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Vyncent, Shen Shen, and Arthur were thrown into the same cell, which had dozens of other prisoners. Almost every one of them had hideous faces and scars all over their bodies but they weren't that strong. Surprisingly, there only a few people from this universe, the rest were players and a couple of rogue cultivators. 

The angels weren't perceptive enough to discover Arthur's race, which he hid pretty well so it was to be expected to be thrown in here, on the first underground floor. The angels warned the trio to not cause noise before violently shutting down the metal doors of the cold cell. 

It's kind of ironic as angels are supposed to be merciful and majestic beings but their behavior was no different than arrogant thugs. Except for their appearances, everything else was the opposite of what one would expect from angels, then again, they are the a low-ranked angels, whose duty is no different than guards or cannon fodder soldiers.

Vyncent felt helpless when he was captured but when he was forcefully dragged here, he knew that escaping is going to be difficult but not impossible, if he were to use the coin, that is. As for the little blue-haired girl, she was in a very bad mood and glaring daggers at the parasite, who was motionlessly standing with his eyes closed.

His sense could only reach the 4th floor but he could pinpoint all the patrols and bypa.s.sing them won't be that hard, however, there's bound to be stronger ones much deeper into the prison. He could also a domineering aura coming from above.

The aura belonged to Warden Habs, a human who's in charge of the biggest prison in all of the multiverse. In fact, ever since its creation, only six people managed to escape, two of them being Forne and Zodiak. Arthur's memories of Zodiak were fuzzy, nevertheless, he managed to remember a few things, like how three six-winged angels and one eight-winged one are permanently guarding the deepest floor, which is where the twins are.

Midolf and Radolf could not escape alone which kind of explains how strong the beings here, especially the Warden and the eight-winged angels, which are can rival Exalted G.o.ds in Strength.

Moreover, this planet is close to a military base that belongs to the angels so if the alarms go off, reinforcement will arrive within minutes. In addition to angels, demons, and devils, the Heaven and h.e.l.l Universe also has an abundance of humans and dwarves.

Actually, the largest mercenary corporation is situated in this universe and it's definitely a great force that even the angels dare not underestimate. It has been growing in force for two whole eras and its strongest members are truly frightening. 

"The leader of the Blood Sworn Mercenary Corp is a woman who fully absorbed a drop of Thyddor's blood and is in possession of the Cursed Sword, Famine."

There was a rumor that the angels hired the Blood Sworn Mercenaries but Arthur wasn't able to confirm it before coming here. Furthermore, he'll be able to quickly escape swiftly using the fragment of the dimensional stone and his s.p.a.ce Magic. Only inside the prison is his s.p.a.ce Magic restricted so the moment he leave, the angels won't be able to catch him, he'll also have the support of Midolf and Radolf, who are by no means weak, after all, they are mythical beings.


An unpleasant voice originated from the center of this cell, which could fit forty to fifty heads. Someone standing at the front of a group of haggard prisoners called the three newcomers but only Vyncent and Shen Shen turned around. 

"Aren't you going to greet your new cellmates?"

A man over two meters tall and a body riddled with ugly scars looked at the frail-looking Vyncent and the small Shen Shen, not hiding his contempt and feeling of superiority. Although the prisoners weren't chained, they still couldn't use their cultivation or magic and this applies to everyone. So, the only one who dominates is those with great physical strength hence why this muscular man was flaunting his arrogance needlessly.

Arthur was also unable to access all of his a.r.s.enals, nevertheless, some skills remained, moreover, Dark Magic wasn't affected by the seal placed on the whole prison. His Enigma skills, racial abilities, a few pa.s.sives, and Dark Magic were unaffected. Moreover, if he were to transform, he'll still be able to unleash some powerful b.e.s.t.i.a.l skills, such as Dragon Breath, Vermillion bird's flames, and the White Tiger's acid.

In response to the man's harsh tone, Vyncent knitted his brow but didn't respond. Shen Shen's powers were also restricted bu the Water of Origin could still be used, she smirked as she puffed her chest and retorted:

"You're ugly, turn around!"

Unfortunately, her defying behavior had no effect on the man or the other prisoners, who burst out in laughter, finding her act cute rather than threatening.

"Esco, why don't you let me handle her?"

A skinny-man with corpse-like skin, pointy nose and small eyes appeared from behind Esco, the muscular and tall man, who's most likely the 'leader' of these prisoners. He looked like a walking stick with his thin body and bony limbs, he was staring at Shen Shen with a strange, almost disgusting look.

"Mhm, do whatever you want."

Esco spoke heartily as he shifted his attention to Arthur, the only one of the trio who was making him feel uncomfortable. Vyncent and Shen Shen didn't look threatening but this black-clothed man was giving a sense of great danger, making him hesitate.

"I'm Slick Hand, what about you, pretty lady?"

The skinny man introduced himself as he marched toward Shen Shen while rubbing his fingers and displaying an unpleasant grin. Shen Shen didn't reply and was about to use her unique water Magic only for Vyncent to hold her raising hand and whisper with a very low voice.

"Stay still!"

He pulled her behind him, faced Slick Hand, and coldly said: "We want no troubles. Don't force my hand."

Arthur was watching from the side, slightly amused.

'Heh, he changed a bit.'

Back in the day, Vyncent was cowardly and wouldn't risk his life for strangers but he was protecting this girl, for some unknown reason.

"Force your hand? Hahaha"

The man sinisterly laughed before lunging at Vyncent, his bony fingers in the form of a claw aimed at Vyncent's throat. 

What Esco and the others expected didn't happen, in fact, the opposite happened. Slick Hand's body was sent flying and crashed into the wall, his hand was broken and blood leaked out of his lips. He was knocked unconscious with one hit, astonishing everyone. They didn't even see Vyncent move but the result before their eyes frightened the weak bunch, even Esco.

The muscular man's body shook before he prostrated himself on the ground, not even daring to look at the blond youngster.

"I surrender! Please forgive me!"

His att.i.tude has a 180 degree change as he shook like a leaf. He wasn't that strong but he immediately knew the difference with that one-sided exchange. He liked to rule over the weaklings but Vyncent was on a different league and the only thing Esco wanted was to keep his miserable life.

"Hmpf! Serves you right!"

Shen Shen stood proudly as she threw a glance at Arthur. She wanted him to know the consequences of offending her but the parasite chuckled and shrugged his shoulders as if he expected such an outcome.

Vyncent didn't want anything to do with the prisoners so he waved his hand dismissively and sat on the cold ground, wondering what to do to escape. His eyes watched the motionless Arthur, who was walking toward Esco.

The parasite stopped a few inches away from Esco's head, which was plastered on the ground. He crouched down and said:

"There's no harm having a useful informant."

He softly patted the man's head, sending a wisp of dark magic into the latter's body. 

"How long have you been here?"

"Reporting to the venerable one! Six years."

Arthur kindly smiled, making Esco shiver even more intensely. 

"Then you must know a great deal about the prison."

"Yes yes! Of course!"

Esco didn't even dare to reply to a moment too late as he did his best to be truthful and obedient.

"I want to know too!"

Shen Shen appeared next to Arthur and looked at the big man before her.

"Little lady, children should remain quiet."

Arthur patted her small head, causing her to try and get away but her attempt was unsuccessful. Only after he retracted his hand did she angrily look at him and say:

"You're evil! Wait till I tell my parents about you… they'll make you regret this!"

In response, Arthur laughed, finding her even more likable

"Hahaha sure sure."

Shen Shen pointed at him and added: "My father will grind you into dust! When he comes, you won't be able to escape!"

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