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Chapter 990: Sword of Time

Yi Yun immersed himself in the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’. A tiny portion of what was recorded on the stone disc was text, but most of it was filled with scenes of the samsara of all matter that manifested the Dao of Time.

Time gradually pa.s.sed, as Felicitous Rain Lord waited by the side. He sensed that Yi Yun had gained certain insights, so he did not disturb him.

Six hours later, Yi Yun opened his eyes.

“What did you see?” asked Felicitous Rain Lord.

Yi Yun put his hand out and tapped the void with a finger.

Immediately, the concept of Withering appeared on his finger tip, as a dull and arid aura emanated from it.

A look of surprise flashed in Felicitous Rain Lord’s eyes.

“This is the Withering concept that this disciple grasped by a matter of chance,” said Yi Yun. “Time permeates everything. A Destruction Dao Domain represents the end of time, while the Withering concept has the elapsing of time.”

The Withering concept was something that Yi Yun comprehended in front of the Dao Tree in the Pure Yang Sword Palace. After that, he had absorbed the Death Soulwood, but after he came to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, his Withering concept began to appear to lack in power. Without any improvement to the concept, it could no longer keep up with his strength.

But now, Yi Yun had freely produced the Withering concept as his heart wished.

“Not bad, Yi Yun. For you to have such insights, and you having grasped the Withering concept, it looks like there’s no need to choose.” Felicitous Rain Lord gave Yi Yun a satisfied look. As a Divine Lord that was proficient in the Dao of Time, Felicitous Rain Lord possessed great talent in the Dao of Time, but he had never thought of finding a disciple that was similarly highly talented in the Dao of Time.

Finding a personal disciple was not easy in the first place, so to find someone with the same talent would be too much to ask for.

“You must be prepared to undergo arduous cultivation,” said Felicitous Rain Lord. “The Dao of Time is abstruse and profound. Although it is said that every Dao can gain an inkling of the Origins of the Universe when they reach a high attainment, I believe that the Dao of Time is one of the Great Dao that is closest to the Origins.”

Yi Yun nodded. His Withering concept had been something that he comprehended after experiencing the life of a Dao Leaf from the Pure Yang Sword Palace Dao Tree.

“Then, I shall choose this ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’,” said Yi Yun.

With the ‘Book of Heaven’s Advent’ in hand, he felt that it resonated with him.

“Good, then I’ll teach you a set of sword techniques. I originally believed that this set of sword techniques might not be suitable for you, but since you possess the Withering concept and are also about to cultivate in the Dao of Time, you can give the sword techniques a try,” said Felicitous Rain Lord. However, he did not produce a manual.

He made a few hand seals as a small and shimmering sword appeared. With a swish, the sword shot straight at Yi Yun’s glabella.

Yi Yun’s heart leaped. “That is?!”

The tiny sword showed no animosity, so Yi Yun allowed the tiny sword to pierce his glabella. Immediately, there was a loud bang!

Like a tumultuous thunder, Yi Yun felt his entire soul sea reverberate. At that instant, Yi Yun looked like he arrived at a world formed from sword Qi.

As though he was standing in the void of s.p.a.ce, everything around him was surging with sword Qi.

Felicitous Rain Lord’s voice seemed to come from an ancient world. “This is the core set of sword techniques in the heritage that I have learned. Its owner was the strongest Divine Lord that previously cultivated in the Dao of Time. The sword technique’s name is the ‘Three-foot Pa.s.sing Sword’.”

“Time flies like an arrow and the lives of people curve like bows!”

“This set of sword techniques does not have a manual, it only has scenes of the swordplay. Watch well!”

Suddenly, a swift sword beam shot from afar. Immediately, the firmaments trembled as the void shattered. The sword beam seemed to possess the most heartlessness of time. As though time was shuttling past, it looked distant but also in close proximity at the blink of an eye. Wherever it pa.s.sed, s.p.a.ce would collapse, turning everything to dust.

“This strike’s name is the Sword of Time!”

Sword of Time!

Yi Yun was astounded. Previously, the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner’s strike was very powerful as well, but all Yi Yun saw was the scars of the strike. Now, he could see a strike with his own eyes!

Experiencing the terror of that strike himself gave Yi Yun the feeling that it was completely different to a sword scar.

This was the difference between having a true master and picking up an inheritance.

The Sword of Time did not slash physical embodiments, it slashed their vitality!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The terrifying sword beams caused the world to constantly collapse. Yi Yun’s soul sea could not withstand it either as his consciousness underwent tremors. He awoke from the world of sword Qi.

However, Yi Yun realized that there was an additional small sword in his soul sea. It was the cultivation technique inheritance that Felicitous Rain Lord left behind.

The Purple Crystal’s ability automatically swept past the sword. There was no consciousness imbued in it, only a cultivation technique.

“One shouldn’t bite more than he can chew. Begin cultivating the Book of Heaven’s Advent first as well as the first strike of the ‘Three-foot Pa.s.sing Sword’ — Sword of Time.”

“There won’t be anyone disturbing you in the abode. You can cultivate in Spirit Gathering Palace.”

Felicitous Rain Lord’s abode was extremely expansive. There were many palaces, and Spirit Gathering Palace was one of them.

When Yi Yun reached Spirit Gathering Palace, he realized that the palace was enveloped by Yuan Qi. It was likely because of the spirit gathering array that resulted in it being misty and blurry.

“I wonder how far he can go in the next couple of years.” Felicitous Rain Lord watched from afar as Yi Yun entered Spirit Gathering Palace. His expression revealed a reflective look.

“Azure Wood Great World… ”

At that moment, an aloof and beautiful figure gradually appeared behind Felicitous Rain Lord.

“Where’s Chi Zhuiyun?” asked Felicitous Rain Lord.

Chi Zhuiyun was only an in-name disciple, so there was no need for him to personally impart cultivation techniques to him. However, Felicitous Rain Lord would also inquire about him.

“He has already taken up residence on the island. I got Tian Xun to impart cultivation techniques to him. I’ll give him advice from time to time,” said Fairy Ningshuang.

She traced Felicitous Rain Lord’s gaze and looked at Spirit Gathering Palace. She said in surprise, “Yi Yun has already begun entering reclusive training?” She looked at Felicitous Rain Lord again and said, “Why?”

Fairy Ningshuang had followed Felicitous Rain Lord by his side for tens of thousands of years, so she was very familiar with his personality.

“The Azure Wood Great World is about to open. Shi Changsheng represented the Immortal Rain Sect when he provided me with the news. This time, I believe that there will be many people heading for it,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

The last time that he entered the Azure Wood Great World, it was still a very concealed location. Many people did not know of the situation inside, but after the first experience, there would definitely be many people entering it when it opened a second time.

“When the time comes for me to go, I have no idea how long it will take for me to come back. I only have these couple of years to teach Yi Yun. I wonder how much he will learn?”

Having taught him the Three-foot Pa.s.sage Sword… was equivalent to pa.s.sing on his mantle. As for the remnant pages of the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’, it was not something that could be learned if one lacked the strength.

“The Azure Wood Great World… join me on the expedition,” said Felicitous Rain Lord. Fairy Ningshuang had accompanied Felicitous Rain Lord to many places before. “Maybe there will be an opportunity that we will find in there for you to make a breakthrough.”

Fairy Ningshuang nodded gently. Many years ago, she had suffered a near-death experience, and although she eventually became a Supremacy through Felicitous Rain Lord’s help, she failed to improve any further.

In the Azure Wood Great World, there might be a possibility for her to break the shackles. Even if she did not find anything, it did not matter. Being able to travel the world with Felicitous Rain Lord was what she was most content with.

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