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"Didn't you end your stream early? Why did you get back so late? You didn't run back, did you?"

"Or were you too tired from running so you had to stop and find a place to do some health recovery?"

"I don't remember you being this soft?!"

Once Meng Fan entered the dorm, all three roommates sauntered over.

"I got lost."

Meng Fan couldn't explain to them that he had gone back and forth around the Quyuan lily pads for an hour. He dropped an excuse and headed for the shower.

The tracksuit that he had redeemed was undoubtedly also high tech. A few minutes after he stopped running, it had dried out. Not only did it dry out all the sweat it absorbed, it even sucked up the sticky feeling that plagued Meng Fan's entire body. It was as if he didn't go for a run. To exaggerate a bit, he could probably get away without showering.

But psychologically, Meng Fan could not bear it. It was enough to make him uncomfortable knowing he had waited so long after he had just finished such a long run.

"Hey fatty."

Meng Fan had just showered and entered the room when Zhang Zhou Wei handed him a bottle of iced cola while smiling. "Are you still planning to run at XiZi lake? When you run, let me know ahead of time, I'll go help you order dishes in advance. National hotel or outer tower or whatever, I can help you arrange it in advance, ensuring that you'll eat all the signature dishes when you arrive."

"I can call ahead on my own."

Meng Fan deftly rejected him, before lying down on his bed after focusing his gaze on the iced cola for a solid three seconds. He gave Zhang Zhou Wei a side eye and laughed. "What's wrong, w.a.n.g Ya Nan isn't making you sit in the library to study for postgraduate exams? You're this free?"

Upon hearing the two words 'post graduate exams', Zhang Zhou Wei immediately sunk like a deflated balloon, letting out a deep sigh. "Tell me why I found a straight A student to be my girlfriend, I'm being controlled here! Ever since we started dating, I've had no freedom! Someone watches over me while I study, someone planned out my future and even when I eat, I have someone to help me refill my bowl. I can't even be lazy or picky towards what I eat, it's too much! Someone washes my clothes too. This is greatly depriving me of my ability to become self-reliant! Sure, I'm upset, but tell me, where is the f*cking enjoyment in all this? Do I have some disease that needs to be cured? Was I poisoned by love?!"

Chen Da Qiang and Xing Ta Ge both began to put on their earbuds, while Meng Fan also turned his black magic earbuds to regular size and put them on as well, only leaving the sound of Zhang Zhou Wei's endless display of love resonating throughout the dorm.

He took out his phone and opened the 'BanG-Dream' mobile game. In the last few days, Meng Fan had managed to play a few rounds, but it was much less than before.

To be honest, if he continues to play these kinds of rhythmic music games after his +16 hand speed increase, there would be next to zero in-game experience.

He added some newly released EX difficulty songs and happily began to play.

Before, he had to try his best to pa.s.s EX25, but now, even doing EX28 seemed like a breeze. As for the song '六兆年と一夜物语' that was EX29 difficulty, he was able to successfully beat it, even with full combos. However, it was still difficult to achieve a perfect score.

After all, he wanted to achieve a perfect score under the premise of all his 'full combos', or in other words, an All-Perfect round. In addition to incredible hand speed, he also had to have a very strong sense of rhythm.

Meng Fan had a considerably good rhythm, but it wasn't at a level to be deemed 'very strong'.

If grinding this f*cking game could trigger some rhythm attribute, then Meng Fan would be beyond happy. Unfortunately, it was useless to look forward to that.

In an instant, he had been playing for over an hour. Meng Fan was surprised to find that he was still not sleepy. Hahaha, it felt so good to be cultivating. Time to read some manga!

It took Meng Fan until 1:30 am to begin feeling tired. This basically affirms the limitations of +1 night owl abilities. If he continued to stay up, it will begin harming his body. Meng Fan naturally did not continue to stay up.

After shrinking the black technology earbuds into his ears, he selected a hypnotic sleeping audio track with a long duration... It did not need to be an hour, for as soon as he felt the drowsiness. .h.i.t, he could fall asleep within five minutes. Two minutes with the help of the sleeping soundtrack.

The next day when he woke up, Meng Fan felt alive, with no signs that he stayed up so late, making Meng Fan feel a.s.sured by the night owl attribute.

Having no side effects is incredible!

Should he turn on the stream for his morning run and show the fickle netizens the beauty of Hang city's sunrise?



A pleasant voice came from the wind like girl who pa.s.sed by.

Meng Fan's idea of 'beautiful scenery' lay here!

If it weren't for the conversations he had had with Wu Tong every morning as the stretched, Meng Fan would consider leaving the school grounds.

Even if he didn't run every night, Meng Fan would not think of leaving the campus to stream.

"Tomorrow is officially break, are you heading straight to Shanghai?"

As they stretched, Meng Fan casually asked Wu Tong.

Wu Tong nodded. "Yep, I'm leaving tomorrow."

"How are you getting there?" Meng Fan asked a question knowing how dumb he sounded.

"My ninth older brother is here in Hangzhou, so he can give me a ride. Do you need a ride?"

It was a tempting proposal, but Meng Fan shook his head after pondering for a moment. "I'll head over in a few days."

It was still too early to head to Shanghai, as there were five or six days more before the concert. Besides, it was too early to meet his brother-in-law, wasn't it? Hehehe.

Wu Tong saw Meng Fan's mouth form into a mysterious smile and asked him curiously, "What kind of pleasant things are you thinking of?"

Meng Fan was shocked. Was he that obvious? His brain quickly turned and said, "I just thought of a sarcastic joke." Seeing Wu Tong stare at him, he had to tell her the joke. "One day, NuWa kept pinching people and laughing. f.u.xi couldn't figure out why, so he asked her what she was laughing at. Nuwa responds that the most important thing about being human is to be happy."

Wu Tong chuckled. "You only thought of this sarcastic joke because I asked you what you were smiling about right? So, what were you smiling about before?"

Meng Fan was astounded. Must she be this logical?

Wu Tong saw Meng Fan's expression and felt her mood brighten. Of course, she couldn't ask him directly. She smiled and began, "As long as you're happy. You look good when you smile."

Meng Fan's brain twitched at this moment, for he thought of another one. He blurted out, "My last name is Fan because everyone is cold as ice, so they all call me—You should smile more."

After telling the joke, he felt like a dumba.s.s!

Wu Tong was laughing quite delightfully. "Your a.s.sociative ability is quite incredible."

Today's cla.s.s ended at three o'clock as many students appeared on campus with their backpacks and luggage in tow, ready to leave the school.

Meng Fan accompanied Zhang Zhou Wei and Chen Da Qiang and the two couples, as they awaited Xing Ta Ge to drive over. He also saw a handsome and very well dressed man help Wu Tong carry her luggage into an Audi X5. Meng Fan knew this was her ninth brother, so he felt no jealousy, but he did feel the pressure.

Is their genetics so powerful that all her brothers are at this level?

If that was the case, it's no wonder Wu Tong said it was difficult to find a guy that sparked her interest.

Xing Ta Ge's high lander approached, sending the Zhang and Chen couples to the train station. The two couples had grouped up for a trip to NJ.

After dropping them off, Xing Ta Ge drove back to his hometown. Meng Fan naturally did not follow and headed for the studio.

"I'm on my way back."

"If you arrive in Shanghai early let me know."

"See you there."

These were the WeChat messages sent from Wu Tong. Meng Fan was in a fabulous mood.

There weren't many people in the studio today, so he turned on his stream and worked on novel ill.u.s.trations for two hours.

Around six o clock, he began to leave the school grounds for XiZi lake. His final goal was still at TaiZi crescent, but this time he didn't head north. Instead, he headed west along NanShan road into the TaiZi bay park.

He bought some snacks to pad his stomach. After all, he couldn't eat out for every stream. He strolled around for a bit, then leisurely sat under a pavilion to wait out the hour.

You could sit at the YouRan pavilion and watch the entire park, including NanShan road. The saying, "You Ran Jian Nan Shan" had sp.a.w.ned from here.

He then went to the Hangzhou Su Dong Po memorial hall, then to the Lei Feng tower's scenic spot.

After visiting these three attractions, Meng Fan had gained three points in [Night Touring G.o.d]. It was already eleven o'clock. 

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