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Dong! Dong!

Within the dark tombs, the sounds of Xu Que’s heavy footsteps rang out.

The dozens of spirits were in front, leading Xu Que in a neat and orderly file.

They were floating in front of him, carefully moving across. The speed of their movement were rather well paced. It was evident that all of them were afraid of this unreasonable Xu Que and were scared that he would start becoming violent towards them again!

However, Xu Que was definitely more reasonable than the old man. He wouldn’t a.s.sault these spirits without any reason.

His vision was constantly scanning the environment as he walked.

Many of these tombs were empty and lacked even simple paintings or inscriptions along the walls.

Xu Que noticed this and couldn’t help mumbling to himself about how empty some of these crypts were.

This was heard by Kim Fatty Two Plus One, who replied, "Many years ago, the walls of these tombs were indeed filled with drawings and carvings. However, after many decades and even centuries, they’ve all ran away."

"What? Ran away?" Xu Que was taken aback. How could drawings run away? Did they grow legs to flee or are you b.l.o.o.d.y trying to lie to me?

"It’s true. On the very last day where the tombs were open, I saw all it disappear into dust and vanished into thin air!"

"d.a.m.n! You are truly a r.e.t.a.r.d. Have you never learnt science? It’s called oxidation! The paint particles were being oxidized!" Xu Que shouted out in anger.

Kim Fatty Two Plus One paused for several moments as though he couldn’t understand what that term meant. However, he nodded his head profusely, "This senior is so intelligent and filled with knowledge."

The other spirits started nodded their heads in approval, "Elder is very talented!"

"Lower your voice. Watch how loud you speak. I’m not the type of person who enjoys being praised and complimented. Quickly, show me the way!"

Xu Que gave a stoic expression, but his heart was filled with elation. These spirits are truly impressionable and obedient too. ‘If only I could bring them away from here, it would be nice to have them as my little brothers!’

As he walked along, he was deep in thought. Before long, Xu Que finally walked into a room which had a long pa.s.sageway within.

There were a pair of statues beside the entrance of the room. Both these statues were of demons with strange features and evil looks. They were extremely lifelike and their eyes possessed a certain fearsome look, as though they could almost come alive and devour someone.

This pa.s.sageway was rather wide and strange looking. On both sides of the wall, there was a long horizontal concavity which looked almost like a ditch on the wall. The ditches on both sides extended a long distance, deep into the room.

However, everything within the ditches had already dried up and nothing remained.

Xu Que senses that something wasn’t quite right and started muttering an incarnation before walking forward.

"Senior, be careful!" At this point, Kim Fatty Two Plus One tried to stop him and explain, "You can’t go through here. Some time ago, an entire group of us tried to cross as well but our spirits were all scattered and blasted off. There’s a powerful spell here and it seems like it can destroy everything around."

"Rubbish. The spell here is only upheld because of the powerful geomancy of this location. It’s obvious that you won’t be able to cross because spirits are charged with negative energy. It’s only too easy for me to pa.s.s!" Xu Que replied plainly.

The spirits around were all stumped as they looked at Xu Que with strange expressions and felt curious. Could this senior truly bypa.s.s the spell?

Xu Que also didn’t speak further as he called out the system and spent a little act tough points to receive two different types of water.

While Zhang Qi Ling’s skill with the knife was rather useful, his other skillset which Xu Que had acquired were also handy at this point. For example, to break through several preventive spells which had been placed.

Hence, as soon as Xu Que recognized the situation, he instinctively knew what to do. He purchased some river water and some well water before placing these newly acquired water along the drain on the wall. The water flowed magically as though it defied gravity.

As soon as the water started flowing on both sides of the wall where the ditches were, the entire Room shook violently.

"Bloop!" A soft thudding sound rang out as a ray of light flashed across before their eyes, before disappearing into darkness once again.

"Alright, we can go now!" Xu Que smiled as he walked further into the room.

The spirits looked rather afraid and opened their mouths to protest.

However, Xu Que was very confident and unbridled as he continued walking before he realized that the spirits weren’t following him. He then shouted, "What are you staring at? Quickly come!"

The dozens of spirits hesitated, clearly still worried.

"We should go in now. After all, getting killed by the spell would mean instant death, whereas getting beaten to death by this senior would hurt!" Kim Fatty Two Plus One thought to himself and mustered his courage. He gritted his teeth and took a big step forward. He successfully gained entry into the tomb room and was indeed unscathed.

The other spirits noticed this and were appalled. Even Kim Fatty Two Plus One was surprised by this, for he’d expected to be vanquished but still, he was alright!

"Senior, you are fantastic. How did you do it?" The spirits looked at Xu Que and asked.

Xu Que laughed out, "That’s simple. On one side of the tomb, I placed well water, and on the other side, I placed river water. As the famous saying goes, well water wouldn’t interfere with river water or in other words, everyone should mind their own business and nothing untoward would happen to anyone!"

"Hssss!" The spirits sucked in a cold breath of air and were all shocked at Xu Que’s wits. Conversely, they were also surprised at how dumb they were.

They had been here within the ancient tombs for so many decades and had never thought about this before.

Thinking further, they then realized that there wasn’t any well water here. Although they would probably have to dig underground to get it. River water was easily obtainable however.

Xu Que had successfully acted tough and gained several points. Although it wasn’t much, a little was better than none.

The group of them then proceeded inwards.

Once they proceeded down the pa.s.sageway, these spirits didn’t know the route anymore. In fact, they were rather foreign to this place and had never seen it before.

Xu Que opened the map once again and realized that the real tombs had only began from this point on.

Besides, there seemed to be many funeral items and objects around here in comparison to the previously empty rooms which he had found himself in.

At this point, Xu Que’s eyes lit up, "Kim Fatty, Kim Fatty Two, and Kim Fatty Fat Fat, hurry up and bring everyone here!" Xu Que waved his hands and led the group of spirits as they walked into the very first tomb.

After pa.s.sing through the corridors, they arrived at the entrance of the first tomb where a glowing light flickered up ahead.

The floor was filled with numerous weapons and formed an extremely huge pile. It almost looked like a mini mountain but was glittering and gleaming, with all sorts of weapons imaginable!

These weapons were all Two Star or Three Star grade as well. In fact, there was a single Four Star grade flying sword, which glowed and shone brightly. From time to time, a red glow would run down the length of the sword and looked extremely magnificent!

"I’ve struck gold!" Xu Que rejoiced at finding these weapons and opened the system inventory to place all these cool weapon within.

In the past, he had annihilated an entire sect and gained access to their treasure rooms. All the items and weapons there weren’t even worth taking. That was because the system sold cooler and better weapons.

But now, he was standing in front of weapons owned by Emperors and it definitely wouldn’t be of low quality. Xu Que couldn’t give up an opportunity like this so he took as much as he could.

He had decided to keep those which were worth keeping and sell the rest. Or he could let the system keep it in exchange for Essences. Regardless, he still profited from this discovery!

The spirits weren’t the least interested in these weapons as they started daydreaming while Xu Que shifted all these items in excitement.

Soon after, under Xu Que’s guidance, they walked towards the second tomb.

This time, the tomb was filled with treasure chests. The lid on these chests remained open and precious gems of all variety could be spotted. The chests were all so full that treasure was leaking out onto the floor.

Up against the walls were wooden shelves and were filled up with an a.s.sortment of potions, herbs and pills!

There were plenty of One Star, Two Star and Three Star grade pills and potions. However, there were only a few Four Star grade pills. The words which were written on the vials had long smudged and thus the nature of these supplements couldn’t be discerned.

Xu Que didn’t seem to mind it as he took every single vial from the wooden shelves and placed it within the system’s inventory. In fact, he didn’t even need to check its contents and took everything greedily.

After all, when it came to doing something like this, only three things matter. They were "speed, precision and ruthlessness!"

Only in achieving these traits would one truly get a sense of satisfaction and feel extremely good about himself!

This was especially true when a person was robbing the tombs of the Fire Emperors!

Hence, after completely clearing the second tomb till nothing remained, Xu Que strolled towards the third tomb.

This time, the shelves were filled with books. However, many of these books were old and ancient and were rather average and nothing spectacular. There were many manuals and spell books as well.

Xu Que also knew that the truly good stuff would still be within the Imperial Palace. However, there were also some high quality items which would be placed within the coffins of the deceased Emperors. Hence, he wasn’t surprised to see that most of the items he had taken weren’t fantastic.

With a wave of his hands, after he had cleared all the spell book and skill manuals, he started walking a level down, towards the next tomb.

When he reached outside this tomb, Xu Que realized that this room was huge and extremely s.p.a.cious.

Xu Que looked in and realized the entire room was filled with coffins!

The spirits peered in and their faces were filled with dread and fear.

"Heavens! This… This place… How many people are buried here?"

"It seems like even our bodies are buried here. It’s so sad!"

"Or it could also be that our bodies have long decomposed and we might not even have a coffin for some of us might be failed grave robbers!"

Xu Que stood outside the room and was somewhat taken aback. He looked at the dozens of spirits and shook his head, "None of you are talking about what truly matters."

"Ah?" The dozens of them paused in shock.

Xu Que ignored them and called out the system, "System, would you buy coffins in exchange for anything?"

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