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To Present a Dance, Enraged

As a matter of fact, they really did think too much. Li Hong Yuan’s reason for coming to the Ding Duke Manor was purely because the person he wanted to see was here. Being scolded by his imperial father, to him, couldn’t even compare with the wind pa.s.sing by the ear. How could he feel frustrated because of this? As for the other unexpected situations after he came, it was nothing more than just taking advantage of the situation. As for Sun Yi Lin, seeing how he’d helped out Jing Wan and seeing how in the future he really will become a pillar of the country, Li Hong Yuan truly didn’t think about making things difficult for him.

Again receiving comforting words from his own younger sister and older cousin, Kang w.a.n.g, Sun Yi Ling laughed. He really didn’t mind. “That’s right, mother, we should properly clean up our manor once. I’d only just said a few words to someone and haven’t even gone far after leaving, and Li Ru Yu already came to bother them. Just who told her? If the people in the manor are able to be easily bribed by her, then they can be bribed by the people outside too. This way, as long as there was any wind blowing or gra.s.sing moving in our manor, wouldn’t it be immediately known by all.”

Ding d.u.c.h.ess’s expression grew grave, “Don’t worry my son, this kind of thing won’t happen again.” If it wasn’t for Li Ru Yu making a huge scene, even if Jin w.a.n.g came, perhaps it wouldn’t have drawn his attention either. Can’t afford to provoke Jing w.a.n.g, unable to sort out Li Ru Yu, but dealing with those traitorous things in the manor, wouldn’t it just be as easy as stepping on an ant?

The guests that came to the Ding Duke Manor, including those that didn’t go see the ‘fun’ previously, all gathered together. The men and women seated separately. The male side didn’t have many people, but were all they type that got repeatedly peeked at.

No matter if it was those unmarried ladies, or their elders, there weren’t many whose thoughts weren’t complicated.

Whether they were feeling excited and nervous, because they knew what their own qualifications were. And under normal circ.u.mstances, they definitely didn’t have a chance to become Sun Yi Lin’s di wife. But now with Jin w.a.n.g interfering, even the most impossible person had a rather huge possibility. If they could marry that kind of person, then they can obtain at once what countless women all want in their lifetime—-high status, great wealth, and an outstanding husband.

Or feeling at a loss and wronged, because they originally had a chance, but now it seemed uncertain. However, they were also very much unwilling to just give up like this either. But to perform in public under the eyes of numerous people, to them, was practically just demeaning, what difference was it from humiliation?

Or feeling nervous and afraid. What if they get eyed by Jin w.a.n.g? If it was a girl of a lower status family, no matter how terrible Jin w.a.n.g’s reputation was, if they get fancied by him, it was still climbing on a high branch. Moreover, that face of his was just too handsome. n.o.ble young ladies were very easily lovestruck by him. The premise being he was willing to give them a status. However, up until now, there isn’t a single women of status in the Jin w.a.n.g Manor, not even a mere concubine, regardless of birth.

Because of various reasons, no one took the initiative to start displaying their talents.

Li Hong Yuan wasn’t in a hurry either. He picked up a piece of pastry, took a bite, and then threw the rest in his hand back. And the bit in his mouth, he directly picked up the teacup and spat it in the cup. Although he didn’t have a displeased expression, that behavior was already more than enough to show his dislike.

With Li Hong Yuan disliking it like that, the people of Ding Duke Manor naturally hurriedly called for someone to change the tea and desserts. Originally, they debated whether or not they should set out more than ten or twenty some different desserts to let him have the room to choose from. But that way, it was just be too unsightly. The servants set out five to six different kinds of desserts, while trembling in fear. There was also some spare ones in the back. If the situation ‘wasn’t good’, then immediately switch out. However, Li Hong Yuan didn’t nitpick again, his hands didn’t even move once. That’s right, in their eyes, he was precisely nitpicking, no one a.s.sumed that he genuinely just didn’t like it.

Because it was Li Hong Yuan’s suggestion, Kang w.a.n.g and Rui w.a.n.g didn’t interject. They were afraid that as soon as they open their mouths, it will cause this living Enma to be unhappy again, immediately making trouble for them. Just because Li Hong Yuan didn’t leave any face for Kang w.a.n.g, didn’t mean that he will be lenient towards Rui w.a.n.g.

Seeing that if the stalemate continues on, then perhaps another complication will arise, Sun Yi Jia looked to her own older brother. There was also those numerous siblings that appeared one after another, after hearing about this matter. Originally, it was only the few that were helping with taking care of the guests, but now, even those who were only a few years old appeared. She knew that they were all here to see fifth brother make a fool of himself. Because fifth brother was too outstanding and obtained too much attention, blocking their paths, they were both jealous and resentful. Yet, there was nothing they could do. Now that they finally caught a chance, how could they not viciously taunt and ridicule him once? Sun Yi Jia turned her head and whispered a few words to her servant girl next to her.

After the servant girl came back with the item, Sun Yi Jia stood out, “Today, it is our fortune to have the three w.a.n.gye grace our Ding Duke Manor with your presences. w.a.n.gye’s interests are refine, this one is untalented, but willing to dance a song to liven things up for w.a.n.gye, asking for w.a.n.gye to graciously allow.”

Choosing neither qin nor painting, but dance. Everyone all stared. Very few n.o.ble young ladies would chose dance, especially when there was outside men present, because it will get viewed as being frivolous and not dignified. For anyone’s reputation, there wasn’t any benefit, let alone Sun Yi Jia, this kind of high peak flower. Aside from a small number of people, there weren’t many that knew Sun Yi Jia could even dance. Quite a few people were surprised. Of course, there was also quite a few that wanted to see a ‘good’ show. They were waiting to see, after today, whether or not Sun Yi Jia could still be cold and proud like before.

Sun Yi Jia, for the sake of her own older brother, really was going all out. She slightly changed the pretext and chose the most daring talent, all just so that the young ladies behind her can have somewhat less misgivings. Each had what they were good at. Even if Jing w.a.n.g was the one choosing, the range needed to be a bit bigger too, right? And with her taking the lead, even if there were some unpleasant remarks, it wouldn’t reach those girls that are presenting their skills either.

Actually, Sun Yi Jia’s actions indeed had a pretty good effect. Those who were still hesitating previously all made a decision in their heart and appeared to have relaxed quite a bit. Even if they can’t become Sun Yi Lin’s wife, with this many n.o.ble madams present, perhaps there will be some that will take a liking to them, and thus build a good marriage connection.

Sun Yi Jia was the successive[1] w.a.n.gfei booked by Kang w.a.n.g. This younger cousin of his also made him very happy. She was born n.o.ble, full of talents, and beautiful, greatly satisfying his vanity. After marrying her, she will earn him lots of face. He knew what her aim was, and he also had the selfish motive of wanting Sun Yi Lin to have a decent wife too, because Sun Yi Lin’s support will also become his support. So at this time, he naturally can’t continue to ‘play deaf and mute’ any longer. To prevent Li Hong Yuan from humiliating Sun Yi Jia, he quickly went ahead and said “Allowed”. Even if after this incident, he might get bothered by Li Hong Yuan, he didn’t hesitate either.

Li Hong Yuan dully shot a glance at Kang w.a.n.g, seeing him in a dead serious manner, looking straight ahead. He light scoffed at him, declining to comment.

Just, not far away, Sun Yi Lin’s mood was indescribably complicated. He didn’t want his own younger sister to do this for him, he really didn’t.

Sun Yi Jia stepped into the center of the stage carrying a pipa. Her two legs slid one to the front and one to the back. She slightly crouched down, holding up the pipa, half covering her face. Her fingers smoothly slid across the strings, and a tune of pipa dance thus began.

Following her body’s movements, the clear sound of the pipa sounded from time to time. The scene quieted down, nearly all were fixedly staring at Sun Yi Jia, unable to take their eyes away. No matter what kind of opinions they had towards her, they had to admit, her pipa dance was truly well-performed. Many very difficult move, she all performed extremely smoothly and gracefully. Among these n.o.ble young ladies, it’s not like there weren’t any that didn’t know how to perform this dance, but those who believe themselves to be able to achieve Sun Yi Jia’s level, there were practically none. Even if they were unable to resign in their hearts, but the truth was the truth.

After she finished dancing, Sun Yi Jia’s complexion appeared even more rosy, making her entire person appear furthermore tender and beautiful. After bowing to the crowd, she stepped down from the stage.

Li Hong Yuan saw Kang w.a.n.g with a infatuated look and lightly spoke, “Figure not bad, appearance not bad either. I suppose, should feel good to play around with too.” Li Hong Yuan twirled his finger, with a very interested look.

And what Li Hong Yuan was actually interested in was what it would look like when his Wan Wan danced? Should he think of a way to let Wan Wan go learn some dance skills? Of course, leave it until after they marry in the future, and just dance for him alone to see. Stripping her clothes one by one as she danced, just thinking about it made his nose a bit itchy, and his body somewhat heated. The pleasures of the bedroom for the most part was no more than this.

Jing Wan naturally didn’t know his thoughts. Otherwise, don’t know whether or not she will disregard her image and status, and violently beat him up.

Kang w.a.n.g, as if he was splashed a basin of cold water in the face by someone, instantly sobered up, “Li Hong Yuan—-” This wasn’t just shaming Sun Yi Jia, but also him. After all, he’d long considered Sun Yi Jia as his possession. Such insolence, if he could still tolerate, than he wasn’t a man.

A roar that was close to a violent rage sounded. Originally, it was just the nearby two brothers that heard his words, but this time, everyone’s eyes all focused onto them. Sun Yi Jia had just stepped down, and Kang w.a.n.g was already like this. Jin w.a.n.g definitely must have said something about her to have made him this furious. And it undoubtedly wasn’t something good. They all couldn’t help but to have all kinds of thoughts. Their eyes wandered back and forth between the two.

[1] Replacement w.a.n.gfei, basically she is the next in line to become his second w.a.n.gfei after his current one pa.s.ses away.

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