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This is me fixing mtl so help is much obliged.. Raw Link ( )

The collapse of heaven,

Flames from underground,

This is the prophecy of the Maya …

In this world,

Whether or not people remember the darkness……

Looking at the latest game description in the hand, Jiang Qi quietly holding his forehead.

so much? this is just a vr game, for ultraman, why so impressive(1) ?

This vr is said to be the latest design of the valley, the collection of all the world’s computer experts, they spent five years to do it, the cost is very expensive, very few people can afford it.

Jiang Qi, just an ordinary college students, through the money from work is only enough tuition and their daily expenses, but suddenly there was a lottery, similar to the award-winning activities, with more money, The greater the winning odds .

Jiang Qi hoping inside the last one with a dollar, get pressured, did not expect for hitting the Grand Prize, treasuring the pressure.

Opening the parcel, from inside out a black helmet, and almost like a helmet, to the point of it can be called shabby..

“Is this really a vr helmet? How is it different from imagination?”

Jiang Qi turned his helmet and did not see any difference.

from the package inside there is the instructions, which read three points:

One: this helmet can be worn to play.

Two: This is an experimental version, if there is a problem, please removed immediately

Three: I wish you a happy game.


Jiang Qi half narrowed his eyes, and turned the package, there is nothing but these two things.

skeptical with letter he bring the to his bedroom, Jiang Qi lying in bed,wearing the helmet , and then close your eyes.

Stumbled see, Jiang Qi seems to have entered a dark world.

“Ding, welcome to use vr.”

Suddenly, Jiang Qi’s ear came a mechanized voice.

“Please choose the giant who belongs to you!”

Mechanized sound faded, Jiang Qi in front of the emergence of a translucent light screen.

There are dense on the screen above the Ultra warrior, from top to bottom are , , the … …

Jiang Qi at a loss to see these Ultraman, asked: “can only choose one?”

“Ding, can only choose once, select the light of the giant that will be bound to your body.”

Hearing the voice, Jiang Qi biting his lips, stretched out his hand, wanted to choose the legend of the strongest Ultraman – Noah.

But pull his hand back, he used to like to play cracked version of the game, although very fun, but slowly there is no meaning of it, because it is too invincible.

This time the vr game can only choose a giant, if invincible because of the OP chara won’t want to play later, it would be not worth the loss.

Thinking to what he want to choose, Jiang Qi finally selected a Ultraman.

Changing the screen to the Ultraman’s picture, and then select.

“Want to beat the young master … … have to wait twenty thousand years !!” (2)

In Jiang Qi to determine the moment, a voice resounded through the entire s.p.a.ce.

Sharp slugger, rebellious eyes, tall and straight heroic, all reveal the powerful of the Ultra warrior.

The Ultra warrior, He is most powerful fighter – .

Do not forget, this is a vr game, if you encounter other powerful players, it is likely to be bullied, if you do not want to be bullied, but also have enough room to power up, so that they have enough fun, this is the most suitable choice.

“Kaka … … Kacha … …”

Suddenly, Jiang Qi in front of the light screen fragmentation, countless light particles drilling out from the inside, and then quickly wrapped in Jiang Qi, and light particles continue to emerge from the light screen.

Jiang Qi was shocked by the sight of the front, but aware of them not causing any harm,

But with the injection of the light, he feels very comfortable.

Gradually, Jiang Qi closed his eyes, quietly enjoying the process, but he did not notice that the emergence of light screen, not only Zero light.

And in reality, while Jiang Qi lying on the bed his body also enveloped of white light.

With the integration of last ray of light and Jiang Qi, Jiang Qi was slowly opened his eyes.

Gently exhaled breath, in addition to feeling all over and over are extremely relaxed, well it seems no more special !

“Ding, opening novice trial.”

The mechanized voice faded, Jiang Qi felt around the scene while changing, then Jiang Qi himself fell to the top of a building.

“Hiss -“

Was cold wind blowing, Jiang Qi having a shiver.

Don’t even mention, China in vr technology is quite advanced, at least several domestic street.

Glanced at the following downtown, isn’t this Nanxi City?

Nanxi City, one of China’s well-developed cities, where the world-famous treasure like porcelain, silk, and many antiques are from. It is said that there are many of the antique is from the palace ( cmiiw )

Even a few months ago Jiang Qi also came here to travel.

Why come here? shouldn’t this somewhere not in China ? For example, Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa and the like …

However, Jiang Qi’s question did not last long, interrupted by a sudden burst of earthquake, unprepared Jiang Qi almost fell to the ground.

what’s the situation?

Just at that moment, Jiang Qi not far from the front of the building instantly collapse, a huge figure from the inside up.

Monster head wearing a head armor, pointed mouth like a lizard, and that long fangs, dark muscles that show the explosive power.


Jiang Qi trembling look at the front of the huge figure, in my mind is one thing, to see is another matter.

Don’t see it, is impossible to know that kind of great pressure!

it is impossible to know that kind of pressure it your own eyes !

Sitting on the tall buildings, basically just Jiang Qi  and Golza, Jiang Qi has always been a good eyes he even see Golza  saliva.

In instinct, Jiang Qi want to stand up and escape, but when he just stand up, his feet become soft, and then sit back again.

“Ding, fight is about to start, please be prepared!”

Yes, this is a game …

Hear the mechanized voice, Jiang Qi suddenly sigh of relief.

He was really scared, even forget that this is just a game.

Slowly stood up and looked at the front of the Golza also did not seem so terrible before, but his legs still rather soft.

“I’m ready.”

Take a deep breath, Jiang Qi said in front of that voice, Jiang Qi voice faded, the system began to countdown.




Immediately, think of being able to become a hero, my heart really a little excited … …




*Wind Howling*

With the last number of the final number of the system, Jiang Qi was instantly wrapped in light.

“Please think of three skills as a novice.”

“First, Emerium Slash. Second, the Wide Zero Shot … …” (TN : Changing the skill name to zero own skill )

Looking at the screen are all the skills of Zero, Jiang Qi only think of it, this Zero is like a novice in the game, not having all the skills.

thinking for a moment, Jiang Qi chose to play it, Wide Zero Shot also be read power ice axe.(3)

Jiang Qi just a finished election, his side sky soared, between the trance, Jiang Qi seems to have been and Gore Zanping as the.

“Ding, battle countdown to forty minutes … …”

(1) sarcastic tone…

(2) the actual catchphrase is “You’re 20,000 years too early to beat me!”

(3) seriously confuse about this original skill name is 集束光线 google translate this as cl.u.s.ter of light in ultraman term is the L shape beam so gonna change it after more confirmation

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