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Chapter 1917

: Earth Qilin

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“G-Gone, Steward Jiang,” the guard said with lingering fear.

Only then did Jiang Hua come back to his senses, and heave a long sigh in relief.

Immediately after, he gave a cold snort again and said disdainfully, “Foolish thing! Family Head is the Springwind Hall’s elder. Why would he go look for a trash like you?”

It was true that Ye Yuan was formidable, but formidable people in this l.u.s.trous Gold Great Imperial Capital were too many. How could Family Head Jiang Yuan possibly go and personally try to meet a Celestial Deity?

It was absolutely impossible for this sort of thing to happen.

Thinking about it, he turned around and went out of the wing-room. He went into a courtyard of the Jiang Manor. This place was the residence of Jiang Manor’s retainers.

“Oh, isn’t this Younger Brother Jiang Hua? What wind blew you over? Eh, why is your expression so ugly? There’s actually still someone who dares to provoke Younger Brother in this Jiang Manor?”

When a middle-aged man in fitting attire saw Jiang Hua, he immediately greeted him with all smiles.

This retainer was called Qin Guan, a First Firmament True G.o.d powerhouse.

One should not look at how he was a True G.o.d Realm powerhouse. He was still very polite toward Jiang Hua.

They all, these foreign-surname retainers, the allocation of resources all had to go through Jiang Hua’s hands. Jiang Hua’s authority in the Jiang Family was tremendous.

Forging good relations with him naturally had no downside.

Jiang Hua’s expression was very ugly as he said, “Elder Brother Qin Guan, this brother was threatened by someone today. I hope that Elder Brother can help me vent this frustration!”

Qin Guan said in surprise, “There’s actually someone who dares to threaten Younger Brother? Is he tired of living? Tell me about it!”

Qin Guan was not a fool either, meddling in everything.

If it was a True G.o.d or an existence that he could not afford to provoke, he naturally did not dare to deal with it.

Even if persimmons, he got to pick the soft ones to knead.

Hearing Jiang Hua’s words, his face fell. He then said in a cold voice, “What a conceited brat! He’s used to being arrogant in the imperial city, right? This place is a great imperial capital, even True G.o.d powerhouses don’t dare to be insolent. This punk is really tired of living! Younger Brother, you say, what to do about him?”

Hearing that it was a few Celestial Deity Realms, Qin Guan was immediately roused up.

This persimmon, he was going to knead it.

A hint of viciousness flashed across in Jiang Hua’s eyes and he said, “Humph! This kid who’s ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth, forget it if he insulted me, but he turned his nose up at the Jiang Manor! He deserves to die! Brother Qin Guan, I’ll grasp his whereabouts at all times these few days. You help me end him!”

Qin Guan patted his chest and said, “Relax, leave it to me.”

When Jiang Hua saw that he agreed, he smiled and said, “Brother Qin Guan rest a.s.sured, after the matter is done, Jiang Hua will definitely show generous thanks.”

Parting on a sour note, Xiao Feng had an apologetic and guilty look on his face.

“Ye Yuan, sorry, Master’s debt of grat.i.tude toward this Xiao is akin to a mountain, I truly can’t allow others to vilify him.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Don’t even have time to thank you yet, what are you saying sorry for? These stewards all have eyes growing on top of their heads. Even if a True G.o.d powerhouse came, they might turn their noses up at him too. Why bother with someone like him?”

“But, without Elder Jiang Yuan’s connections, wouldn’t our trip have been in vain?” Xiao Feng said awkwardly.

“Heaven doesn’t seal off all paths, there will always be a way,” Ye Yuan said.

“Your Excellency, then what should we do now?” Ning Tianping asked.

Ye Yuan said, “Since the road here is blocked, let’s go buy some spirit medicines first. When Tong’er’s strength recovers to the True G.o.d Realm, our safety will also be more secure.”

In this great imperial capital where True G.o.ds walked everywhere, Ye Yuan’s current strength was still a little weak.

With a True G.o.d powerhouse by his side, it would naturally be much safer.

Ye Yuan was also prepared against Jiang Hua, but he did not expect that he really guessed it correctly; Jiang Hua did not plan to let them off.

The party left the Jiang Manor and headed straight for the Hundred Herb Gathering.

The Hundred Herb Gathering was a large-scale spirit medicine trading market, covering a very vast area. It was established by the Myriad Treasure Tower.

But those selling spirit medicines here were far from just the Myriad Treasure Tower alone.

This place gathered more than a dozen major forces, large businesses, and even many retail brokers, mutually helping to make up for what the others lack, forming a super ma.s.sive spirit medicine market. The daily throughput capacity was very astonishing.

Of course, the Myriad Treasure Tower also earned boatloads in this area.

The spirit medicines that Tonger’s Cleansing Rain Dream Reverting Pill required were too rare. They could only be gathered in a place like the Hundred Herb Gathering.

If even this place was unable to gather them, then there was only getting super lucky in the future, or wait for him to recover his strength after a thousand years.

A beautiful female attendant asked Ye Yuan with a radiant smile, “Sir, may I ask what spirit medicines you need?”

The Hundred Herb Gathering had an inquiry area, martial artists could search for the spirit medicines that they need here.

The Hundred Herb Gathering had a dazzling array of spirit medicines, all levels of spirit medicines, with a great variety, and in an extremely huge number.

If martial artists went to find one by one, who knew how much time they would have to waste.

For this, the Hundred Herb Gathering built a large-scale array formation and categorized all of the spirit medicines into different cla.s.ses into the array formation.

When it entered the warehouse, when was it sold, there were clear records.

This way, it was easy to manage and also convenient for martial artists to check.

Ye Yuan said, “Help me check for Ironwood Ash, Blackheart Seaweed, Earth Qilin …”

Ye Yuan listed a large bunch of spirit medicines in one go. That beautiful attendant’s dainty fingers moved slightly, entering one spell after another into the array formation in front of her.

Very soon, the results were out.

“Sir, our Myriad Treasure Tower and Myriad Realms Chamber of Commerce both have Ironwood Ash. Deerchase Merchanting a.s.sociation has two portions of Blackheart Seaweed, …” The beautiful attendant spoke with confidence and composure, reporting the results of the inquiry.

Ye Yuan frowned when he heard it and said, “What about the Earth Qilin?”

The beautiful attendant answered with a smile, “It was still in stock just now, but it might be gone now. Before Sir came, Master Chen Chang had just inquired about this Earth Qilin and has already gone over now. Currently, in the Hundred Herb Gathering, there’s just one portion of Earth Qilin.”

Ye Yuan frowned and said, “Since it hasn’t been sold yet, then I should still be able to go and enquire, right? Tell me the stall, this shouldn’t violate the rules, right?”

The attendant smiled and said, “It naturally doesn’t violate, sir can go take a look. But, Master Chen Chang is a famous Six-star Alchemy G.o.d in the city, you …”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “Tell me.”

The attendant was helpless and could only tell Ye Yuan the stall.

This Earth Qilin was a type of spirit medicine. It got its name because it looked remarkably like the legendary divine beast, Qilin. It was extremely seldom-seen.

Such a large Hundred Herb Gathering only had this one portion, the rarity could be seen.

But this Earth Qilin was a core ingredient to refine the Cleansing Rain Dream Reverting Pill.

Once he let it slip by this time, no idea when he would be able to find it again. Ye Yuan naturally would not be willing to give up.

According to that attendant’s instructions, Ye Yuan found that stall very soon. But he saw that an old man was currently flushed to the ears, appearing very indignant.

That Earth Qilin was currently quietly placed in a jade container.

This old man was likely Master Chen Chang that that attendant spoke of.

Seeing that the Earth Qilin was not sold, Ye Yuan also let out a long sigh in relief.

Looks like these two people did not reach an agreement in the transaction of the Earth Qilin.

“You this fellow, how can you be so obstinate? My Exquisite Jade Heart Recovery Pill already reached peak heaven-grade; infinitely close to divine-grade! I already said I’ll use other things to compensate you, why aren’t you willing to relent?” Chen Chang said angrily to the stall owner.

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