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Xu Que and the husky sat in the driver's seat, completely safe inside the car!

This b.u.mblebee had been revised by the system so it did not come with built-in intelligence, meaning that Xu Que could control it with his mind and Soul Strength.

Thus, this was equivalent to wearing a gigantic suit of armor!

However, the transformation process had been rather jerky. The husky was behaving as if he had gone crazy, howling in fear. Nevertheless, the husky did not bark like a dog.

"f.u.c.k, boy, what are you doing? This is an earthquake! And you still want me to shout that f.u.c.king 666? Quick, get out your precious sword and split this divine chariot open. This deity wants to get down!"

His face was full of nervousness and he was holding tightly onto Xu Que's arm as he yelled.

"Look at that scared face of yours!" Xu Que sneered. "This is called a transformation, just watch!"

Xu Que brushed the dog's paws aside. With a solemn expression, he used his Soul Strength to control b.u.mblebee.

The husky did not think this was safe and got out of the c.o.c.kpit when he saw an opening. He shouted, "this deity will go get help!"

Shoosh! He instantly leaped out from the gap.

Clang! Clang!

At this time, the transformation had finally been completed. Xu Que's b.u.mblebee was now a giant robot.

The combination of the bright yellow, black and silver colors made b.u.mblebee bright and shiny.

The cool and suave design of the robot instantly captured the attention of all the cultivators present at the scene.

They had lived for many years, but never before had they seen anything as unique as this. A divine chariot transforming into a metallic monster in such a short span of time… how had he done it?

"No, this… this looks like the ancient armored puppet!"

"It does seem similar… other than the material, size and shape, it does feel somewhat similar!"

"But that doesn't make sense! What does an ancient armored puppet have to do with a divine chariot?"

"He actually turned a divine chariot into an ancient armored puppet! This type of refining method is unheard of! Could it be his own creation?"

The whole group of cultivators was dumbfounded, especially those from Spirit Treasures Pavilion and G.o.d Treasures Pavilion!

Just seconds earlier they had been mocking Xu Que's divine chariot and calling it a heap of sc.r.a.p metal.

But in the next moment, Xu Que's divine chariot had transformed. The whole process had taken place right in front of them. Now their faces were flushed red with embarra.s.sment.

More importantly, for some unknown reasons, this eccentric-looking robot actually looked good! It fascinated them and they actually realised how much they would actually enjoy owning a robot like this!

After the husky had jumped out of the c.o.c.kpit, he had actually run away as fast as he could. But in no time, he noticed that the atmosphere was too quiet to be true. He then turned around, and was also dumbfounded by the sight!

What the h.e.l.l is this thing? It's not good for the heart, too flamboyant… but awesome!

Immediately, his eyes lit up and he ran back. He kept jumping around in front of the b.u.mblebee and yapped excitedly, "boy, quick, let me go up!"

"Get lost, you ungrateful dog!" Xu Que sat in the c.o.c.kpit of b.u.mblebee, shooting a glare down at the husky.

This dog had thought that there was danger and had run away. He had even had the cheek to say that he was going to get help.

Now that he had realised that he could be part of the spotlight, he had shamelessly returned and was wanting to come up again!

He was lucky that Xu Que hadn't tried to teach him a lesson, let alone allowing him back up to act tough together with him!

"666!" Er Ha was like an idiotic dog running around b.u.mblebee. He thought that if he shouted 666, Xu Que would let him go up again.

Xu Que ignored the dog completely. He glanced through the crowd of cultivators and sneered. "How is it? Are you scared now? Who was it that wanted to knock me down just now? Come on, all together, fly to my chest and I'll smash you all with one hit!"

All of them looked grim and wary.

They were all in shock, as after the divine chariot had transformed, the material had undergone a great change to become unusually tough. It was also rich in the metal element Spiritual Qi.

But in fact, the metal element Spiritual Qi had originated from Xu Que. This was because when b.u.mblebee was in this robot form, it would need to consume a lot of Soul Strength energy!

As Xu Que had the celestial spiritual roots of all five elements, with the help of the ancient five elemental arts, he could convert the other four elements into metal element energy. And lastly, he had activated the automatic recovery ability for his energy. Otherwise, he would not have been able to keep up with the rate of b.u.mblebee's consumption!

The good thing was, because of this, Xu Que was gaining more Acting Tough Points!

Ever since he had driven the car out of the Sword Catacomb, the Acting Tough Points had been pouring in, hardly stopping at all. System notifications kept coming in!

"Come on, all of you can come at me together. I'll smash each and every person who dares to come towards me! Why? No guts? It's alright, this is just a small weapon of our Exploding Heavens Faction. All of you can try taking me on!" Xu Que continued with his insolent taunting.


The husky continued shouting '666', but everyone ignored him!

Many cultivators were wary of Xu Que's b.u.mblebee. They were guessing how powerful it could be!

However, those with a cultivation level at the Infant Transformation Stage were getting impatient, especially the elder from Jade Sword Sect. He was so furious that he was on the verge of losing control!

"Shameless boy, stop your deceitful acts! Today I'm going to carry out justice on behalf of Heaven. Hand over your life!"

The elder from Jade Sword Sect was chasing Xu Que from behind, coming from a faraway distance. He pulled out his sharp sword, and rushed straight to Xu Que without any hesitation!

All eyes were on the faceoff between the two of them.

"The elder of Jade Sword Sect has struck! The elder will win for sure!"

"No matter how strong this armored puppet may be, it can't be stronger than a human!"

"Moreover, this elder is reputed to be so strong that he is near invincible among his generation. This young man is only at the Original Infant Stage, how can he possibly win against an elder of the Infant Transformation Stage from the Jade Sword Sect?"

"He's dead meat! The armored puppet will be damaged soon, what a pity!"

"Exactly, this kind of refining method is too amazing! It's simply marvellous!"

"He said that the Exploding Heavens Faction created it. We need to find out more about this Exploding Heavens Faction. Maybe we can buy things from them!"

Everyone had already decided who the winner of the battle would be in their minds—after all, it was a faceoff between an Infant Transformation Stage cultivator and an Original Infant Stage cultivator. Not to mention the fact that the Infant Transformation Stage cultivator was also an elder from the powerful Jade Sword Sect.

Therefore, they were more focused on Xu Que's b.u.mblebee instead!

However, at that moment, Xu Que was not fl.u.s.tered at all!

With a straight face, he watched the elder fly towards him. At the same time, he directed b.u.mblebee's huge robotic arm to slowly lift up.

"This thing is even more expensive than the G.o.d Powered Cannon." Xu Que curled his lips in contempt. "A meagre Level Five Infant Transformation Stage cultivator has the audacity to act tough in front of me? He's got a death wish, hasn't he? Well, I'll grant him his wish!"

Clang! Clang!

Sounds of clashing metal were heard. An energy cannon appeared on b.u.mblebee's huge arm. The black nozzle of the cannon was aimed directly at the elder of Jade Sword Sect!

The crowd of cultivators was baffled once again.

Evidently, they did not know what the use of the cannon was!

The elder from Jade Sword Sect sneered. Facing this eccentric-looking armored puppet, he did not feel threatened at all. In his view, this thing only looked good but was not useful.

He felt that strength was enough to crush any magic weapon!

"Shameless boy, I'll bring you down in the name of Ye Chang Feng!" the elder bellowed furiously, his sword gradually turning brighter and hurtling with a powerful force towards Xu Que!

"Old hairy one, you should go accompany him instead!" Xu Que wore an icy cold smile. Controlling b.u.mblebee, he pressed a b.u.t.ton!


The next moment, a bright, flaming beam suddenly shot out from the cannon on b.u.mblebee's arm. The elder of Jade Sword Sect was swallowed up by the destructive light!

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