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Chapter 391: I Like Eating Little Fish (1)

Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi

But, if the secret was no longer a secret, Jiang Baian would not attack her teacher again, right?

Was it a good thing for her teacher to return to Baiyang City with her?

Would Jiang Baian let go of her teacher once they returned to Baiyang City?

Yu Gangan realized she should probably speak to Fang Zhihan about it. Not putting a smart boyfriend to use was a reckless waste of G.o.d's gift.

Jiang Baian found Yu Gangan infuriating and despised her as much as he despised Fang Zhihan.

As for He Shigui, if he didn't behave, then he couldn't be blamed for not acting nicely.

He Shigui's appearance was no surprise to Jiang Baian, but he did not want to invite him inside, so he blocked the doorway.

“Long time no see, Dr. He.”

However, Jiang Baian pushed open the door and invited himself inside.

He glanced around, looked at the furnishings in the room, and helped himself to the sofa.

He Shigui sat down opposite Jiang Baian, grabbed a gla.s.s and drank some water without any intention of pouring Jiang Baian some.

But, Jiang Baian did not mind as he looked at him with concern, “Ever since the seminar, I've been trying to contact you, but I haven't had any luck. Where did you go during this time? Why couldn't your family and friends find you?”

He Shigui glanced at the man indifferently and replied, “I thought others wouldn't know where I went, but you would.”

Jiang Baian smiled lightly, “How would I know? I was looking for you for a long time. Did you get into an accident?”

He Shigui put down the gla.s.s in his hands and said suggestively, “I'm sure you know whether it was an accident or planned.”

Jiang Baian looked at him in surprise, “How would I know? Dr. He, I'm honestly advising you out of the kindness of my heart, you should always hold back a little when doing things. If you show a little mercy, then you wouldn't encounter so many accidents.”

The threat in his words was implicit.

A flash of coldness appeared in He Shigui's warm eyes, “President Jiang, let me also give you a word of advice: he who is unjust is doomed to destruction. Did you think no one would discover that you placed an unapproved medicine in the hospital for people to test? Did you think your plan was flawless and you'd come out unscathed? Unfortunately, no one can escape from the eyes of heaven. One day, I will definitely find evidence and bring you to justice.”

Jiang Baian's eyes turned gloomy.

In a cold voice, he replied, “I have already withdrawn the medicine. The tests were unsuccessful, but no one died. Aren't they living well?”

“But their bodies have been damaged.”

“They were already patients to begin with. Fake medicine, fake wine, fake milk powder, and fake vaccines; there are so many fake things but everyone is still fine. What's wrong with testing my anti-cancer drug? I failed this time, but if I succeeded, it would have been the greatest miracle on Earth.”

Jiang Baian waved his hands pa.s.sionately.

He Shigui never expected that such a shameless person existed in this world.

“But, amongst those that tested the medicine, some of them weren't even diagnosed with cancer,” he said.

However, Jiang Baian denied all responsibility, “You can't blame me for that. The hospital made the wrong diagnosis. It has nothing to do with me. I simply cooperated with the hospital and told them to use it on cancer patients. If you want to blame someone, you should blame the hospital, not me.”

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