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The large teleportation device in the North Sea was activated again!

Into the distorted void, the figures of Xu Que and Liu Jingning blurred and disappeared along with the rotation of the device's light screen!

Yi Bamei and the rest of the four young Roc cultivators were still in a daze because of their surprise!

They had been totally shocked by Xu Que's words!

As well as the bizarre words of the poem, the sentence of "There is no endurance in our lives!" said by Xu Que was stunning enough for them!

After all, those who dared to say that were arrogant fools or powerhouses with real strength!

"Eighth Elder, did…did he really kill a Patriarch at the Form Synthesis Stage and even a powerhouse who was at the threshold of the Crossing Calamity Stage? This…is impossible!" a young Roc girl asked in terror.

"Right, Eighth Elder, the four continents have been locked for so many years. Although we have an easy life because of that, cultivators in the four continents are more like flowers in the greenhouse compared to the outlanders who grew up in real life-and-death struggles. We have numerical superiority, but the real combat will still be quite b.l.o.o.d.y, right?" the young Roc boys asked Yi Bamei curiously, wanting to know her ideas!

Yi Bamei shook her head with a complicated expression, "It's hard to say! Before this, my ideas were the same as yours. Even the Patriarchs of our tribe worry the four continents will be defeated by the outlanders! However, after seeing Xu Que today, I got a sudden idea that maybe… maybe he could change the situation!"

"He could change the situation?" The young Roc cultivators were surprised!

They knew clearly what Yi Bamei meant. Xu Que might be able to turn the tide for the four continents. The reason they were shocked was that their Eighth Elder's evaluation of Xu Que seemed to be too high!

Two months later, Xu Que and Liu Jingning walked out of the teleportation device again!

Luckily, when they arrived at the East Continent, they didn't get the news that Dong Genji and the outlanders had appeared in the East Continent. This greatly relieved Xu Que's worry.

He didn't worry about the strength of those outlanders. He worried that if he was late, the outlanders might have entered the Ancient Bronze Hall and done harm to Jiang Hongyan.

"Little Queque, if I am trapped in the Ancient Bronze Hall, will you still be so nervous?" Liu Jingning asked, as she looked at Xu Que with a smile.

However, her smile was quite purposeful, as she would lose her temper if Xu Que gave her the wrong answer.

Back on Earth, this could be described as being jealous!

Xu Que patted his chest and said definitely, "It's needless to ask! You are a wild beauty. I will surely be nervous, and even more nervous than I am now!"

"Boo! You have a sweet tongue! Anyway, could you stop messing around with love affairs? You even flirted with that Yi Bamei in front of me! Be careful, I will tell that to Hongyan!" Liu Jingning said with a faint smile.

"What?" Xu Que was dumbfounded!

He could guarantee with his conscience that he only tried to act tough when they were at the teleportation device at the North Sea and didn't flirt with Yi Bamei!

Although that Yi Bamei is quite attractive, like a ripe peach that all men wanted to take a bite of. She is a Roc after all!

Could the King of Tough-Acting sleep with a Roc?

Wait…why not? Xu Xian used to sleep with a snake. Ning Caichen used to sleep with a ghost. Both of them had made a name for themselves. Why couldn't I sleep with a Roc?

"Tsk-tsk, little Queque, being salacious is always risky! If you continue to mess with love affairs, calamity might really fall on your head sooner or later!" Liu Jingning sn.i.g.g.e.red and walked forward!

Xu Que widened his eyes immediately!

What the h.e.l.l is this? A threat?

Are you kidding? The King of Tough-Acting will never be intimidated by threats! When I get a chance, I will do it in front of you! Because…I'd rather die than lose the opportunity to sleep with a Roc!

They kept heading for the Celestial Burial Valley quickly by taking many small teleportation devices!

On their way, many cultivators, who saw them traveling together, were surprised!

"Could Xu Que really get married with Holy Virgin Liu?"

"My G.o.d! This is definitely sticking a lovely flower in a dunghill!"

"I can't figure out the reason! Why does Holy Virgin Liu adore a sc.u.m like Xu Que?"

"Holy Virgin Liu is one of the best Holy Virgins in the East Continent and even in the four continents! I didn't expect she would be stained by the villain Xu Que!"

"What a big loss!"

"A heavy loss for the World of Cultivators!"

Many young cultivators exclaimed sadly by shaking their heads!

Luckily, Xu Que, who was busy hurrying along, didn't hear those comments. Otherwise, according to his style, he would definitely hang out with Liu Jingning to provoke those bachelors!

Several days later, Xu Que and Liu Jingning arrived at the Celestial Burial Valley safely!

After returning to this place, they found the Desolate City had disappeared long ago. Only the mysterious Ancient Bronze Hall was still floating in the sky!

The bronze walls were still dazzling. The flowing runes outside the hall formed an impenetrable restrictive spell to prevent outsiders from entering it.

"I don't know whether Hongyan is still OK inside!" Liu Jingning sighed quietly as she stared at the hall.

"As long as she is alive, I'll get her out sooner or later! Anyone who plans to hurt her will be killed by me!" Xu Que said seriously.

Standing below the Ancient Bronze Hall, he could still sense the aura of Jiang Hongyan with his powerful Soul Strength!

Moreover, after several years, Jiang Hongyan's aura had become more powerful, which meant she had found a great opportunity in the Ancient Bronze Hall!

"What should we do now? Do you know how to enter the hall?" Liu Jingning asked, looking at Xu Que.

Xu Que shook his head. Although he had obtained the Taoist Connotation now, the Ancient Bronze Hall had been completely sealed up to him. The entrance had disappeared. Unless he could become a Celestial Spell Master who could break the restive spell, he would never find a way to enter the hall!

"Forget it! Now what we can do is to wait here till the arrival of Dong Genji and those outlanders!" Xu Que said.

Liu Jingning's mouth opened slightly, and she said worriedly, "It's only you and me here. Could we defend the hall?"

Although she knew Xu Que was quite powerful, their enemies had several cultivators at the summit of the Form Synthesis Stage and one cultivator at the threshold of the Crossing Calamity Stage!

This lineup was too horrible. It could even suffocate all the powerhouses in the four continents! How could she calm down?

"Don't worry! I will kill them all!" Xu Que's eyes were full of cold determination. He had made up his mind!

This would be a tough battle, but he was confident he would win. At most, he could use all his Acting-Tough Points in the King of Tough-Acting Fist!

When he attacked with the punches that cost 10,000 Acting-Tough Points each, he could defeat the cultivators at the threshold of the Crossing Calamity Stage and even the cultivator at the Crossing Calamity Stage easily!


Just at this moment, the Ancient Bronze Hall vibrated with a loud bang!

"What...?" Xu Que and Liu Jingning looked up in surprise!

All the runes outside the Ancient Bronze Hall started to rotate and flow like a river. Then, a strand of dazzling golden light came flashing down suddenly!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The next moment, the void around them was distorted and turned into many whirlpools. Over ten figures emerged abruptly from the whirlpools!

Xu Que and Liu Jingning didn't have time to respond to this sudden change!

However, at this moment, those ten people knelt down reverently toward the Ancient Bronze Hall and shouted together, "Welcome the Holy Senior!"

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