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The United States night scene is particularly beautiful, alongside the road, a row of street lamps to shine the night, a car speeding so that the evening no longer lonely and dark. At some house, a string of decorative lights decorated the house; there is song tuning the intersection. The sound of the horns of a red-light car, the ringing of a bicycle across the road, and noise of pa.s.sersby, the whole street played a loud and disturbing tune.

In that tall building, many computer whizzes have been a.n.a.lyzing the source of the signal.

“Wait a minute; we might try to divide the signals into a single particle, and then decipher them individually.”

Sandy wearing her s.e.xy dress patted the fat man in front of her.

“Never tried, but Is that okay? in a different frequency domain, their combination is not even the same. "

The Fat man hesitated and said.

“We might as well see them as a base-band signal without being processed.”

Sandy word makes people nearby feeling a new hope.


And the Fat Man was stunned, and then suddenly said: “maybe this works..”

“Sandy, you are a thoughtful woman.”

Said the Fat Man while quickly tapping his keyboard, and he saw the signal quickly disintegrate to a small particle.

“I’ve got it !”

The Fat Man is moving his wrist, and his eyes are flashing with excitement.

He saw the microparticle rapidly filtered one by one because they are useless interference signals.

At noon, The Fat Man Jumped from his seat.

“I did it !”

This sound makes the room, no this room of people concentrated to him.

“You did it man !”

Sandy excited about the fat man back, and almost took her lungs out.

“Hey! be gentle !”

“I’m sorry my friend. You know I got excited as well.”

with the fat man protest, Sandy can only shrug, then a helplessly look.


In this regard, the fat man already accustomed to and can only resume translating the decryption.

All the staff’s eyes are focused on the computer, seeing the countless particles filtered on the computer, there are several stands out. Then the Fat Man operate the computer, the particles that contain information is a.n.a.lyzed out, everyone is silent waiting for the results.

“What’s in the text?”

There are full of a question mark because of they completely not understand it.

The fat man knocked on two tablets, from the tablet jumped out a light screen. Then he reached for the light display, then put the text on the computer onto the light display, and then launched a further a.n.a.lysis.

In a moment, the text is well translated, but because the signal got cut off, only a few words.

“Obliterate,” “reappear,” “The Remains,” “The Giant of Light”


Seeing these words, the people in the room were silent for a moment, Seeing each other.

“Does the giant of light means the one who appeared in China ?”

Sandy’s words attracted their attention, and seeing Sandy continued: “Because the giant is a remnant and appears again, so this guy going to kill him?”

After that, most of the people in the room nodded unconsciously, after all, the time difference between monster(the one that appears in the US) and the giants are too weird.It came in less of than a day.

Just when they were silent,

Suddenly, the alarm came, they immediately opened the computer, immediately hardened their face.

“The monsters that attacked the military base appeared in China. "


“what a pity … It seems that some people have no childhood! "

Jiang Qi shook his head, but he also felt strange, how his own VR able to upload his battle?

“is the Circle Valley company self-upload it?”

Secretly thinking about it, the led changed into the next broadcast, almost make him stare out his eyes.

“This is the scene of the Battle of Nanxi City. "

Led change to a scene, a female reporter in a piece of ruins, said: “I am now the location is the famous area of the Nanxi city, yesterday this time the crowd is still bustling, but only after a few minutes of fighting, it got destroyed.”

“Grandpa, What was happen?”

The reporters asked politely.

“I was enjoying the shade downstairs.”

The old man hands still trembling; it seems he still afraid.

“A dark figure, a big one, and blocking the sun then..”

“Then you ran straight away, or …”

The female reporter hears the old man’s words, in her heart is feels dizzy, she can’t imagine it.

“At first, no one has reacted, thinking just strange cloud and looked up, ah! Great, a monster.”

The old man gestures, trying to say the scene at that time: “Monster, just came out, the whole building has set off at that time under the smog, some young people have not run.” "

“Then how did you run?”

A female reporter is inquisitive, at that time there were at least five thousand people present., now only a little more than 1000 survived, he is the only one of the elderly that survived.

“I’m not running.”

The old man continued:”At that time I fell on the ground, no one to help, we are anxious to run!”

“Later, I climbed to a corner and because it looks us like we look at the worms. And back then there’s a lot of people, it didn’t notice me. So I hid, hiding from its blind spot. "

“So, your family?”

The Female reporter hesitated to ask, although it may touch his old wounds. But to increase their television ratings, she still asked ignoring her consciousness

“None of them survived…”

Here, the old man couldn’t help but cry ” my daughter in law…… still pregnant… waiting to hug grandson … I didn’t expect for them to go before me  … My wife wanted to find them, but she never comes back….  hum …”

Looking at the old man’s pale face, he has been more than 10 hours without water, looking for his children. His tears have been dried up, looking at him, the female reporter quietly bought the mineral water put it to old man’s side, and then quietly leave.

"…… That two monsters … My daughter is still in the building!!!!”

A man was screaming hysterically at the camera.

“Get Lost !”

Even, some people are in trouble stimulated and fighting against a journalist.

Jiang watching this scene blankly, for him, he has been muddle-headed: “This … What the h.e.l.l is going on?

At this time, Jiang seems to have heard something calling him, he around and not find anything. But the next moment, he seemed to feel something and looked up, a fireball flew over …

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