beat other places in refining pills. But the art of controlling fire, that’s what other places absolutely can’t compete with. You’re playing fire with this old man?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “You just say yes or no.”

Song Cao snorted coldly and said, “Fine, this old man agrees to you! If this old man loses, I’ll help you deliver this challenge letter immediately! But if you lose, this wine …”

What he cared about most was not winning or losing, but the Sunshine Glow.

This wine was too fragrant.

Ye Yuan casually beckoned a hand, a jar appeared on the table.

When everyone saw this scene, their eyeb.a.l.l.s almost popped out.

It turned out that this kid still had so much Sunshine Glow on him!

Could it be that … this wine was really brewed by this boy?


Ye Yuan snapped a finger very casually, a small cl.u.s.ter of fire flew towards Song Cao falteringly.

Song Cao laughed in spite of himself when he saw the situation and said, “This is your fire controlling technique? Kid, you’re really making a spectacle of yourself! But your wine is really pretty good!”

Amidst the loud laughter, Song Cao beckoned with his palm. A cl.u.s.ter of light-green flames turned into a fierce tiger, and it rushed straight at the tongue of flame that Ye Yuan summoned.

The others also revealed disappointed expressions. They even thought that Ye Yuan would show a breathtaking performance. In the end, it was just this bit of strength.

Indeed talking big to impress people!


Only to hear a slight puffing sound emit in the air. The moment that fierce tiger met the tongue of flame, it immediately disappeared without a trace.

The whole place was silent!

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