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Chapter 1899: Causing a Scene in Flowing Wind Establishment

Hearing Lu Chen talking about Jiang Jadehall’s matters, Ye Yuan’s expression gradually turned cold.

Turned out that Jiang Jadehall was recalled by City Lord Manor to report on his duties. But after entering the City Lord Manor, Jiang Jadehall was thrown into the death cell for the crime of a.s.sa.s.sinating Young Master Yu.

This Young Master Yu was called Yu Jinsong, the city lord’s third son, Eighth Firmament Celestial Deity cultivation, his status extremely high.

Jiang Jadehall, a measly patrolling inspector, but dared to a.s.sa.s.sinate Yu Jinsong, how outrageous was this kind of major crime?

But after Ye Yuan heard, he could virtually confirm that Jiang Jadehall was being framed.

There were seriously too many doubts about this incident. As long as one did not have a problem with their head, they could practically see through that this matter was fishy.

Except, seeing through was one thing, whether anyone dared to say was another matter.

This Nine Pledge Imperial Capital, how many people dared to provoke the City Lord Manor?

Moreover, Jiang Jadehall was just the patrolling inspector of a barren land, his status in the imperial capital very low. No one would stand up for him at all.

From the conversation with this Lu Chen previously, Ye Yuan could feel that Kongming Academy was also not willing to offend the City Lord Manor for this small matter.

Ye Yuan stared at Lu Chen and asked, “Jiang Jadehall still has a daughter. She should be a disciple of Kongming Academy. Where is she now?”

Lu Chen’s expression changed, faltering, and not being able to speak.

When Ye Yuan saw the situation, his heart plunged to rock bottom.

Only to see his gaze turn cold and he said in a cold voice, “Do you think that I don’t dare to kill you in the Flowing Wind Establishment?”

Ye Yuan pointed his fingers as a sword, piercing cold sword intent instantly wreaked havoc inside the building.

Witnessing such horrifying sword intent, Lu Chen’s pupils constricted, clearly frightened badly.

“S-S-She … has already been expelled from Kongming Academy.” Lu Chen said stammeringly.

Ye Yuan’s face changed and he said in a solemn voice, “Jiang Jadehall was conscientious and did his best for so many years. If there wasn’t meritorious credit, there’s also hard work. Your Kongming Academy is too much!”

Feeling Ye Yuan’s fury, Lu Chen was frightened inwardly and hurriedly explained, “I-It’s not what you think. She … She went to find Young Master Yu in order to save her father. In the end, no idea what’s the result, but she was sold to Carefree Grove. The academy felt that they lost face, that’s why they expelled her.”

“Carefree Grove?” Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed, clearly not heard of this place before.

Lu Chen hurriedly said, “Carefree Grove is one of the largest brothels in the imperial capital, one of City Lord Manor’s businesses.”

Ye Yuan felt a surge of fire rise in his heart, these two father and daughter simply suffered an undeserved calamity!

Ye Yuan reckoned that what this Lu Chen knew was also just this much. He could not be bothered with him either, directly turning around and leaving.

But he had just stepped out of the door when a clear whistling sound sounded out.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Virtually right away, more than a dozen Celestial Deity Realm powerhouses dashed out, surrounding Ye Yuan until not even water could seep through.

At this time, Lu Chen’s figure also flashed, posing like a pheasant standing on one foot, joining into the midst of this group of people.

A middle-aged man looked at Lu Chen, frowning slightly as he said, “Lu Chen, what happened, to actually release the enemy raid signal in the Flowing Wind Establishment’s headquarters? Mn? What’s with your injuries?”

Lu Chen hurt until he hissed in pain. Pointing at Ye Yuan, he gritted his teeth and said, “a.s.sistant Head Song, this brat who came from Heavenly Eagle Imperial City is so rude, to actually dare attack me in the Flowing Wind Establishment’s headquarters, directly breaking my legs! Just now, he even threatened to kill me!”

Song Yancai looked at Ye Yuan somewhat surprisedly, clearly not quite believing it.

Heavenly Eagle Imperial City’s name, he had some impression, it was a very impoverished imperial city. How could such a young Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity appear?

Could it be by refining a Dao Fruit?

But, with Lu Chen’s strength, how could he have his legs broken by this young man? Furthermore, it even did not cause too big of a commotion.

In an instant, many queries flashed across in Song Yancai’s mind.

“Haha, Lu Chen, you’re also too useless, right? To actually lose to a Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity kid!”

“A kid that came from a remote imperial city, he probably hit the jackpot and refined a Celestial Deity Dao Fruit, right? This kind of trash, you can’t take care of him either?”

That group of Celestial Deity powerhouses was mostly Flowing Wind Establishment’s deacons, ridiculing Lu Chen.

Clearly, their thinking was the same as Lu Chen.

Only then did Song Yancai make a hand gesture, looked at Ye Yuan, and said in a solemn voice, “Young man, do you know what kind of serious crime it is to seriously injure a deacon in Flowing Wind Establishment?”

Ye Yuan looked at Song Yancai and said with a mocking look, “Serious crime? Huhu, looks like Kongming Academy’s spearhead is all pointed at their own people. Own person was framed by the enemy and thrown in jail, none of you looked into it, but want to denounce and accuse your own people, truly laughable!”

Song Yancai’s face fell and he said, “Young man, what high-sounding sentiments! A brat that came from a mere imperial city dares to speak to this establishment head like this?”

Ye Yuan looked at him and said with a cold smile, “Otherwise, how do you want me to speak? Can’t even protect your own people, still want to make me feel grateful to you? I have matters to attend to right now, all get lost for me!”

Toward this Flowing Wind Establishment, Ye Yuan felt disinclined to have any favorable impression right now and naturally would not have any words of praise.

Song Yancai’s eyebrows furrowed, and he said in a cold voice, “What a conceited brat, take him down for me!”

These deacons obeyed the order and immediately rushed forward together.

These dozen over people were all Sixth and Seventh Firmament Celestial Deity powerhouses, their strength rather uncommon.

While Song Yancai was even an Eighth Firmament Celestial Deity.

In his view, wasn’t it still more than sufficient for these people to deal with a Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity?

But he was wrong.

Ye Yuan snorted coldly, figure immediately turning into an afterimage, before shuttling back and forth in the midst of these dozen over deacons.

Very soon, a series of screams were emitted. One figure after another was directly sent flying out.

The entire hall was quiet.

Song Yancai’s pupils constricted, looking at Ye Yuan with a look of aghast, full of disbelief.

A Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity defeated more than ten people who were one or two minor realms higher than him in a few moves?

No, wait, not defeated!

If Ye Yuan was willing, he would have already killed these people just now!

Done with these, Ye Yuan put away his sword and swaggered out of the door, completely ignoring Song Yancai.



Song Yancai’s world power suddenly erupted, enveloping over toward Ye Yuan.

However, Ye Yuan did not seem to have heard it and did not feel his world power either, walking out very calmly.

Song Yancai’s expression flickered, but finally, he still did not make a move.

He discovered that he actually did not have confidence in dealing with this young man!

Only all the way until Ye Yuan’s figure disappeared from his line of sight, did he abruptly startle awake.

Was … Was he really a martial artist who refined a Celestial Deity Dao Fruit?


Song Yancai denied this idea straight away.

Martial artists who refined Dao Fruits could not possibly be so strong!

He looked at Lu Chen and asked in a solemn voice, “You said that he came from Heavenly Eagle Imperial City just now? Southridge’s Heavenly Eagle Imperial City?”

Lu Chen was still in the midst of shock. Hearing Song Yancai’s question, only then did he abruptly startle awake, nod his head woodenly, and said, “Y-Yes! I examined his ident.i.ty token, he’s indeed Heavenly Eagle Imperial City’s head elder.”

Song Yancai’s brows knitted together tightly and he asked again, “Why did he come here?”

Lu Chen’s expression was ugly as he said, “For … For Jiang Jadehall’s matter.”

Song Yancai got a shock, his figure moving, vanishing from where he stood.

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