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Chapter 386: Miss Zi, You Aren’t Jealous?

As soon as Zi Yi got up, Lu Jingye followed and got up from his seat.

Ian, who was about to stand up and lead Zi Yi over to the kitchen, immediately gave up on that thought and pointed in a certain direction. “The kitchen is over there. The steak is in the refrigerator and the other ingredients are placed in obvious places.”

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye walked into the kitchen. She called out for Shadow and said to Lu Jingye, “If I directly insert a program into Shadow, he’ll be able to cook steak.”

She then started to input the program after she said that. Halfway through the process, she suddenly glanced at Lu Jingye who stood on the side. Her eyes brightened and she said with slight disdain, “The steak Shadow will cook will be soulless. The food you cook is the best.”

Lu Jingye looked at the young lady’s expectant gaze and raised his hand to touch her head as he said, “I’ll fry one for you later.”

“Do you know how to?”

“I can learn.”


After Zi Yi inserted the program into Shadow, he started to grab the steak and other ingredients.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye stood by the side.

When Lu Jingye said he would learn, he had truly looked at the steps in which Shadow had taken while he was frying the steak. He had also taken out his phone to search for other preparation methods.

After Shadow finished preparing three steaks, Lu Jingye called for him to stop and he walked over to fry the last piece.

Zi Yi stood by his side and watched the steak turn into a beautiful color. After red wine was poured onto it, melodious sizzling sounds could be heard.

Lu Jingye asked her, “How would you like to have it cooked?”

“Medium well done.”



Shadow sent out the three steaks he had prepared. Ian, who was seated there waiting, asked curiously, “Why aren’t Lu and Zi out yet?”

Shadow responded, “Master’s boyfriend is preparing steak for Master.”

“Master’s boyfriend? Don’t tell me Zi Yi specially got you to call them this way? They… what are they doing?”

Ian finally reacted and muttered, “What the f*ck.” Before he then got up and headed towards the kitchen. He did not believe that Lu Jingye, who had led a pampered life, knew how to fry a steak.

By the time Ian made his way to the kitchen door, he just so happened to see Lu Jingye skillfully pouring the wine over the steak, while Zi Yi ate fruits as she stood beside him. Moreover, after she took one bite and confirmed that it was sweet, she delivered the fruit to Lu Jingye’s lips and he opened his mouth to eat it.

Ian: “…!”

Was this still the Lu Jingye he knew, who had kept a distance from all women?

Dou Xiangling was puzzled as she looked at Ian silently walking back to his seat.

Ian then looked at the equally beautiful Dou Xiangling and asked, “Miss Dou, what kind of person is your cousin?”

Dou Xiangling revealed a smile and said, “Yiyi is someone who makes people feel warmth.”

Ian: “…”

After Lu Jingye finished frying the steak, he grabbed the plate and came out together with Zi Yi.

Zi Yi saw that they were sitting there waiting for them and said, “Cousin, weren’t you feeling hungry? Why didn’t you eat first?”

“We’re waiting for you so that we can eat together.”

Dou Xiangling and Ian headed towards the table as they stood up from the sofa.

The four of them sat down and started to dig in.

After finishing the steak, they returned to the sofa. Ian had already taken out several bottles of red wine.

He then poured a gla.s.s for each of them. After he was done, he first said to Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling, “Dear beautiful ladies, Lu and I won’t be returning without getting drunk. The both of you can take it easy and go at your own pace.”

Zi Yi glanced at him then turned to Lu Jingye as she asked, “Ah Jing, whose alcohol tolerance is better?”

Lu Jingye smiled without saying anything as if he had everything under control.

Ian was also very confident. Since Lu Jingye did not say anything, he spoke up. “We had a drink six years ago and the difference between us is minuscule. But now… I’ve already operated a winery for four years and I believe Lu is definitely no match for me.”

Zi Yi looked at him with a shining gaze.

Lu Jingye took Zi Yi’s hands and while she was looking in his direction, he said to Ian, “Let’s wait and see.”

He lifted his gla.s.s after having said that.

Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling both also lifted their gla.s.ses and the four of them took a drink.

With the exception of Dou Xiangling, the three of them had finished the contents in their gla.s.ses.

Following that, the four of them slowly drank.

Around half an hour later, Dou Xiangling felt slightly dizzy and said to the three of them, “I’ll go back and take a rest first. Don’t drink until too late.”

She then stood up and headed towards the guest room.

After Dou Xiangling left, Zi Yi poured wine for the three of them and said, “Come on, we’ll continue.’

Ian was surprised. “It seems like Miss Zi is good at drinking.”

Zi Yi smiled modestly. “I’m okay.”

Ian also revealed a gentlemanly smile, but the words that came out of him were provocative. “It’s better this way. The three of us shall drink tonight, and we’ll see who gets drunk first.”

Zi Yi swirled her cup around and the red l.u.s.ter which radiated from the gla.s.s shone on her white porcelain-like face. Her cheeks were also slightly reddish, making her appear absolutely charming.

Ian’s eyes slightly lost focus.

The next second, he felt a chill from the side.

Lu Jingye’s voice then sounded, “Why don’t we make a bet? Whoever gets drunk first loses. If you lose, give us 50% of the good wine in your winery.”

Ian slightly narrowed his eyes at his suggestion. “Lu’s appet.i.te is indeed big. Do you know how much good wine there is in my winery?”

Ian’s winery was world-famous and he was also someone who was fond of storing good wine. The bottles of wine that he sold were mid-range wines and a few years down the road, the good wine stored in his cellar could be calculated by tons.

And yet, Lu Jingye had asked for half of it.


“Then what if Lu and Miss Zi get drunk first?”

“As long as either one of us gets drunk first, I’ll cooperate with you with a project I have in hand.”

Ian suddenly looked up at Lu Jingye and the corner of his lips curled up. He raised his gla.s.s and said, “Deal.”

Zi Yi looked at Ian’s determined expression and also revealed a smirk.

The three of them continued to drink.

While drinking, Ian talked about some of the stories that happened when he and Lu Jingye attended university during his half-year of exchange.

It was not known if he did it intentionally or not, but all the stories he said were about how popular Lu Jingye was back then.

“I still remember the first time I arrived at M.Uni, I originally wanted to ask the way to the reporting office for exchange studies. I didn’t expect that just as I managed to stop someone, I had been mercilessly ignored just because Lu Jingye appeared in the vicinity.

There was another time when a girl handed me a gift. I was even thinking about how to reject her without hurting her. Unexpectedly, she told me the next second that I was close with Lu and that she wanted to ask for my help to hand the present to him.

The most outrageous thing was that when the campus belle of the School of Foreign Language had partic.i.p.ated in the International Foreign Language Compet.i.tion. Before she left, she asked for a hug from Lu, so as to give her confidence. Guess what Lu said?

He said: If you lose, I will give you a comforting hug. However, as someone who is able to represent M.Uni to partic.i.p.ate in an international compet.i.tion, it would be very embarra.s.sing if you were to lose.

To think he could even say such words out loud. If that girl were to lose, wouldn’t she be laughed at by everyone?”

While Zi Yi listened to Ian reminiscing, she would look at Lu Jingye from time to time. She felt that she had seen another side of him.

Ian looked at Zi Yi’s reaction and finally could not continue any further. He then asked, “Miss Zi, you aren’t jealous?”

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