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Although the Ye Family hired Xia Chengzhou as well, the entire operation was performed by Yu Gangan, and her professionalism made Dr. Mike impressed.

He was shocked by Yu Gangan's precision and sincerely apologized for his previous contempt.

Next to her, Xia Chengzhou thought about how he also showed contempt towards Yu Gangan because of her age. Immediately, the guilt in his heart flooded out.

"I'm sorry," he apologized to Yu Gangan once again.

The apology was for his previous rudeness.

Yu Gangan looked at the man in surprise, not understanding why he apologized again.

"Confucius said, 'For every 3 people, one is bound to be my teacher. From this teacher, I choose to learn from their kindness and change.' But, I was so narrow-minded that I only saw 3 inches in front of me. I feel so guilty," Xia Chengzhou said apologetically.

Yu Gangan understood and revealed a slight smile, "That's already in the past. Although I don't call you Senior Xia, I already respect you as a senior."

As they smiled at each other, Xia Chengzhou felt the dullness in his heart disappear.

After the surgery, Yu Gangan did not go straight home. She was afraid that Old Madam Ye would experience too much pain, so she wanted to stay around to help her. Thus, after she changed into casual clothes, she sat outside the old woman's hospital room.

It was written in the book of 'Spiritual Pivot', that 'the needle user must observe the state of the patient to understand their mental state and prevent loss of spirit and soul.'

During the acupuncture process, the doctor must focus on the patient's mental state and constantly check the needles to maximize the effect.

The two hours of surgery and high-intensity concentration made Yu Gangan a little tired.

As she relaxed and leaned back in the chair she began to fall asleep.

Xia Chengzhou was about to leave, but when he heard that Yu Gangan was still around, he decided to look for her outside Old Madam Ye's room.

When he saw Yu Gangan asleep on the chair, he immediately swallowed back his words.

Afraid that Yu Gangan would catch a cold, Xia Chengzhou took off his coat, gently covered the woman, and sat down beside her.

The woman was pure and beautiful, her skin was smooth and fair, and she looked delicate and meek; very different from her usually calm temperament.

Xia Chengzhou's gaze slowly lowered and eventually fell on Yu Gangan's lips.

The shape of her lips was beautiful, the color was slightly pink like delicate cherry blossoms, and they were round, plump and attractive.

Perfect for kissing.

With this thought, Xia Chengzhou's face immediately turned red.

All of a sudden, his heart began to race.

Xia Chengzhou sat upright and stared straight ahead, pretending not to see or think a thing.

But, his heart was already disturbed and it felt like thousands of ants were pacing back and forth on top of it, making it itchy and unbearable.

A moment later, he couldn't help but look at her again.

Yu Gangan continued to close her eyes and sleep as her long lashes cast shadows on her face.

At this time, Xia Chengzhou's gaze fell on Yu Gangan's pink lips again.

His heart throbbed like a wildly thrashing river.

Xia Chengzhou held his breath. His body slowly leaned forward and his lips moved towards Yu Gangan. He wanted to kiss her...

The lips were right in front of him, they were only a books-length away. Xia Chengzhou slowly closed his eyes, ready to move in, when someone suddenly grabbed onto his arm.

The next moment, everything flipped upside down.

By the time Xia Chengzhou realized what was happening, he had been thrown onto the floor!!

Fang Zhihan stared down at the man threateningly. His gaze was colder than the winter snow and his voice was intimidating, "What are you doing?"

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