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"Since you don't think you've done anything wrong and think you've made a great achievement instead, why did you come looking for me?" This man was beyond saving. He Shigui lost all hope that he had even the slightest trace of a conscience.

"He Shigui, you are a doctor. Do you know how many times a medicine needs to be tested before it succeeds? The medicine is currently in its trial phase, but it will succeed one day. As long as you tell the police that no one pushed you and you fell into the sea yourself, I can guarantee that you and your student, Yu Gangan, will not be harmed in any way."

On the other hand, if he didn't agree, then he would seek his revenge on Yu Gangan.

He Shigui naturally understood Jiang Baian's threat.

But, he would never compromise. If he compromised once, there would always be a next time. Jiang Baian did not take human life into consideration at all. So, the anti-cancer drug was bound to be tested again after a bit of modification.

Also, he knew that his little brat would never allow him to ignore his principles just to save her.

He Shigui turned the man down, stood up, and gestured for him to leave, "President Jiang, please."

Seeing his resoluteness, Jiang Baian's expression sunk. In a cold voice, he said, "It seems like you are determined to oppose me. Don't think that just because your student is with Fang Zhihan, I wouldn't be able to do anything to you. Just because you're not afraid of dying again, do you want your student to die with you? Fang Zhihan can't stay by her side every single day!!"

He flicked his sleeves and left with a look that warned the man not to underestimate him.

But, He Shigui frowned.

After Jiang Baian left, he muttered to himself, "Fang Zhihan? Is the brat really close to him?"

Meanwhile, Qiao Pan'er was waiting outside.

As soon as Jiang Baian stepped out, she immediately ran up to him, "President Jiang, how did you go? Did He Shigui agree?"

"His response was exactly the same as last time."

"What should we do then?"

"He has no evidence. Otherwise, he would have already made a move," Jiang Baian said before he instructed Qiao Pan'er, "Destroy everyone's information when you get back. Don't let anyone find even a trace of evidence."

Qiao Pan'er hesitated before nodding her head, "I already destroyed them long ago..."

In reality, she was actually lying. Previously, she thought He Shigui was already dead and no one would ever find out about the thing that only she, her father, and Jiang Baian knew about.

So, she left behind some evidence as a safety net in case Jiang Baian decided to betray her.

She had locked the evidence and no one knew about it except for her. As long as Jiang Baian didn't betray her, the evidence would never appear again. So, this was no different to destroying it.

Jiang Baian did not suspect a thing. Since He Shigui disagreed with him, he needed to think of a backup plan. But, apart from taking control of Baifang Pharmaceuticals, he couldn't think of anything else.

He now had to wait for the results of a certain matter.

If they succeeded, then Baifang Pharmaceuticals would be his and he would become the heir of Jiang Corporation.

He was definitely going to make Fang Zhihan suffer the same pain and shame that he experienced during this time.

He was going to ruin him and make him too embarra.s.sed to take over Jiang Corporation.


When Yu Gangan went up to look for Fang Zhihan, Fang Zhihan was in the middle of a meeting, so his a.s.sistant arranged for her to wait in his office.

Inside the quiet office, Yu Gangan stood by the bookshelf and looked at the rows and rows of books.

This was a pharmaceutical company indeed; all the books on the shelf were about medicine.

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