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Forcibly Cutting Marriage Ties

Sun Yi Jia slightly lowered her head and quietly sat there, turning a blind eye to the crowd’s gaze. Perhaps it was because the current situation was already within her expectations that she didn’t mind, or perhaps for other reasons…..What she really thought in her heart, only she herself would know.

“This prince didn’t mention anyone by name. Eldest brother, what are you getting worked up for?” Jin w.a.n.g indifferently said.

“You….” Kang w.a.n.g’s eyes showed an ominous glint. He glared at Li Hong Yuan. If looks could kill, Li Hong Yuan would have already been cut into pieces by him.

“Eldest brother, everyone is all watching.” Rui w.a.n.g ‘kindly’ pointed out.

Originally, it was nothing more than just a few words. If Kang w.a.n.g didn’t roar out, probably no one would have known, but now, heh heh……

Only then did Kang w.a.n.g realize that he did something stupid out of anger because of Li Hong Yuan. He forcibly restrained his anger and retracted his gaze. Then he glanced to the warmly smiling Rui w.a.n.g. Don’t a.s.sume that he didn’t see the ‘delight at another’s misfortune’ in his eyes.

“Eldest brother, eldest sister-in-law still hasn’t died yet. Her body’s just severely ill. If she knew that you were long hoping for her death, so to give her position to someone else, don’t know whether or not if she will just die from anger? Maybe she might even leave behind some malicious curse. Can you really hold a new bride with a clear conscious? Imperial father has always been saying that eldest brother has deep feelings and strong sense of righteousness, wholeheartedly watching over eldest sister-in-law, not even having a single side consort.” Li Hong Yuan continued speaking, neither quickly nor slowly.

“Sixth brother.” Kang w.a.n.g spoke through clenched teeth, “Yi Jia is just this prince’s younger cousin, don’t say nonsense.”

“Oh, so the person eldest brother has been wholeheartedly thinking about is Miss Sun. No wonder this prince found it strange that this dignified Ding Duke Manor’s one and only di born daughter, already 16, yet still haven’t married, in fact, wasn’t even engaged either. Turns out she was waiting for eldest brother, and also one with deep feelings. It’s even more rare that the two of you mutually have feelings for one another. In the future, it’ll definitely be another beautiful story.” Li Hong Yuan, with an extremely bored expression, tapped on the teacup, becoming more and more indifferent.

Kang w.a.n.g tightly clenched his fist, his veins popping out. It was still that saying, some things, even if everyone all knew, can’t be openly pointed out. Kang w.a.n.g also felt that he himself was very stupid. He even suspected that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had already calculated everything, already used some medicine on him. Else, why would he again and again get incited by him into leaving behind some pretexts for gossip today? “Sixth brother wants to help third brother attack this eldest brother’s faults, fine. But there is no need to involve a young lady. How important a young lady’s reputation is, don’t tell me you don’t know?”

“Then, it was this prince that misunderstood? You won’t marry Miss Sun?”

“Of course I won’t marry her.” When those words came out, Kang w.a.n.g’s heart was dripping blood. With the current circ.u.mstances, he had no choice but to make this kind of decision. Things that everyone all knew, imperial father ‘didn’t know’. Imperial father ‘only’ knows that he had deep feelings and was strongly righteous. If this matter were to be reported to him, he and the Sun family will both get implicated. After all, imperial father seemingly doesn’t want him and the Ding Duke Manor to walk even closer.

Good. Each and everyone all very good!

After achieving his goal, Li Hong Yuan, with a look that deserved a beating, was even leisurely listening to the next girl’s qin playing attentively.

Kang w.a.n.g forced down the mouthful of old blood in his chest and began contemplating who to marry Sun Yi Jia to. Sun Yi Jia marrying someone else, perhaps can let him obtain even more support. Even though marrying her himself can firmly bind the Ding Duke Manor to himself even more, but compared to getting an extra support, it seems the latter was more beneficial. After all, Ding Duke Manor was his own maternal family, aside from himself, who else can they a.s.sist? And obtaining an additional support, his possibility of sitting on the throne will be even higher. Since things have already come to this point, imperial mother can’t continue insisting on letting him marry his younger cousin either. In an instant, Kang w.a.n.g made up his mind and felt a bit better. He decided to enter the palace after leaving Ding Duke Manor to consult with his imperial mother about suitors for his younger cousin.

Just, will the person they chose really be able to go as they wish? Li Hong Yuan will tell them, just how naive they really are.

Li Hong Yuan’s purpose in messing up Kang w.a.n.g and Sun Yi Jia’s marriage engagement wasn’t solely for the sake of splitting up Kang w.a.n.g and Ding Duke Manor. Majority of the reason was still because of Sun Yi Lin.

Sun Yi Lin has two older full-blooded di brothers and one younger full-blooded di sister. Because he more or less obstructed his older brothers’ path, he instead was the closest with his younger sister. Moreover, the two were only a year apart in age, and have often played together since childhood, thus their relationship was even deeper. Sun Yi Lin’s level of care towards this younger sister, even exceeded the entire Sun family.

Sun Yi Lin had great talent in governing the country. In the past life, after he ascended the throne, he promoted this talented genius. Because he was confident in his own abilities. After all, even under those difficult circ.u.mstances, he still could resolutely strike back on the spot, became the last one standing, and also became not only in name but also in reality a tyrant. He didn’t care if there were grudges or not. Besides, he’d only just collapsed the Ding Duke Manor, and didn’t exterminate the entire Sun family. Sun Yi Lin, perhaps cherished the common people of the world, or perhaps for the sake of the other people of the Sun family, proposed quite a few effective strategies in governing, becoming the most important minister under him. However, between the two of them there always existed a barrier, unable for them to become closer. Li Hong Yuan always thought that he still held a grudge against him because of the Sun family’s matter. One time, he inadvertently mentioned it, but the answer he got was, “Your Majesty, why couldn’t you have spared this subject’s younger sister’s life? She’s just a woman of the back manor, what could she accomplish?”

In the past life, Sun Yi Jia married Kang w.a.n.g. After Li Hong Yuan became the final winner and killed off Kang w.a.n.g, he naturally wouldn’t leave behind Kang w.a.n.g’s wife and children. This was what every Emperor all did, was it not?

This lifetime, Li Hong Yuan still decided to put Sun Yi Lin in an important position, wanting him to further do his upmost best, so Sun Yi Jia’s place of return was naturally very important. And the person that the Empress and Kang w.a.n.g chose certainly won’t do. As for who exactly Sun Yi Jia will marry, Li Hong Yuan already had a decision.

So, unless the Empress and Kang w.a.n.g chose the person Li Hong Yuan was thinking of, otherwise, they were destined to be drawing water with a wicker basket, a futile effort. But that person, they won’t ever think of, so naturally they wouldn’t spare him a glance. Thus, it was destined to be an unexpected turn of events, badly burning their heads trying to put out the fire, and even possibly causing Sun Yi Jia to lose her marriage value.

Li Hong Yuan’s train of thoughts and eyes were both somewhat adrift. Probably only Eunuch Mu knew who he was thinking about and looking to. Eunuch Mu looked towards the place where Miss Luo was located. Because of the direction, he just needed to move his eyeb.a.l.l.s, not even needing to move his head in the slightest. Just, the distance was relatively far, so he was unable to see clearly.

Young ladies that were showing off their talents came one after the other. Aside from dance and qin performances that needed to occupy the crowds attention for a comparatively longer time, the other talents such as poetry and painting, all could be completed off stage. In addition, there were quite a few people that didn’t have the intention too. Thus, despite there being quite a few people displaying their talents, the actual time spent wasn’t as long as expected.

Casting aside the troublesome matters from before, Jing Wan actually watched with great interest. She even saw Luo Jing Ying present a poem too. That slender and elegant, yet also carrying a bit of shyness, appearance was quite lovable.

Jing Wan poked Yuan Qiao Qiao and Zhou Ying Shuang next to her, whispering: “You’re not going?” Didn’t these two also like that Sun Yi Lin? In the end, the two both rolled their eyes at her, too lazy to even say anything. Alright, these two purely liked him in the fangirl kind of way, just like those girls from her past life that nosily proclaim which celebrity they liked. Although certainly not that exaggerated, at most, secretly muttering a few words and stealthily stealing some glances, but the characteristics of the two sides were the same. It was completely unrelated to marriage.

After clarifying these two’s thoughts, she also felt more rea.s.sured. She was afraid that they were the ‘determined to only marry this man’ type, that would really be bad.

Looking again, she somewhat lamented inside. As expected of n.o.ble daughters of ancient times, each and every one all mult.i.talented. If she had to say, regardless of ident.i.ty or status, any one could be matched with Sun Yi Lin. As for men, who cares how outstanding you are, to be able to marry any of these young ladies, all should go burn incense and thank Buddha. Already a pile in your own backyard, how big of a face do you have to have to be picky?

Jing Wan unintentionally looked to Sun Yi Jia again. Actually, she quite admired her. The current environment may have contributed to her proud and aloof personality, but her innate nature actually wasn’t that bad. Moreover, perhaps she doesn’t really like Kang w.a.n.g, perhaps she’s just a sacrificial victim for the sake of interest. Or perhaps, because the Sun family gave her a wealthy life, a high status, and that the husband chosen for her will also only let her be even n.o.bler, she should repay them. This was also the current norm. That’s why she didn’t resist, didn’t fight, only silently accepting it. Who has ever asked what her real thoughts were?

Of course, this was only Jing Wan’s own speculations. Sun Yi Jia could also really be willing, right? She didn’t have the ability nor the obligation to care about others.

Suddenly, a man dressed as a steward hurriedly ran in from the outside, directly going before the three w.a.n.gye. After giving his greetings, he directly said to Kang w.a.n.g, “w.a.n.gye, w.a.n.gfei has pa.s.sed.”

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