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Chapter 1902: Swaggering Off

A cold light flashed and disappeared, blood splattering.

The neck of one of the four great protectors already had a large wound opened up, fresh blood spurting wildly without ceasing.

It looked like he could not survive anymore.

Just one sword move breached the formation of the four great protectors.

Inside the Carefree Grove was silent, all using terrified gazes to look at that figure.

How could this kid be so strong?

So young and his strength was so formidable, but why would he actually be completely unknown in Nine Pledge Imperial Capital?

One sword move felling the Carefree Grove’s four great protectors, this strength should be the crowning figure of this generation among Nine Pledge Imperial Capital’s junior generation.

Even that Linghua Pavilion’s Rong Xiyue probably did not have such strength either, right?

Just where did this boy pop out from?

“Get lost!”

Ye Yuan opened his mouth once more, taking a step forward again.

The other three people’s expressions flickered incessantly, falling backward uncontrollably.

The three people continuously fell back and actually unknowingly retreated to the entrance of Carefree Grove already.

They retreated, but then there was no room for retreat!

Falling back further and Ye Yuan would be out of Carefree Grove.

At that time, without the grand array freezing s.p.a.ce, it would be even harder for them to stop Ye Yuan.

The three people’s expressions flickered incessantly and exchanged glances, a hint of decisiveness flashed across their eyes.


The remaining three great protectors mustered up their courage and rushed forward once more.

“Nine Polar Spectral Sword!”

“Scarlet Wind Deercry Sword!”

“Spirithorn Dawn Sword!”

Sword lights radiated brilliantly. Inside the empty great hall, sword energy wandered everywhere.

And Ye Yuan was in the center of this storm.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

In the time it took for sparks to fly off a flint, the four people exchanged blows countless times.

There was a series of exclamations all around, their eyes could not keep up with the speed of the few people drawing their swords at all.

The power of the four great protectors had long penetrated deep into people’s hearts. No one dared to provoke them here.

But, Ye Yuan, a Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity, fought these three people head-on and was actually not the slightest bit weaker. This made them extremely surprised.

These three great protectors were all Eighth Firmament Celestial Deities, each person was three minor realms higher than Ye Yuan.

But they actually could not gain the slightest bit of advantage.

“A Sword Crossing the Void!”


The moment the cold light appeared, all those present became silent.

An Eighth Firmament Celestial Deity perished!

“This … He is too strong!”

“Laws fusion! Spatial law! This is an unrivaled genius!”

“Just where did this kid pop out from? Such a character had never been heard of in Nine Pledge Imperial Capital!”

In a twinkle, two of the four great protectors were removed. The shock that this brought everyone was too intense.

And this sword also displayed Ye Yuan’s law comprehension to the fullest expression of its beauty and form.

They finally knew why Ye Yuan’s strength was so strong.

The two remaining people of the four great protectors looked at Ye Yuan with a look of terror, shocked speechless.

That sword just now, regardless of who Ye Yuan unleashed it at, they were powerless to block it.

Ye Yuan pulled Jiang Haitang and walked over toward outside the door again.

How could the two remaining people still dare to stop it? They involuntarily retreated to one side and automatically opened up a path.

The current Jiang Haitang had a blank look. This short distance of several thousand feet gave her a feeling like she was dreaming.

She was being led by Ye Yuan mechanically, walking over toward outside the door.

Ahead was Carefree Grove’s front door, just a few steps away.

Suddenly, a layer of ripple appeared in s.p.a.ce, a figure emerged before everyone’s eyes.

A gray-robed middle-aged man’s gaze was cold, glancing at Ye Yuan, and taking a look at the two great protectors.

One of the protector’s expression was ugly as he said, “L-Lord Fang Kun!”

“Can’t even deal with a Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity, go back and receive punishment!” Fang Kun said in a cold voice.

That protector’s expression was ugly as he said, “Y-Your Excellency, we …”

Fang Kun gave a cold snort and immediately cut him off. “Talking what nonsense? You refuse to accept it?”

“I … accept!” The protector’s expression was ugly as he said.

All around, everyone’s faces were strange.

They were all clear that today’s matter really could not be blamed on the four great protectors.

But Fang Kun clearly did not care about these. He only looked at the result.

Fang Kun was a peak Ninth Firmament Celestial Deity. His strength was much stronger than the four great protectors added together.

In this Nine Pledge Imperial Capital, if True G.o.d Realm did not appear, he could practically sweep across all.

Holding down the fort at Carefree Grove for so many years, no slip up had ever occurred before, he was the Carefree Grove’s sea-stabilizing needle.

Even if a Ninth Firmament Celestial Deity caused trouble, he also handled it all the same.

“With this, the matter has blown up, to actually startle Lord Fang Kun. Looks like today’s matter can’t be settled anymore.”

“Heh, Lord Fang Kun’s strength is extraordinary, this kid is too careless. A pity, having this strength at a young age, but have to die here.”

“Yeah, with his strength, if he really wanted to kill his way out, he would have long charged out. But he insists on taking his time to walk, he blundered now!”

The people who were frequently at Carefree Grove all knew Fang Kun’s awe-inspiring reputation.

No one dared to cause trouble at Carefree Grove, because they all knew that this place had Lord Fang Kun holding down the fort.

Fang Kun gave a cold snort, turned his head to look at Ye Yuan, and was just about to speak, but then he heard Ye Yuan say coolly, “Get lost!”

Fang Kun was taken aback and said with a sneer, “What a wildly arrogant brat, you don’t think that I’m the same as these trash, right?”

Ye Yuan looked at him and said coolly, “You’re no different from them. Not getting lost, you similarly have to die.”

As he said, Ye Yuan pulled Jiang Haitang and walked forward once more.

Fang Kun laughed wildly when he heard that and said, “Reckless and blind thing, I want to see how you make me die!”

But right at this time, a series of blue tattoos spread out from Ye Yuan’s body, cutting off the entire s.p.a.ce.

Divine Vestige s.p.a.ce!

Currently, Fang Kun was very close to Ye Yuan, those blue patterns constructed and formed the Divine Vestige s.p.a.ce very quickly.

Fang Kun’s heart palpitated, instinctively feeling that something was amiss, and instinctively wanted to break free of the fetters of the blue patterns.

However, it was already too late!

Fang Kun’s pupils constricted, incomparably horrified in his heart.

Because he discovered that he was actually unable to shift through spatial law!

His body was restrained within the blue s.p.a.ce.


All of a sudden, Fang Kun released an attack.

However, the blue s.p.a.ce did not waver at all.

The blue patterns became increasingly denser and increasingly compact, finally teeming the entire s.p.a.ce.

“L-Let me out! d.a.m.n it, let me out!” Fang Kun howled in despair.

Ye Yuan’s figure appeared, his eyes being incomparably cold.

Fang Kun looked at Ye Yuan and could not resist shuddering.

Those eyes even made a trace of chill well up from the bottom of his heart.

Ye Yuan looked at him and said coolly, “I already gave you the chance and asked you to get lost, but it’s you who didn’t cherish it yourself. So, go and die.”

Ye Yuan lightly pointed a finger out, directly piercing through Fang Kun’s heart, destroying all his vitality.


The divine vestige dissipated, Fang Kun’s corpse fell to the ground powerlessly. The surrounding was deathly quiet.

Carefree Grove’s guardian, the peak Ninth Firmament Celestial Deity Lord Fang Kun, actually died just like this?

Everyone exchanged glances, completely no idea what happened.


Ye Yuan pulled Jiang Haitang and strutted out of Carefree Grove just like this, swaggering off.

The two great protectors exchanged a glance, there was only shock left in the other party’s eyes.

This scene was too astounding.

Originally thought that there would be a heaven-shocking great battle, no one could have thought that Fang Kun died bafflingly just like this.

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