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Chapter 99: Yi Yun goes on stage

“Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven?” Zhang Tan was slightly surprised. He had previously looked down on the Tao tribal clan. It was unbelievable that a small tribe in the vast wilderness could have such a thing.

“Alright, let me see your sword skills!” Hearing Zhang Tan’s words, Tao Yunxiao felt encouraged and he grew more confident.

Tao Yunxiao began swinging his sword as the sword beams quickly turned into a spectacular light show!

The sword moves of the ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’ were very beautiful!

‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ may be a top cultivation technique, but just comparing the elegance of the moves, ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ could not be compared with the ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’.

Every move and stance of the ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’ was like art.

And these great-looking moves could train every inch of a cultivator’s body. Together with expiration, energy could enter the organs of a cultivator, strengthening their organs and blood.

‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’ was a cultivation technique that focused on strengthening the organs, while the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ was used to strengthen the muscles and tendons. So they complemented each other.

By cultivating both cultivation techniques together, it allowed for greater efficiency.

Tao Yunxiao may be arrogant, but he had the means to be arrogant. The sword in his hand seemed to come to life.

This two feet long female sword was a genuinely precious sword. As he swung the sword, the sword’s body would generate sounds, as if the roar of a dragon or tiger.

Tao Yunxiao was completely engrossed in his sword moves. Although he could not be as one with the sword, but he could inject his mental spirit into the sword, making it an extension of his arm.


As the female sword began to sound out more aggressively, it turned from a low hum to a clear buzz. It had become one with Tao Yunxiao, forming an indescribable “force”.

When this aura reached its peak, a sharp sound that cut through the air could be heard–


A visible airwave was emitted by the female sword with a crushing force!


Ten feet from Tao Yunxiao, a piece of black ironstone the size of a washbasin flew up into the air before shattering!

Seeing this, the audience could not help but let out a cry!

“Sword Qi!” Zhang Tan’s eyebrows raised. By injecting energy into a sword and using the sharpness of the sword, when a warrior strikes, the energy released is known as sword Qi.

Very few Mortal Blood warriors knew how to use swords, so to be able to release sword Qi was rarer!

For Tao Yunxiao to reach this stage proved that he had talent with swords!

Tao Yunxiao did not sheath his female sword, but made large strides forward; he was chasing the stone that flew in the air.

His sword strikes were like a snowstorm!

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

In the time of two breaths, Tao Yunxiao had sent out a few dozen moves. The female sword treated metal like mud; the wash basin-sized black ironstone was reduced to the size of a sugar cube before dropping to the ground.

“Good!” The Tao tribal clan crowd turned to a jubilating uproar. Their loud cheers were like layer after layer of waves, with each wave higher than the other and took long to subside!

The Tao tribal clan audience were extremely proud of their tribe.

The grand elder was satisfied. He knew that they had met their goal today. To build a family clan was an arduous task, and might even lead to bloodshed.

By displaying the tribe’s strength, they could make the external tribes be in awe of their strength, and they could also implant their clan’s pride amongst the people.

Tao Yunxiao ended off with a beautiful sword dance before perfectly sheathing his sword. His face beamed with a confident smile. He too felt that his performance had been perfect!

Zhang Tan nodded slightly, “You released sword Qi, but although it was through the aid of the sword’s power, it can be considered to be not bad!”

Zhang Tan finally spoke. The impression he had on the people was solemnity, probably harsh. By saying “considered not bad” was an extremely high compliment!

The people of the Tao tribal clan were proud. Zhang Tan had praised their third young master!

And they still had the first and second young master. And the first young master, Hu Ya was the brightest figure in their tribal clan.

“Well done Yunxiao!”

On the platform, several of the Tao tribal clan elders were not stingy with their praise. By obtaining the affirmation of the Jin Long Wei, Tao Yunxiao had regained the pride of the Tao tribal clan.

“Pinghai, you sure have a good son.” A tribal elder said to a middle age man not far from him.

The middle-aged man laughed, “There is still a large gap between Yunxiao and Hu Ya. When Hu Ya uses the male sword on stage, it will heat up the atmosphere even further!”

This warm atmosphere lasted for at least thirty minutes but the people were reluctant to stop it.

They had a feeling that Tao Yunxiao would obtain first place in the semi-finals.

Until Zhang Tan announced, “The last partic.i.p.ant of the Mortal Blood, Yi Yun.”

“Oh? It’s not over?”

“Right, there’s still one more person!”

Many people then remembered that Yi Yun still had not gone on stage.

Yi Yun was, after all, first in the preliminary, plus the fact that he was young, he should have received a lot of attention; but because of Tao Yunxiao’s stunning performance, the people forgot about Yi Yun temporarily.

“Yi Yun, is he the one with the strongest spirit?”

“That’s right. If Yi Yun did not use a loophole in the preliminary, then he would be the person with the strongest Spirit in all the Mortal Blood warriors present. He may have great Spirit, but how’s his strength?”

“How good can he be? He can’t be much. That kid is only twelve. Our Young master Yunxiao is a top talent, but he’s already fourteen. To say the least, even if the kid has talent and can catch up with Young master Yunxiao, but they have a two year age gap, so his strength must be much lower.”

The people began nodding their heads, fully agreeing with a Tao tribal clan warrior’s comments.

The citizens of the vast wilderness had a difficult time understanding what Spirit was.

But a cultivation technique’s strength was something they could comprehend. If Yi Yun could break a black ironstone with his punch, then he would be considered strong.

If he couldn’t, then it proved that Spirit was some gaudy gimmick.

This was the thought of the people of the vast wilderness, simple and direct!

“Kid, I wish you luck!” Seeing Yi Yun heading up on stage and pa.s.sing him by, Lian Chengyu experienced schadenfreude. After seeing Tao Yunxiao’s stunning performance, Lian Chengyu had been jealous.

But as jealous he may be, he had always known the gap between the Tao tribal clan and the Lian tribal clan, so Lian Chengyu did not have a hard time accepting it.

And next it was Yi Yun’s turn to go on stage. Lian Chengyu was rejoicing within, for although no one knew Yi Yun’s origins, he knew it clearly. Yi Yun could only demonstrate “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist”, and what’s more, it was secretly learned from Yao Yuan.

Firstly, Yao Yuan’s standard was not the match of a Tao tribal clan expert’s; secondly, Yi Yun had learned it secretly. So this difference was astounding!

Thinking of Yi Yun using a secretly learned ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ to compete against Tao Yunxiao’s ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’, Lian Chengyu could not stop laughing.

It was a torture to compare, but why did you have to perform after Tao Yunxiao?

The contrast will be too obvious.

“Little slave, do well later. Don’t throw the face of your master, mine.” Just as Yi Yun walked past Lian Chengyu, his ear rang with Lian Chengyu’s voice.

Yi Yun stopped and turned his head towards Lian Chengyu.

“What are you looking at?” Lian Chengyu said with a teasing smile.

“Looking at a r.e.t.a.r.d.” Yi Yun said calmly and carried on walking to the white jade stage.

Lian Chengyu’s face sank as he rooted himself into the ground, “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you reciprocate me giving you face with that!”

His face flashed a malicious expression while Yi Yun had already gone on stage, ignoring Lian Chengyu’s threat.


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